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MSM Putting Putin In Center Of Navalny’s Novichok Drama. But What About The Evidence?

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MSM Putting Putin In Center Of Navalny's Novichok Drama. But What About The Evidence?

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On September 23rd, Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny was released from Berlin’s Charité hospital after spending 32 days as an inpatient.

The hospital said in a statement that the Russian opposition politician’s condition had “improved sufficiently for him to be discharged from acute inpatient care”.

He was allegedly poisoned with Novichok, according to the German government, and he somehow made a complete recovery from a chemical agent that’s supposed to kill anybody it comes into contact with.

“The patient’s condition had improved sufficiently for him to be discharged from acute inpatient care. Alexei Navalny had been receiving treatment at Charité for a total of 32 days, of which 24 days were spent in intensive care. Based on the patient’s progress and current condition, the treating physicians believe that complete recovery is possible. However, it remains too early to gauge the potential long-term effects of his severe poisoning,” the hospital’s statement said.

Notably, the hospital’s statements – the initial one when he was admitted, and the 4th and 5th which were published after the announcement that he was poisoned with Novichok – contain actually no mention of him being poisoned by the chemical agent.

“The effect of the poison – namely, the inhibition of cholinesterase in the body – was confirmed by multiple tests in independent laboratories.

As a result of this diagnosis, the patient is now being treated with the antidote atropine. Alexei Navalny’s prognosis remains unclear; the possibility of long-term effects, particularly those affecting the nervous system, cannot be excluded,” reads the initial statement.

The fourth statement reads the following:

“The reason for this improvement is the gradual recovery of cholinesterase activity. Alexei Navalny continues to be treated in an intensive care unit and remains on a ventilator. Recovery is likely to be lengthy. It is still too early to gauge the long-term effects which may arise in relation to this severe poisoning.”

And the fifth one:

“The patient has been removed from his medically induced coma and is being weaned off mechanical ventilation. He is responding to verbal stimuli. It remains too early to gauge the potential long-term effects of his severe poisoning.”

None of them mention Novichok, rather cholinesterase.

In a new post on Instagram, Navalny complained that looking in the mirror, he thought he now resembled a Lord of the Rings character. He thanked the doctors at Charité for their “unbelievable work” and said he had asked to go somewhere “with trees” for rehabilitation and daily physiotherapy.


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Первый раз меня подвели к зеркалу, через 24 дня в реанимации (из которых 16 в коме). Из зеркала на меня посмотрел персонаж фильма «Властелин колец». И поверьте, это был совсем не эльф. Я ужасно расстроился: подумал, что меня никогда не выпишут. Но врачи продолжали делать своё чудо, я занимался с физиотерапевтом, ел, старался больше спать (самая большая проблема до сих пор). Последние дни мне даже уже разрешали выходить на общий балкон 2 раза по 5 минут в день. Правда, от балкона было ещё больше тоски: погода отличная, солнце светит, внизу какие-то парки и деревья, а я в палате. Но вот день пришёл – ура! После 32 дней в госпитале врачи решили, что дальнейшее восстановление требует не стационарного лечения, а нормализации жизни. Ходить, проводить время с семьей. Прогрузиться в рутину ежедневных движений. И вот – хоп – я уже ковыляю по парку в штанах на три размера больше. Первым делом попросил отвезти меня куда-нибудь, где есть деревья. Планы пока простые: физиотерапевт каждый день. Возможно, реабилитационный центр. Стоять на одной ноге. Полностью вернуть контроль над пальцами. Держать баланс. Забавно, я мечтал научиться ездить на вейк-борде за катером по волне и научился этим летом. А теперь учусь стоять на одной ноге. Всякие смешные штуки обнаружились. Например, я не могу кидать мяч левой рукой. Даже поймать могу, а кинуть – нет. Мозг просто не хочет делать это движение. Или писать от руки. До последнего времени не получалось в строчку. Все время в столбик начинал. Реабилитация, в общем. Ещё раз огромное спасибо всей команде врачей клинике «Шарите» и профессору Экарду лично. Они сделали невероятную работу. Всем вам спасибо за поддержку ?. Она была и остаётся очень важной. Не думайте, что я не знаю, что пишите. Как только я начал более-менее соображать, мне читали комменты. Буду, кстати, стараться немного больше времени проводить в соцсетях. Вчера приходила нейропсихолог, делала тесты, проверяя, не поглупел ли я. Спрашиваю: чего делать, чтобы быстрее вернуться с точки зрения не только физической, но и головы. Ответ понравился: читайте больше, пишите в соцсети. Играйте в видеоигры. Надо узнать, можно ли получить в больнице рецепт на PS 5.

