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Moudge-Class Multi-Purpose Guided Missile Frigate (Infographics)

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Moudge-Class Multi-Purpose Guided Missile Frigate (Infographics)

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The Moudge is a class of Iranian indigenously built multi-purpose guided missile frigates. The design of the frigate is based on the Alvand Class (Vosper Mk 5) light patrol frigates. Moudge-class frigates could be deployed  for a variety of missions, including surveillance in national territorial waters, early warning, anti-submarine warfare, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air warfare and amphibious operations.


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If this is Chinese made, then its junk and the US navy could easily sink it :D


but first the ever evil navy from the disjointed states of A will have to learn how to navigate, which they hardly know, and by that time they’ll be sunk by the iranian missiles.


In the narrow and shallow waters of the Persian Gulf, the US would be committing suicide if it makes the fatal mistake of challenging Iran.

namulit emperor

The skill of your military in killing lots of people is well proven, I’ll give you that…


US has no regard for human life at home or abroad as the recent coronavirus debacle has amply demonstrated.

Wayne Nicholson

We all know how good the USA is a blowing shit up but when are you going to win a war? Anyone can do what the USA does given enough money but it takes a real understanding of the operational arts of warfare to achieve a political objective and to do it without blowing your brains out on the budget …. something the USA hasn’t been able to do. Good thing you got a magic printing press or you wouldn’t have a pot to piss in with all the money you waste blowing shit up and killing civilians.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunts are cowards with the inept loser military in the world. It is made of total trash and degenerates and winning anything is out of the question. It is a failed state anyway.


Zionism = EVIL

Jew cunt now posting with a new fake acct PP, what happened Zion, Azreal etc LOL



US was defeated by Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan, so I believe China maybe a planet too far. Wishful comments are entertaining though, and shows how feeble and hubris laden the less than mediocre western mindset can be.


Based on the ability of Iran at the time, Iran signed a contract with France to deliver the propulsion system of Djamaran (the first ship in this class). Naturally, France did not deliver the system completely (gearboxes, drive shaft and propellers plus some other major parts were missing) so we had to do it ourselves. The drive shaft is >16 m long and at that time Iran could not make it but forced to do so. That experience gave us the needed expertise for our next class of warships.

In other words, thank you France for forcing us to make yet another crucial system by ourselves, Merci! The same goes to Italy for not launching our aged satellite and forcing us to have our own launch vehicles; and also so many other “partners” that made us lean on nobody but ourselves and manufacture countless other systems and products, from oil and gas industries to medicine, weapons systems and foodstuff. We are eternally grateful. ;)


I think the newer iterations of that class, namely the Damavand, boast a CIWS self-protection suite as well, which is a homegrown, modernized and customized version of the legacy Russian AK-630.

Zionism = EVIL

The Moudge (Wave) class fast fighting frigates pack a massive punch with Noor missiles as the world saw, and the next heavier generation of Dena class destroyers will be armed with one ton warhead Nasr II SSM, that can sink a carrier.


The lethal Iranian weaponry on display recently should put all its enemies on notice.Iranian firepower is deadly and 100% effective.

cechas vodobenikov

it is delusional to believe US would ever challenge Iran…they have lost every war in their history no revolutionary war—it was fought by French and Spanish, funded by the Dutch vs UK….the drunken clay eating colonists lost all battles excepting 2 Saratoga, Yorktown—which was not a victory lost their war w Canada—500,000 vs 8 mil American cowards—unable to steal a sliver of territory lost in Korea—killed 4 million Koreans …they w the Chinese sent these girls scurrying from the Yalu river all the way to the 38 parallel….losing wars in the ME, Afghanistan today…were able to murder 4 million in SE Asia and were humiliated in Vietnam…had zero to do w WWI—they sent troops in 5 months before the armistice when it was effectively concluded—unable to innovate, they stole 20,000 patents from the Germans….they supported Germany, the fascists in Spain as did Germany—-had zero to w WWII 80% of German casualties occurred at the eastern front where not one cowardly US soldier could be found….they only sent troops to Europe after the Luftwaffe had been decimated and German troops had no petrol to operate their tanks…they were required to surrender to the Japanese after USSR amassed a million troops in Manchuria and obliterated the Japaese military—and occupied norther Japanese Islands..fearing the USSR would occupy all of Japan they acceded to the same terms offered Stalin 3 years earlier when the Soviets were neutral….of course they did murder 250, 000 civilians w 2 atom bombs after the uncivilized amerikan provoked the war w Japan—these despicable acts were described by Nimitz Macarthur as “unnecessary” and their 1st 5 star officer, Adm. William Leahy as “unamerikan, barbaric, unnecessary”—but of course it was amerikan….”amerikans have always been genocidal enjoying killing from afar” Philip Slater

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