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Mosul Battle Report – May 9, 2017: Operation Approaching Its Final Phase

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The US-backed military operation against ISIS terrorists in the Iraqi city of Mosul is approaching its final phase.

Iraqi security forces (ISF), backed up by US-led coalition warplanes, attack helicopters, and special operation forces, have made significant progress against ISIS terrorists in the northern and southern parts of western Mosul, out-flanking the Old Mosul area and nearby neighborhoods which remain strongholds of ISIS terrorists in the city.

The ISF advance in western Mosul is on-going amid heavy clashes with ISIS terrorists who actively use suicide bombers and snipers. At the same time, experts note a lower frequency of the usage of suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs) by ISIS in comparison to the early stages of the battle for Mosul. This means that the terrorist group is suffering from a lack of explosives and vehicles which could be used for creating SVBIEDs. This, as well as the shortage of weapons and ammunition, predetermines the results of the battle.

However, the current progress of ISF, actively backed up by the US-led coalition, shows that ISIS is still capable of defending its positions in heavy urbanized areas. The terrorist group has a motivated infantry. Furthermore, ISIS members actively use the favorable environment of western Mosul.

Meanwhile, ISIS has increased guerilla activity in Syria and Iraq. Earlier this month, 5 ISIS suicide bombers attacked the Kiwan military base operated by Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the US military in Iraq.  The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that the base was being used by US forces to oversee landing operations against important ISIS sites or commanders in Syria and Iraq. Amaq claimed that ISIS members managed to destroy two Humvee vehicles during the attack after infiltrating the base. One of the attackers blew himself up at the entrance to the base. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up along with some Peshmerga forces inside the base. Amaq argued that the clashes continued for two hours ending with the killing of all the attackers.

Earlier, another group of ISIS suicide bombers attacked several positions inside the Syrian city of Hasaka, controlled by US-backed Kurdish forces.

The collapse of ISIS as a terrorist state in the territory of Syria and Iraq will push the terrorist group to revise its Middle East strategy. It will likely halt attempts to keep formal control over villages and towns and focus on guerilla warfare and terrorist attacks against military and civilian targets.

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Rodney Loder

Alas, ! there will be recriminations following from this failure, but as I’ve stated before, you can’t say that Baghdadi should have known that Western hegemony was coming to an end just when it was his turn to become a bonafide Caliph because of it, although it does show he is not really in tune with the requirements of Allah’s Designs, if he was he would have shifted his position after Russia entered the conflict, that was September 2015, and I have reported many times since then​ and also at the very moment that the Russian military commitment took place, which only happened because Western public sentiment gave Russian involvement it’s blessing, that Syria owes its salvation to Brother Baghdadi. Although he should have realised that following September 2015 Allah’s Purpose involving the Caliphate made evident by his success since mid 2014 was ended. Following that juncture Baghdadi has just been wasting valuable resources, but I repeat it’s not his fault entirely, there is a lot of deliberate logical obfuscating ubiquity being pan handled out there nowdays.

Jonathan Cohen

I don’t think ISIS saved Syria. If not for ISIS, there would still have been a 3 way conflict involving AQ, which would still have prevented western forces from fighting just Assad; same as now. Plus AQ would be far bigger with most of ISIS recruits.

Rodney Loder

Ever heard of Afghanistan, really Western Forces not being willing to fight on the side of al-Qa’ed, durrrr. But look, I remember 2012 the Ayatollah Himself complaining that he believed Islam was about to lose some of its Countries. Iran was never going to take on America and the BBC journalists were beginning that obscene sarcastic – but Assad can’t really win- and he couldn’t have, except Russia stepped in, if you want to understand what’s happening look at the cause of Chamberlain’s fall and you’ll see it being repeated, Churchill saved the Soviet Union, by the Divine Grace of God.


This must be a slow news day. Just like the Mosul operation. :0

Solomon Krupacek

in russia is holiday

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