A post shared by Алексей Навальный (@navalny) on

“There are several funny things going on. For example I can’t throw a ball with my left hand. I can catch it, but not throw it, my brain doesn’t want to make this movement.”

He said a neurologist had told him to improve his mental functions again he should read, write on social media and play video games, and said he was keen to acquire a PlayStation 5.

Which is probably the normal reaction from somebody who allegedly was poisoned on order by the Russian government and somehow survived.

Meanwhile, MSM French outlet Le Monde published a report claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, suggested that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny could have taken a nerve agent from the Novichok group.

The information is based on an entirely unnamed source.

“The head of the Russian state … considered that Alexei Navalny could have taken the poison himself – for an unspecified reason,” the newspaper wrote.

According to it, during the conversation, Macron clearly indicated that Novichok could not be used by a private structure, and added that in this regard, “official explanations” from Moscow are needed. In response, Putin allegedly spoke with contempt of Navalny, calling him “an ordinary troublemaker on the Internet,” who allegedly had already feigned illness in the past.

In addition, according to the publication, the President of the Russian Federation accused the oppositionist of “illegal actions” and said that he used the Anti-Corruption Fund to blackmail a number of Russian officials and civil servants.

Soon after the online publication of Le Monde, Alexei Navalny commented on Putin’s alleged statement on Instagram:

“Vladimir Putin told his French colleague: Navalny could have swallowed this poison himself. Good version. Before that I agreed with my wife, friends and colleagues that if the Ministry of Health insists that I be taken to Germany for treatment, they would not allow me to do it. in the Omsk morgue, where they would establish the cause of death “lived long enough” – this is the ultimate goal of my cunning plan. But Putin outplayed me. You just can’t fool him. As a result, I, like a fool, lay in a coma for 18 days, but did not achieve my goal. The provocation failed!”

It, however, appears that the bottle with alleged Novichok traces is now entirely disregarded. The same bottle that was presented as a key ‘evidence’ confirming the Novichok attack.

And now, similarly to the story with Sergey and Yuliya Skripal, the story is entirely spinning out of control, with the simple idea of spreading hysteria. Any facts and evidence is disregarded, they’re, as usual, not needed.

Finally, on September 24th, Russia’s mission to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has asked Germany to make public all the data, at its disposal, related to the alleged poisoning.

This was needed since Berlin apparently refused any calls to provide any evidence or data. Aleksandr Shulgin, envoy to the chemical weapons watchdog said that Germany refuses to cooperate.

“We requested the Germans to provide us with exhaustive information about results of analyses, blood samples, biological samples, in one word – all the materials in relation with this.”

“I’ve forwarded my personal letter to the Director General of the OPCW, Fernando Arias, briefing him about our note to the Germans and asking him to make this available for all member states of the chemical weapons organization,” Shulgin said.


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Lone Ranger

It wasnt novichok.
If I had to bet it was a deliberate insuline overdose, either by himself or his troll brigade.




Or cocaine. You know, Navalny is rich!! Krokodile is for poor peons.


But he’s a patriot.


Patriots don’t sell their arses to the CIA!


In the contrary I say Snowden is a patriot too.


Can you really put Navalny on the same level of Snowden?

What has Navalny done for Russia? Nothing! He wants to raise to power and then sell the country to his zioglobalist masters.

cechas vodobenikov

Navalny is a comedian like zelensky; he is worth some laughs

Lone Ranger

For Ukraine or the U.S. maybe he is…


If it was Novichok he would have been dead within minuits,the Russians are still waiting for all the medical and other Data from the Germans,also the Russians have invoked a article of the OPCW of which they are a member that would force the Germans to turn over any data within ten days,we shall see how that goes,they have carried out one false flag too far with this and they will come unstuck.

Lone Ranger

Shameful that he has a Russian citizenship.


There were scum like him when the Nazis invaded Russia,they were dealt with.

Lone Ranger

Macro is good.
Macaroni is better….

Thomas Osa Jeng

That was fake news Kremlin slammed Le monde for liés and slander

Black Waters

Here!, 10 dollars for your contribution to the Pentagon, keep the good work buddy!



comment image

Kenny Jones ™

That must be you



johnny rotten

Well, now the Germans can keep the jerk in their pot, so he can declare himself Tsar, oops President, of all the Russias, in good company with Guaidò and the like.


