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MSM Pushes Iranian Threat Narrative To Justify Washington’s Internal Militarization

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MSM Pushes Iranian Threat Narrative To Justify Washington's Internal Militarization

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On March 21st, Associated Press reported that Iran made threats against Fort McNair, an Army post in the U.S. capital, and against the Army’s vice chief of staff.

The media cited two Senior US intelligence officials.

The unnamed sources said communications intercepted by the National Security Agency in January showed that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard discussed mounting “USS Cole-style attacks” against the Army post, referring to the October 2000 suicide attack in which a small boat pulled up alongside the Navy destroyer in the Yemeni port of Aden and exploded, killing 17 sailors.

The intelligence also revealed threats to kill Gen. Joseph M. Martin and plans to infiltrate and surveil the installation, according to the officials. The Army post, one of the oldest in the country, is Martin’s official residence.

The Pentagon, National Security Council and NSA either did not reply or declined to comment when contacted by The Associated Press.

The intercepted chatter was among members of the elite Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and centered on potential military options to avenge the U.S. killing of the former Quds leader, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, in Baghdad in January 2020, the two intelligence officials said.

These claims are incredibly questionable, and are more than likely fake.

They are an attempt by US hawks to have justification for Washington not to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal.

There is another reason, some officials in the US want to create a buffer zone in Washington, for increased security.

City leaders have been fighting the Army’s plan to add a buffer zone of about 75 meters to 150 meters from the shore of the Washington Channel, which would limit access to as much as half the width of the busy waterway running parallel to the Potomac River.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the district’s sole representative in Congress, was skeptical.

“When it comes to swimmers, I’m sure that must be rare. Did he know where he was? Maybe he was just swimming and found his way to your shore?” she said.

Norton told the AP that in the two months since the January meeting, the Pentagon has not provided her any additional information that would justify the restrictions around Fort McNair.

“I have asked the Department of Defense to withdraw the rule because I’ve seen no evidence of a credible threat that would support the proposed restriction,” Norton said. “They have been trying to get their way, but their proposal is more restrictive than necessary.”

She added: “I have a security clearance. And they have yet to show me any classified evidence” that would justify the proposal. Norton pointed out that the Washington Navy Yard and Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, which also have access to district waters, do not have restricted zones along their shorelines and have not requested them.

As such, Iran is being used as a threat to justify internal security measures in the US.


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johnny rotten

The Americans, are completely gone, they no longer even distinguish sleep & dreams from wakefulness.

Lazy Gamer

It does seem like a good time to provoke and engage the US to bring its hegemon status down to 2nd place or lower status.


“Never interrupt an enemy making a mistake”

Americans haven’t been this divided and at each others throats since the civil war.

They completely screwed the pooch in their corona virus response.

They are in an immense asset bubble.

More important than their massive national debt they have $24T in corporate debt in the form of bonds …. most of which are junk status at best due to the asset bubble. An interest rise of as little as 50 basis points will start putting US corporations into default.

They are printing money by the $ trillions and giving it to people to spend on consumer goods at the same time when China is their supplier of consumer good and sub assemblies for nearly everything they build …. China controls their access to consumer good and a shortage of consumer goods will cause a massive increase in prices.

if China simply slows down consumer goods shipments to the USA the result could be massive corporate bankruptcies.

So what happens if at the same time as causing a financial crisis in the USA China, Russia and Iran walk away from SWIFT and stop accepting the USD?

So why would Iran choose to attack the USA in a way that would unite the population at a time when Americans are so focused on the hate they have for each other so much they can’t get their shit together to even recognize the economic bomb they’ve created for themselves?

Lazy Gamer

It needs a tipping point


From my perspective it looks like a chess game. The USA still has dangerous pieces on the board but has lost the game and is squirming around the board trying desperately to avoid being pinned. The mating attack is being patiently set up. Like most systemic crashes it’ll come suddenly, massively and unexpectedly. Hopefully they go quietly.


Wow … YOU sound smart with your ‘what if’s’ … lol

The US public aren’t spending their $1400 cheque’s on consumer goods … hello?

Where’s your information from?

Yellen is the Treasury Secretary & Powell the Fed Chair BOTH BELIEVE the American economy will BOOM in the coming year … and another INFRASTRUCTURE BILL will keep America on a solid footing going forward …

The Future is AI … the key is who will be the leaders of AI … eh?


Infrastructure bill will create more money printing, the deficit will go over 30 trillion, fueling an economy with debt is not a real economy.
AI leaders would be countries that have brain power, Israel with their puny economy and industrial capacity do not qualify since their intelligence is given to stealing, cheating and being a parasite leaching off other countries.


