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JUNE 2020

MSM Is In Fire Over Trump’s Lack Of Interest In Defending Ukraine From ‘Russian Agression’


MSM Is In Fire Over Trump's Lack Of Interest In Defending Ukraine From 'Russian Agression'

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Mainstream media outlets are in fire over US President Donald Trump’s lack of supporting the Kiev regime in its fight aganist ‘Russian agression’. They are ‘concerned’ that the US leader seeks to achieve more practical goals.

US President Donald Trump acknowledged that he actually spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in an attempt to persuade him to look into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

“The conversation I had was largely congratulatory, was largely corruption – all of the corruption taking place – it was largely the fact that we don’t want our people like Vice President Biden and his son creating to the corruption already in the Ukraine,” Trump told reporters en route to Texas and Ohio.

Biden, whose son Hunter had business interests in Ukraine, said Trump is using his job as president to get a foreign government to dig for dirt on a political rival.

“He’s doing this because he knows I’ll beat him like a drum,” Biden told reporters. “And he’s using an abuse of power and every element of the presidency to try to smear me.”

Biden, in a statement, called for the White House to release the transcript of the president’s call with Zelensky.

“Such clear-cut corruption damages and diminishes our institutions of government by making them tools of a personal political vendetta,” he said

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who has expressed skepticism about impeachment of Trump, but this sort of incident would be a sort of “new low.”

“They will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of investigation,” Pelosi said in a letter to the US Congress.

Trump said he would have “no problem” if his attorney Rudy Giuliani testified before Congress about Ukraine and Biden.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Ukraine’s foreign minister, Vadym Prystaiko, on September 17th, five days after Trump released $250 million in American military aid to the country.

Pompeo “affirmed U.S. support for Ukraine as it advances critical reforms to tackle corruption, strengthen the rule of law, and foster an economic environment that promotes competition and investment.”

On September 21st, Prystaiko said that Trump didn’t pressure Zelensky into anything.

“I know what the conversation was about, and I think there was no pressure,” he told Hromadske.

Internal US politics aside, this is rather showing of why exactly Ukraine is getting additional military funding and the Trump administration appears so keen on assisting Zelensky’s.

Of course, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also denied that there was any connection into the possible investigation and conversation with the Ukrainian whistle-blower and the security aid.

“Well, that I can tell you, that there was no connection,” Mnuchin said on “Meet the Press.” “I have been involved with Secretary Pompeo and others on the national security team on the issue.”

Back when Biden was vice president, he urged Ukraine’s then-government to fire its chief prosecutor, tying the decision to U.S. aid.

According to Trump, his lawyer Rudy Giulianni said that the prosecutor was investigating a company of which Hunter Biden was a board member.

Trump himself calls the reports of pressuring Ukraine “fake news,” furthermore repeating the claims of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister that Ukraine wasn’t pressured into anything.

Trump furthermore said that Joe Biden was being protected by the media and that was the only scandal in the situation.

This is further reinforced in an interview with Andriy Yermak, a lawyer and a longtime friend of Volodymyr Zelensky, who was sent to Washington for meetings with Trump Administration officials in June 2019.

Yermak also said that no such offers for a deal of any sort, were proposed by the Trump administration and no pressure was exerted on Ukraine.

“On such a political level, no one talks about these things in plain text.” Yermak said that his mission was to “change our image and for us to be seen as a new team, to explain who is Zelensky and how he differs from his predecessors.” He added, “I think the whole problem is that we are some new people who came to power. They don’t know us yet in Washington—they are still figuring us out. It’s a normal working process.”

The facts are quite unclear, but if what media are claiming is true, that means the US President is using the Ukrainian justice system for his own political (and personal) agenda. Which is allegedly a tad bit more serious if it turns out that Joe Biden, as vice president, did the same but to guarantee his son’s success in Ukraine.

It simply shows that Ukraine, in the eyes of Washington is simply a pawn to be used to gain an advantage on the international or internal political scene.

US President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky are to meet on September 25th in New York, on the sidelines of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The meeting is planned to last 45 minutes.




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  • AM Hants

    Do not get this story and do they know what they are writing about? Or just copy and pasting, to get their contracted word count?

    Biden, in his own words, in his autobiography, admitted and laughed about wanting to get rid of the Prosecutor of Ukraine, who was going after the boss of his son, together with investigating his son. Biden, in his own words, in his auto-biography, stated that he would withold the US tax payers money, if they did not get rid of the prosecutor.