Pulling something like that with Russia, would mean losing every credibility at the international level. It is easy to spit bullcrap about Venezuela. It is in another league to do the same with Russia. How the heck can they even justify proclaiming a puppet President of Russia?

Yes they can, but they will lose the last shred of international support.


It is said that he cooked Novichok in his kitchen to fake his poisoning. Can’t fool FSB like that mate, gotta be clever.

Lone Ranger

It wasnt now we choke tho…


He is a crook for sure. cooking military grade poison and stuff, smart but a crook

Lone Ranger

Thats very bad acting even for a B movie from the 80s.

James Adams

Next your gonna say Hitler never killed Jews. Russia needs to be a democracy

Black Waters

Lol, are you high or something? Nowadays Russia is 10x more a democracy of what the U.S actually is, where a few boys control the whole market, that’s real TYRANNY, totalitarianism, that’s what we dealing with in the west.


The US is more democratic actually, that is the problem.


* I am aware that Greek democracy was different than today’s democracy, both meant the rule of oligarchs over the nation. It’s a highly inefficient political system that is especially susceptible to corruption.


“But even democracy ruins itself by excess—of democracy. Its basic principle is the equal right of all to hold office and determine public policy. This is at first glance a delightful arrangement; it becomes disastrous because the people are not properly equipped by education to select the best rulers and the wisest courses. As to the people they have no understanding, and only repeat what their rulers are pleased to tell them. To get a doctrine accepted or rejected it is only necessary to have it praised or ridiculed… Mob-rule is a rough sea for the ship of state to ride; every wind of oratory stirs up the waters and deflects the course. The upshot of such a democracy is tyranny or autocracy; the crowd does love flattery, it is so ‘hungry for honey’, that at last the idlest and most unscrupulous flatterer, calling himself the ‘protector of the people’ rises to supreme power.” – Plato.

The more Plato thinks of it, the more astounded he is at the folly of leaving to mob caprice and gullibility the selection of political officials—not to speak of leaving it to those shady and wealth-serving strategists who pull the oligarchic wires behind the democratic stage. Plato complains that whereas in simpler matters—like shoe-making—we think only a specially-trained person will serve our purpose, in politics we presume that every one who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state.

When we are ill we call for a trained physician, whose degree is a guarantee of specific preparation and technical competence—we do not ask for the handsomest physician, or the most eloquent one; well then, when the whole state is ill should we not look for the service and guidance of the wisest and the best? To devise a method of barring incompetence and knavery from public office, and of selecting and preparing the best to rule for the common good—that is the problem of political philosophy.

“But behind these political problems lies the nature of man; to understand politics, we must understand psychology. Like man, like state; governments vary as the characters of men vary ; . . , states are made out of the human natures which are in them; the state is what it is because its citizens are what they are. Therefore we need not expect to have better states until we have better men; till then all changes will leave every essential thing unchanged.” – Plato.

comment image


comment image


Sex with Children under Talmudic Law: http://www.come-and-hear.com/editor/america_2.html
— The Talmud is the central text of Rabbinic Judaism in all its forms.

Hollywood was founded by Jews, it was always involved in sex scandals and the sexual exploitation of children. https://archive.org/details/anempireoftheirownhowthejewsinventedhollywood

5 of Ovadia Yosef’s most controversial quotations: https://www.timesofisrael.com/5-of-ovadia-yosefs-most-controversial-quotations/

[1) The ‘guilt’ of Jewish victims of the Holocaust:

“The six million Holocaust victims were reincarnations of the souls of sinners, people who transgressed and did all sorts of things which should not be done. They had been reincarnated in order to atone.”

— Weekly Saturday night sermon in August 2000]


Tommy Jensen

Here is a modern designed lamp they made in WWII after the Jews gassed 6 million innocent Germans in ovens, and used their hair to lamps, and pulled out all gold an silver of their teeth.
After that, the Jews changed the history to make it look like it was opposite. comment image





The First Holocaust: The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure: https://codoh.com/library/document/the-first-holocaust-the-surprising-origin-of-the/en/

6 million Jews in 10 newspapers 1915 – 1938 (multiple holocausts): https://www.bitchute.com/video/0xmWwHaRfHCO/

This 1897 “Science of Religion” American magazine:comment image, claims nearly six million Jews were killed in the Bar Kokhba revolt 132-136AD.
comment image


More Russian disinformation … lol

Deflection is ALL that’s available … eh?

Novichok is a Russian chemical weapon … certainly it’s use is against ALL norms of warfare conduct … full stop

Dismissal of this ‘issue’ is leading to a future of chemical weapons use ….