Biden is increasing taxes … US economy based on growth … more job growth = more spending

As for Israel? It’s an economy based on ‘brain power’ something your ilk lacks … eh? New meds … New tech … AI … et al

NEVER sell the Jews short … eh? Those that have / those that do … always pay for it dearly … eh?

Y’all are f/kd …



A sound economy would have a solid a tax base generating revenue, economic growth is not provided by the government but by corporations investing their Owen money.
Corporations today are content to spend their cash reserves to buy their own stock, inflating the value of the corporation without any genuine economic activity.

“”” NEVER sell the Jews short … eh? Those that have / those that do … always pay for it dearly … eh?
Y’all are f/kd …”””

I sell Jews short because I know what is going to happen to them, what is left of them are not going to be thieves, murderers, propagators of lies.


The tax base in the USA is based on consumption taxes collected at the till and payroll taxes … the jobs that are scheduled to be created are in infrastructure projects …. lots of earnings for employees and employers …

Jews / Zionists / Israelis are eating the Arabs lunch …. don’t expect that to stop … I think they call that a ‘trend line’ … eh?

The failed states surrounding Israel are treading water and sinking into failed states … Jihadis/ Islamists that remain will be picked off readily especially if they attack directly … eh?

Iran is doomed …. lol

Your cousins are finished …. they’ll beg for forgiveness but it won’t be offered … squashed like the roaches they are … CAN YOU HEAR ME KHAMANEI? lol

Joao Alfaiate

Weinstein, Madoff, the Sacklers, Epstein, the Rosenbergs, Pollard….

As for israel’s economy, it sure looks like it’s based on networking and passing the hat. If puny BDS isn’t a threat why is so much political capital being spent combating it in the USA?


Jewz is Newz … eh?

Google … Microsoft … and 100’s of other American Jewish entrepreneurs … eh? We ALWAYS eat your lunch … suck it up

Cuz BDS is wrong … lol

The largest number of NASDAQ listings AFTER the USA … are Israeli with a Jewish population of ONLY 7 million …


Joao Alfaiate

Microsoft…Bill Gates? Jewish?


Paul Allen … do I have google it for you?

Joao Alfaiate

It seems from your earlier posting you were claiming Bill Gates was a member of the tribe. Thanks for correcting you error.


I didn’t mention Bill Gates … you did punk

AND now you’re not accepting being the FOOL



“The US public aren’t spending their $1400 cheque’s on consumer goods … hello?”

Hello … stop putting words in my mouth. I said there were supply chain problems that are keeping consumer good from reaching Americans. Supply and demand …. when you give consumers money to spend and there are limited goods to buy prices go up …. that’s called inflation and guess who controls those supply chains …. China the very country the USA is sanctioning, threatening and having a trade war with.

“Where’s your information from?”

The news … every fucken day … shipping container shortage, semi-conductor shortage, Chrysler / Dodge shutting down plants due to supply line issues …. today it’s coffee shipments that are in crisis and there’s a big ass container ship blocking the Suez canal.

“Yellen is the Treasury Secretary & Powell the Fed Chair BOTH BELIEVE the American economy will BOOM in the coming year … and another INFRASTRUCTURE BILL will keep America on a solid footing going forward …”

The key word in that statement is “believe”. If you aren’t smart enough to recognize a press release meant to calm investors then that’s your problem. The problem is debt and inflation … how in fuck does borrowing money to build infastrcture help? If that money was spent in 2008 it might have made a difference but today it’s not going to help in fact if anything it’s going to drive up the price of construction materials compounding the problem.

“The Future is AI … the key is who will be the leaders of AI … eh?”

Oh boy …. who left a copy of wired magazine out for idiots to read.


Wow … the sky is falling … eh chicken little?

Supply chain problems are going to f/k China simultaneously … do THEY want that? When the West is already looking elsewhere ? The container ship is estimated as 5 days delay … hello?

Building infrastructure helps tomorrow and today … jobs today and better access tomorrow … am I going too fast for you? Construction materials going up ? So what it’s part of the cost and does not affect those workers building just those setting budgets ….



First I’d like to say I’m not writing this for your benefit …. you’re an idiot and there simply is no cure for that!

“Supply chain problems are going to f/k China simultaneously … do THEY want that?”

That depends. One way or another wars are expensive. Wars are more often won by strangling an opponent economically than on the battlefield. Warfare 101. Cut off the supply lines. Why do you think the USA spends so much on the navy? Whether the USA and China go to war economically or kinetically it’s going to cost businesses on both sides money.

“The container ship is estimated as 5 days delay … hello?”

Oh boy …. puppet and crayon time again.