    So, somebody, who did not listen in to the phone call, between Trump and the Comedian, made up what was said. Which caused the media and Dems to go into heavy hysteria mode.

    Remember, Ukraine, together with the UK, worked so hard to get Hilary into the White House, without success. So why should Trump be loyal to them?

    One day he won’t give them money, the next day he will, together with a bonus, now he wants the EU to fund Ukraine. He just never knows what he wants, from one day to the next.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Trump want to focus on the cure for cancer, jeopardizing the Democrats big social care and refugee business.

  • AM Hants

    Must admit, I am enjoying how Biden’s help with Ukraine, is coming back to bite him.

    Rudy Giuliani claims Ukraine ‘laundered’ $3 million to Joe Biden’s son and Obama State Department blocked anti-corruption prosecutor from learning the amount before Biden had him fired
    Rudy Giuliani now claims that Burisma Holdings laundered $3 million through Joe Biden’s son Hunter and he has proof
    He has not shared the evidence he claims that he has obtained but insists he’ll be doling it out all week
    Biden once bragged about withholding U.S. loan guarantees from Ukraine until it fired a prosecutor who was probing a company where his son sat on the board
    No evidence has emerged that the the Obama administration official wanted the prosecutor gone because he was protecting his son
    International community agreed the prosecutor was corrupt and must leave
    Allegations against the Bidens resurfaced after a whistle-blower complaint emerged against Donald Trump
    Trump is said to have pressured Ukraine’s president to probe the Bidens
    Also accused on withholding military aid to the nation until it caved …https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7494633/Rudy-Giuliani-claims-Ukraine-laundered-3-million-Bidens-son-VP-prosecutor-fired.html

    • You can call me Al
      • AM Hants

        Cheers, no doubt a better article than the DM. Just started to read it, and funnily enough Privat Bank, which was run by Kolomoisky, wasn’t it registered in Cyprus? Not forgetting Burisma Holdings, weren’t they also registered in Cyprus?


        This is starting to become fun, owing to Kolomoisky, not only give little Hunter a job, is also the mentor of the Comedia turned President.


        Oligarchs Weaponized Cyprus Branch of Ukraine’s Largest Bank to Send $5.5 Billion Abroad…

        ‘… Valeria Hontareva was describing the alleged theft of US$5.5 billion from PrivatBank, once the country’s largest commercial lender. The suspected masterminds are the bank’s two oligarch owners: Ihor Kolomoisky and Hennadiy Boholiubov, who stand accused of absconding with an amount roughly equal to 5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. According to court records, both men are said to have recently been living in Switzerland, though Kolomoisky appears to be spending time in Israel.

        Reporters also uncovered numerous previously unknown Swiss and French assets controlled by Kolomoisky’s sister.

        “Large-scale coordinated fraudulent actions of the bank shareholders and management caused a loss to the state of at least $5.5 billion,” Hontareva said in March 2018. “This is 33 percent of the population’s deposits … [and] 40 percent of our country’s monetary base.”…’


        Burisma Holdings
        Burisma Group is an energy exploration and production company operating in the Ukrainian oil and gas market since 2002. The head office is in Limassol,

  • Marillion

    Quote Article:

    Biden, whose son Hunter had business interests in Ukraine, said Trump is using his job as president to get a foreign government to dig for dirt on a political rival.

    End quote.

    The globalist used far left Dems have no shame nor honour in any sphere at all.

    For those Dems BoIsheviks to be complaining about Trump looking for dirt is nothing short of disdain.

    Yet it is they and the globalist EU-SSRs lodge rats who organised the coup in Ukraine in the first place using their good leftist elite $oro$ and his maze of subversive NGOs as their proxy.

  • Bob

    The Ukraine is the political-economic model of what Neo-Cons seek to achieve – to manufacture failed states and use the chaos to then plunder them dry. Actually, it is just the corporate financial raiding model transferred into international geo-politics.

  • d’Artagnan

    US military is no condition to open an active front in Ukraine as US is overstretched and bleeding all over the world. US economy is in terrible shape and it is making enemies all over world with some pretty deadly nations like Iran. And if the pathetic show by patriots is an indication, US will not stand a chance against Russia and its allies. US is yet again a paper tiger as Vetnamese accurately called it.