Thomas Osa Jeng

If novichok really was used he would have been dead. Its a nerve gas not a sleeping potion


Wrong …

Novichok was used by Russian agents attempting kill Skripal and daughter in UK in 2018


Thomas Osa Jeng

Why do you fall for these lies if novichok was used un skripsl and his daughter they would have been dead too stop believing in CNN, Fox news and such MSM try to discover the truth for yourself and don’t blindly believe what others say

cechas vodobenikov

another stupid CIA employee–


FSB stooge … a pasty goy …. feh


Are you aware that most NATO countries can easily make Novichok? Better yet, that the one who actually invented it lives in the USA?


So what? Did they ship it to Siberia ? LMAO


The point here is that if so many can produce the extremely deadly nerve agent, they can clearly use certain chemicals associated with it that are not deadly to fake an attack and could later on be found in the blood…although Germany never proved anything or shared data so far with Russia.

Like the Skripal’s, considering that novichok is 10 times more lethal than other nerve agents such as Sarin gas or VX, there’s no way Navalny could have survived with such poison in him or even less such a fast recovery. Anyone with a fully functioning brain would see that. Furthermore, doctors in Russia clearly know how to detect such a nerve gas but did not find anything leading to it. Also, if the Kremlin decided to poison a
nothing politician who is no threat to them, why would they allow him to be shipped out to Germany?

By the way, to answer your question, yes they obviously can.


So Denial and Deflection is what you’re offering?

False Flag? lol

Run along FSB ….



Like I wrote….”Anyone with a fully functioning brain would see that.”



The western media could put any crap it wants.

And you would believe all of it.

Instead of using your brain.



Brain seems to be the ‘operative word’ today at Moscow Central …


Tommy Jensen

No need for more “evidences”. Putin’s long history of fooling around in other countries as agent 007 is evidence enough;
Taking spy photos of Trump receiving golden showers, Interfering in the American election, polonium poisening of KGB dissidents in London, novochoks on political competitors, robbing land masses in Crimea, gobbling gold, corona viruses to suppress the population, and firing hypersonics at the American people.

Harry Smith

Worry not! Looks like this modern Russian chemical weapon Novichok is less dangerous than Chlorine in WWI because all poisoned victims survived. Who will believe in Putin’s cartoons with missiles now?

Tommy Jensen

Exactl what I have telling everybody. The missiles and novochoks are all psy-ops.
Putin has been pulling our naive arses all along during 20 years. Here is Putin’s plastic S-300 dummy. comment image

Counter Against Anti-Russia

Your word is f#cking Ridiculous. Everything you say is Anti-Putin and Anti-Russian! Why make you think he doing that Wrong or Bad thing?! Is the Western Mass Media propaganda brainwash you so much?! huh Let me say it correct

Interfering in the American election? huh There no evidence on that, is just word from US opposite.

polonium poisening of KGB dissidents in London? Poisening Ex-KGB in london and then UK already found that is posion Novichok from russia in 1 day and in nearly World Cup 2018 in that time?! and not even let russian come investigate it and share information? hmmm is seem is UK ageny is the one poisoning Ex-KGB and blame on Russian.

novochoks on political competitors?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Asa2BKSoJfg&list=WL&index=78 Part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HVbJMion80&list=WL&index=79 Part 2

robbing land masses in Crimea? No, the Crimea People voting to join Russia and Crimea is part of Russia for 100 year since is part of Russia in 1783 and alway part of Russia, Learn the HIstory you Idiotic

firing hypersonics at the American people? OH and is ok if US shoot Nuke at the Russian People too? huh Russian have no threat to US only real threat is US themself.
Stop your BS and Enoght with False Flag!
F#cking Russophobic.

cechas vodobenikov

are you envious Jenny? your CIA script has long been discredited,,,amerikans don’t have elections…”amerikan politics is baby talk–a vaudeville act” Neil Postman
“there is no functioning dimocracy in amerika…” Jimmy Carter


Farcical, how many people have to survive this supposedly deadly nerve agent before people get the message that their leg is being pulled. What’s wrong with an old fashioned hit and run if you want to get rid of someone, or perhaps a double tap to the back of the head an obvious mugging gone wrong.

cechas vodobenikov

only the CIA employees at SF believe in fairy dust—titz and tammy…amerikan/Uk idiots mix their novichok recipes with their cocaine to get high—so incompetent they couldn’t assassinate Skripal or Navalny….can’t the anglopshere train their assassins to be more competent?

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