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MSM Fearmongering: Russian Special Forces Found Operating On Norwegian Soil


MSM Fearmongering: Russian Special Forces Found Operating On Norwegian Soil

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In a new round of Russia-related hysteria, Norwegian outlet Aldrimer claimed that Russian Special Forces have been operating on Norwegian soil in recent days. The Russians were allegedly operating both in Svalbard (an archipelago between the country and the North Pole) and mainland Norway.

These Special Forces have allegedly performed reconnaissance against key objects and critical infrastructure, they also went there with technical monitoring systems and sensor platforms.

This was allegedly concluded from documentation (which isn’t presented in the article), obtained from allied intelligence platforms, including from US spy UAVs.

According to the supposed documentation, Russian personnel who had taken shelter in the northernmost city in the world – Svalbard could directly be linked to ongoing Russian military exercise activity in the Barents Sea.

Four independent sources of defense and intelligence from three different countries allegedly confirmed the “startling information” to the Norwegian outlet. All of the sources, and their countries of origin are anonymous.

“Russian tactical teams have conducted military operations in Svalbard, while Russian military units have also carried out special reconnaissance in mainland Norway,” an Allied defense source with access to highly rated intelligence reports said.

According to Allied intelligence reports, a Russian amphibious group is to cooperate with hired paramilitary personnel in the north.

According to an unnamed foreign military analyst, the group carrying out the operation in Norway was well known to NATO, especially because they took part in the “events of Crimea.”

Allegedly, regular Russian special forces, so-called Spetsnaz units, are also currently active in the northern regions. Not just the special ones that NATO knows about.

In addition, the Northern Fleet allegedly mobilized at least one special submarine of the type P-650 “Midget”, which is specially designed for hidden deployment of special forces.

Furthermore, paramilitary personnel, acting as civilians was widely used in mainland Norway, according to the anonymous sources.

A Norwegian source claims that the Norwegian authorities are aware that Russian state and military personnel have been operating on Norwegian soil in recent days. The source allegedly has a central position in the Norwegian government.

The Ministry of Defense and the Intelligence Service refused to provide comment (presumably because it’s ridiculous).

Norway’s security service PST communications director Trond Hugubakken said that he wouldn’t provide a comment, but that “intelligence activity against Norway from some foreign states is high and represents a persistent threat.”

“The defense has no information from allies in the direction of the allegations in this case,” said a press officer in the Defense Staff, Colonel Frank Sølvsberg. So, essentially, the armed forces have no information at all regarding anything of the sort.

According to the outlet, Russian operators with military backgrounds regularly perform reconnaissance and mapping work on Norwegian soil.

In addition, civilian Russian intelligence personnel allegedly carry out regular intelligence operations and reconnaissance missions aimed at Norwegian military installations and other so-called key objects on Norwegian soil.

Essentially, it’s a classic case of Russian-hysteria, and it essentially appears to be an almost precise copy of the story of the Norwegian political thriller TV series called “Occupied.” So if it follows it, then Norway is about to be occupied by Russia.



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