First off the problem is much deeper than that. It’s not that ships are backed up …. goods in China aren’t even getting into containers to be loaded onto ships.

Everyone is experiencing inventory problems right now. I’m currently waiting for a machinery order that was originally due to arrive in january. I talked to my supplier in February and it was changed to April. I talked to them again today and he said May? then went on to say his supplier wanted to know if he had a source for power feeders … which come from China and you can’t get them anywhere.

Talked to my Sherwin Williams sales rep last week and he tells me Ben Moore, Dulux and even Home Depot are out of stock. He told me to stock up now because they are the only company left with product and their supply has been been affected by not getting raw materials to make coatings.

On the subject of infastructure did you know that the USA is the worlds biggest importer of portland cement? They also import all of their red iron (structural steel for building). One of my tennants’s plant got shut down because they ran out of components from China. They make electrical switchgear for the US market. You won’t get far doing infastructure without electrical switchgear, or HVAC, or pumps.


Sorry mr supply chain stock up now …

I’m not writing this for your benefit …


anything, threats or perceived threats that cause the insufferable fools in the white house to spend money (which they haven’t got) on different useless operations or set ups to no avail are to the benefit of mankind. the insufferable fools will soon bankrupt and the rest of us can gloat at the misfortunes the morons brought onto themselves.


You’ve been gloating for as long as you’ve been posting … lol

Talk about an ‘insufferable fool’ … eh?


Something tells me that either there’s uncontrollable unrest under the skin of Americans or their government has awful plans for them and fears their reaction.
Maybe something like ’80s si-fi movies.

Well, as long as it isn’t a foreign country I have no objection, just like Americans didn’t and still don’t object when their government started to massacre other countries’ population in their name which still continues.

Nice joke about “Haadji” and “Seyyed” from IRGC by the way. I’m sure Psaki will circle back to us with more information!


something tells me that our enemies arent the only ones who can deceive others


the whole issue of martyr farkhizadeh and martyr soleimani will be punished like our leader demanded it but meanwhile the enemy screaming nonsense doesnt impress us but it makes it all kind of obvious how they seek to deceive us with their constant lies


the retaliation against america and the martyrdom of soleimani is to break their empire and the retaliation against the martyrdom of farkhizadeh is to break all terrorist organisations inside of iran and around who threaten iran by first exposing them and after it eradicating them and the other step is to get rid of all the intelligence organisations involved be it british american zionist german french korean etc pp it doesnt matter all involved will be beaten badly by iranian intelligence services and they will suffer many silent cuts until the death of their organisations


mossad and shin bet should be targeted either way and i guess they will by the resistance


its good that they dont see exactly what is going to happen to them and they can just speculate


the clear sign here is that both america and zionists badly need a victim card a loud explosive thing happening which will give them their needed victim card but that wont happen and even if its false flag it wont work on iran so lets see how miserable first their “democracy” fails again XD


dont get deceived by any of the loud msm media stuff its all nonsense and psychological warfare and be patient til summer when the elections are over and all look at other problems which will appear

Fog of War

” uncontrollable unrest under the skin of Americans or their government has awful plans for them and fears their reaction. ”
Trust me, there is no such undercurrent in the US right now. Any so called resistance to the US government are just “false flags ” run by the three letter agencies. The US citizens are docile, beaten down, cowards.


An Iranian attack on America would unleash a War of total destruction on Iran … hello?

This would be a foolish move … eh?

The Iranians aren’t stupid so what’s up with this story?


The ‘sharp minds’ posting on SF are always ‘betting’ on America to fall flat on its face … lol

Much like they expect Israel to be crushed by their enemies (Iran / Hezbollah / Hamas et al) … eh?

I ‘feel’ y’all … waking up daily to America and Israel still afloat … still ruling the roost … at the top of their game … eh?

Coronavirus was gonna make America collapse with its death numbers BUT the vaccines developed with US 💰💰💰 are great and the rollout managed better than the EU & Israel has reached herd immunity FIRST ON PLANET EARTH … eh?

Sheesh …. sucks to be an Iranian or Russian slug … eh?


Pave Way IV

Washington Channel is the smaller branch leading up to the tidal pool. Looks like a good place for a southern defensive hard perimeter. Citizens of the U.S. are dangerous. Washington D.C. needs to protect itself from those lunatics. I recommend mining a 100m strip of the Potomac shoreline and throwing up razor wire and a few guard towers with twin .50s. Citizens will swarm you like rats when they’re starving and you’ve hyperinflated away their life savings. Some of them won’t wear masks. Those filthy unwashed super-spreaders! The government must be protected from the citizens at all costs.
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