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MSM, Pro-Militant Media Launch Another Propaganda Campaign Against Syrian-Iranian-Russian Alliance As Race For Deir Ezzor Reachs Its Turning Point

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The mainstream media (MSM) and pro-militant media outlets and activists have launched a new propaganda campaign against the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance operating against terrorists in Syria.

As the race for Deir Ezzor province involving the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance and the US-led coalition has reached its turning point with breaking of the ISIS siege on Deir Ezzor city and Deir Ezzor Airport by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and launching of the “al-Jazeera Tempest” campaign by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), fresh media reports started  appearing about “chemical attacks” conducted by the Assad regime and multiple civilian casualties as a result of the pro-government forces actions.

On September 10, the Sham Liberation Army, one of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups, accused the Syrian Air Forces of conducting a chemical weapons attack during four air raids against its headquaters in the Syrian desert.

The group even released a photo of the munition allegedly containing a “toxic gas” that had been used.

On September 11, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) claimed that at least 34 civilians were killed in Deir Ezzor when the Russian Aerospace Forces bombed ferries carrying them across the Euphrates River. According to SOHR head Rami Abdel Rahman, Russian warplanes bombed “more than 40 ferries” (!) with civilians had attempted to reach the eastern shore of the Euhprates near Al-Boulil town southwest of Deir Ezzor city.

In other words, the SOHR aruged that the Russian Aerospace Forces were bombing civilians fleeing from the SAA advancing against ISIS.  The French Agence France-Presse even made a map on the issue. Unfortunately, the map does not show the location of Al-Boulil.

According to Syrian experts, the number of such reports will likely increase as the SDF and the SAA compete for the remaining ISIS-held areas in eastern Syria.

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Aristhotle Dungo

How am i not surprise!


If only the media showed the same fervor in reporting this about the US airstrikes on Raqqa. Where they basically bomb everything that moves. Including civilians trying to flee. And their own Kurdish allies as well, as the US Chair Force can’t seem to aim for shit even if their lives depended on it.

Brother Ma

The same crap happened in gulf war one and iraq war when u,merikka kept bombing uk australian troops by accident. Then uk aust troops accidentally bombed usa troops all of a sudden.. guess what …umerikkan aim improved miraculously after that!


Don’t spent your time about what the west says. Just do what you have to do and f…. them.

John Whitehot

nicely said :D


Let’s go IRMA !!

martin aguilar

Go Irma go !!! hit as harder as you can !!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This is mother nature showing how it can invade the US with impunity no matter how much they try to manipulate the weather.


US needs a bull$hit excuse to attack SAA and allies in order to stop their advances. What better excuse for gullible masses than “Assad gassed beautiful babies”?
We’ll hear more of these kind of drivel in the next days. They have to prepare their masses’ opinions before stating their bombing campaign.

Brother Ma

Same crap when u merikka said iraq killed beautiful newborn babies in hospital in Kuwait.all fake of course…but truth had to wait until after gulf war one to come out.too late.

The Farney Fontenoy

There is going to be a showdown between the SAA & SDF the only question is whether Russia will back down to the USAF.


Again Assad and his Gang of violent russian Thugs has killed innocent Civilians. How long will that slaughter go on before the world will put an end to this?


Did you just crawl out from under a rock? Totally ignorant moron!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

France is one of the biggest factors along with the US,Germany and the UK which started all this nonsense of invading Syria and maintains the most phoniest of all facades. They stole Libya’s Govt fund of over 250 billion along with the others to pay for this war in Iraq and Syria, as they had ran out of funds.The despicable behavior of these countries has shown there duplicity and complicity in murdering millions of people for their elitists agendas.

These countries and their allies are acting on behalf a despotic rogue and genecidal regime known as Israel Knesset which has gone to great lengths to use their agents and intelligence officers to create all this chaos. We have witnessed these actions in the Middle East, as they try to distract the world from their horrific crimes and committing a Holocaust on people who don’t meet their ethnic standards Palestinians ,Africans and Muslims.

They use a group in the MOSSAD or ISIS(their name for them in english) called the Mestarivem a group of dedicated officers for the creation of agents to create terrorist cell groups to commit bombing and terrorism in the Middle East, Asia and Europe also including North America.

They predicate this on a talmudic interpretation in their hate filled war on all groups alike, since all the world to them are animals and just meant to be slaves to them to serve their twisted version of the world.

Cheryl Brandon

Russia is already building removable bridges so, SAA can cross the river safely; They will be in the air as their fighter pilots do their jobs1 Russia and SAA , make your crossing happen asap!


Though I hardly read MSM and always with a bit of salt, I think the general sort of commenters here will provide ample counterweight to all more or less rational articles in MSM.

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