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JUNE 2021

Media Claims Israel Conducts Own Strikes Against Syria Following US-led Attack

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Following the US-led cruise missile strike on Syria, Israel has carried out own strikes on Syria, according to rumors spreaded by some media outlets and anti-Assad media activists.

According to these reports, explosions heard in the area of Jabal Azzan in the province of Aleppo late on April 14 were “highly likely” a result of Israeli airstrikes in the area.

These rumors were also actively fueled by some Israeli and pro-Israeli media. Previous allegations about a possible Iranian base in the area also played own role.

Media Claims Israel Conducts Own Strikes Against Syria Following US-led Attack

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As the rumors developed, repors about “four Israeli airstrikes” even appeared. However, these reports cannot be confirmed by any reliable sources or evidence.

According to local sources, the explosion in Jabal Azzan was a result of the detonation of an IEDs stockpile in the area. These IEDs had been removed from Aleppo and its countryisde after the city was liberated from militants by the Syrian Army in 2016.

The Hezbollah media wing in Syria also denounced reports about the alleged Syrian airstrikes in the area.

The “Israeli airstrikes in Aleppo” story is an example how rumors may spread in the media if the situation on the ground is tense and competing sides are making conflicting statements on various issues.

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Hind Abyad

Why? Because Netanyahu reserved Aleppo for himself. Fake Chemical story.

Richard M

France UK US (FUKUS) and Saudis, Hts, Israel and Turks (SHIT) working together to attack Syria. FUKUS & SHIT leaders to The Hague!


Good one!


what’s in an acronym? :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

France (F) United Kingdom(UK) United States(US) hence FUKUS!!!
I prefer USUK France!!

Richard M

A rose by any other name!

The Latin Mass

Turkey is on the good side, cleaning up kurdish terrorists for Assad.


Richard M has the right of it! closer to “SHIT” than otherwise

Tudor Miron

Turkey is trying to place their ass on two chairs but that will end bad for them.

The Latin Mass

Erdogan Calls Netanyahu “Terrorist” Amid Multiple Deaths Of Protestors In Gaza

Erdogan is more anti-zionist than Putin and rivals Assad in anti-zionism. Erdogan is the Sunni Angle. Assad is the Shia angle. So long as they don’t fight…

Tudor Miron

BS. Erdogan is a whore. We’ll keep trying to have this whore on our side but he(she)’s doomed anways – that’s the fate of whores.

Richard M

That’s why Erdogan praised FUKUS for their attacks on Syria?

The Latin Mass

I would love to reply, but can only do so in a PM. Relatedly… Erdogan is super.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

love the acronym

Zionism = EVIL

Dr. Assad is a pretty cool, calm and collected dude, casually strolled down to his office with briefcase in hand while the missile farce was going on. No bodyguards or fanfare. RESPECT!

AM Hants

Living in the UK, but, so against all in Westminster, all parties, am I allowed to laugh? Brilliant and thanks.

Eouz Cuemarz

I think its FUKUSISA. Lol


Here’s the thing guys. The depraved jew terror state of Israel is ALWAYS excluded from combined NATO action against enemies of Israel, as with Iraq or Libya. This is for POLITICAL reasons so the JEWISH FACTOR does not become a complicating fact (and NATO is not perceived as being a jew tool).

It was IMPOSSIBLE therefore for the jews to risk everything by attacking under cover of a NATO strike last nite.

However a lot of misinfomation claimed all kinds of things in the first 20 minutes, just as when the jews attacked the Iranians with conventional jet launched missiles from planes over Lebanon, trolls at the moment of the news breaking claimed jews had used submarines off the Syrian coast- a complete lie.

But while the jews CANNOT ever join NATO action or use said action as a cover for their own actions, they can LIE for the purposes of psy-ops.


All they do and have ever done from the start of that mongrel tribe is lie. Another reason they don’t fight is that a Jewish fingernail is worth more than 1,000 lives of others. Getting others to die for them is their specialty.

Expo Marker

The reason Israel can’t join NATO because if they do, NATO would face rejection in all Muslim countries they are in. Countries like Pakistan would never cooperate with NATO if it meant Israel is in your country.


The UK will be a Muslim dominated country this century if the birthrate continues :)


Well.. that’s bloody good awesome news..!


Also correct too as the above of… starlight


Russia should plant some poplars in Isisrael.

Pavel Pavlovich

How witty!

Bird of Prey

Punishing the shia-islamic jihadists sent by the towelheads in Tehran is ALWAYS a good thing.


Seeing AngloZioNazis burn is a Great thing
They are Satanic Cockroaches

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You need to lay off the smoke chief as there was no attack it was a bunch of IEDs being destroyed by the Syrian Army get over it ,Tex as Israel is frightened after the display of Syrian might and confidence in defeating the west and the stupid little toys, most were shot down even though reports vary on the numbers, but you won’t find the west admitting they failed. With no real in roads producing anything but more like destroying a Research Center that was cleared in 2013 by the OPCW and which by the way produces Pharmaceuticals for fighting cancer and testing imported items for safety of the public. The US made the false claim of sending 76 missiles to that one spot, LMAO!!

They chose it as target because this is the same lab OPCW had used in 2013 in Ghouta now your brain should start clicking about now.

Expo Marker

Despite the Arab world despising US actions in Iraq, they always support actions against Syria.

Syria and Iraq have similar stories. Once being the symbol of rising Arab power, once a major crisis befell each nation, the world put sanctions and attempted to starve each nation into submission.


They Really want their War….but they already lost…Zionazis…I can tell you it ain’t only the Muslims that want to see you burn…& burn you will…


If only I could believe that.

Evidence of how Bullies work proves otherwise. The Zionists will keep attacking UNTIL they are attacked back. As a child I learned that and as an Irish rebel that truth was reinforced
Avoiding the INEVITABLE does not work.It only encourages MORE of the same, because if you do not retaliate, or PREEMPT, preferably, you are seen as a COWARD to be picked on..

Zionist Jews are no different , in principle, from “School-yard” bullies

Hit back and hit back hard or suffer repeated bullying until you are destroyed.


The Pay-Back time will be huge and so Hard & Unexpected. I’m a European I am the West…if they want War..bring it on, I’m ready..I’ll claim me Grounds and take a couple with me, no problem…but having some more people knowing what is happening and the Evil behind will make things easier…most of the time it’s 3% of the people that do the actual fighting….I’m With the East…and will not back down for Any Cockroach…
I always had Great Respect for the Irish.. they’ve suffered enough under those English Crown….bein’ sold as Slaves to the New World among many other crimes against Humanity….I prefer to die a free man…

Free man

The sooner Russia will throw Iran out of Syria the better.
Iran has completed its role in Syria, so it would be better that the reconstruction work be done by Russia, without unnecessary wars between Iran and Israel on Syrian soil.

Hide Behind

OK, One reason Israel does not koi n in with NATO and US air missions is due to “recognition”.
First off all aircraft, shops, satelites and electronic warfare items bought from foreign nations have Israel specific computers within yhem.
Need to identify other aircraft in immediate vicinity is a necessessity; So we do not shoot down allies or own aircraft, tracking I’D puters.
Israeli planes have own means of tracking their own but it is an extremely high secret not even known to US.
ALL aircraft sold out of every nations armaments industry has a satelite controled backdoor button into navigation and armaments shutdown.
will lay odds that within Russia’s 300-400 anti middle system , sold or given. There is buried in its program such a shutdown switch.
SADDAMSIraw air wing found this out right off and after being disarmed were the turkeys in Turkey shoot for French, Syrian, British/Canadian and U. S.pilots, brave warriors of sky
Iraq aircraft disarmed with only low level visual terrain for guideance headed their planes to surrender in IRAN.


Yes , remember that, Iran was given its first AWAC, only one but from their former enemy !

Hide Behind

And this lack of recognition will cause their enemies a pause, a deadly pause with the sipped of planes and missles today.

Kell McBanned

Yes and Frogfoots, what ever became of the crews, were they aheld by Iran as prisoners of war or did the iranians utilise them?


Of course. The Zionists are cheap shot artists who murder unarmed Palestinians (some with tank fire). They are cowards. They have no honor.


IED stockpile….oh come on. Some of those missiles must’ve got through. As a non-military type, it would appear to me that the defenders would have had to ration their missiles, i.e. they would have had to decide which strikes to stop, and which to allow. At this stage they need their military bases more than an empty research facility with no scientists in it. I am concerned that this was just a test to see how many missiles it takes to “swarm” Syrian defenses – and a proxy test of Russian defences – because the zionists are dead keen to destroy Russia. And, if i was “mad dog” Mattis, I would be gravely concerned at the apparent lack of success. But you know, people die = dollar goes up.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Research center was used in 2013 by the OPCW and cleared as it was creating Pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment and also was responsible for testing incoming imports for Chemicals. The lab was used in 2013 by the OPCW in testing all the samples of course the US knew what it was doing as the team was supposed to arrive today.


If you don’t like evidence of nothing, you can bury it with rubble :)

The Latin Mass

“Praise Jebus! Israhell has striked out at Assad. Jebus is coming. Just need a thermal nuclear war. A rapture and more mass suffering that we Christian zionists will not only cheer for, Christian zionists will be at the forefront in creating as much hell on earth to bring about Jebus’ return. Praise Jebus!” (the only thought process in a Christian zionist’s “brain”)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I call bull shit lying Jews know it was IED’s being blown up what damn incorrigible lying dirtbags as they know they won’t even attempt a flight the cowards.


And I believe in Santa Claus.

Rodney Loder

I think this rumour is indicative of the need the West has to reclaim hot property as in authority, the need to dispel a creeping reality that challenges a fantasy represented by Christianity, how many Prophets are coming back, surely not one for ever religion on Earth making Christians the saviours of the lot, that just might be stretching credibility, so naturally then a creeping reality must take its place regardless of rumours.


There is one thing you can respect about Israel they don’t rest nor do they let even small threats fly under the radar SO A BIG ONE NEXT DOOR they won’t let it or leave it alone. A threat is a threat for them it’s as simple as that

Fred Dozer

“don’t rest nor do they let even small threats”
I agree ! That’s why they kill children, pointing a finger at them or holding a stone.

Daniel Castro

“There is one thing you can respect about Israel they don’t rest”

Yep, just like someone with schizofrenia paranoid…

Srini Rao

With yesterday’s shooting down of 71 out of 103 missiles, one has to be stupid to even send missiles; forget about the sending planes. So here, we are expected to believe the almighty Israel which lost a F-16 recently sent its planes to attack Iran. Israel can consider others to be stupid(particularly Western Politicians), it is not that stupid to lose its planes. Sure, Faking or false Flags is its Devlish specialty or Shooting down the locking up the innocent people with snipers for Civil disobedience branding them as a terrorists with Rocks.

John Whitehot

“Israel which lost a F-16 recently sent its planes to attack Iran”

actually Syria.

In any case, the zionist is disgruntled at the farce western raids and he beats his feet on the floor – always taking for granted that there has been raids (they say “highly likely”, in fact it’s higly unlikely, explosions and airplanes in the air may be uncommon in normal situations, but in a war theater they are almost the norm, and there is no way to link the two occurrences).



Zionism = EVIL

Nothing new, the whole US and western systems are based on lies and fabrications. In UK children are taught to lie in the womb. While Americunts are born dumb loudmouths. True FACT!

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