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Team Of ‘Most Powerful Army In Europe’ Comes Last In NATO Tank Biathlon

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Team Of 'Most Powerful Army In Europe' Comes Last In NATO Tank Biathlon

Source: facebook.com/14ombr/posts/1084009795085743

The “most powerful army in Europe” has come last in the NATO tank biathlon known as the Strong Europe Tank Challenge. The third annual competition has brought together eight nations: Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and Ukraine.

  • Austria’s 6th Tank Company, 14th Panzer Battalion –  the Leopard 2A4;
  • France’s 1er Régiment de Chasseurs, 1st Hunter Regiment – the Leclerc;
  • Germany’s 3rd Panzer Battalion – the Leopard 2A6;
  • Poland’s 34th Armoured Cavalry Brigade – the Leopard 2A5;
  • Sweden’s Wartofta Tank Company, Skaraborg Regiment – the Stridsvagn 122;
  • The UK’s Queen’s Royal Hussars – the Challenger II;
  • The U.S.’s 2nd Battalion, 70th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division – the M1A2 SEP;
  • Ukraine’s 1st Tank Company, 14th Mechanized Brigade – the T-84.

The Ukrainian team obtained a total of 520 points for offensive and defenseive ops during the Strong Europe Tank Challenge. This is the worst result among all the participants.

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AM Hants

US just above Ukraine, with the UK coming 3rd from last. Interesting.


Aaand they abstained to do the defense ops challenge….


The UK Defensive Ops marks are blank. Perhaps there was a ‘Tool Box Health and Safety Meeting ‘ when that task was scheduled :)

OR the UK Tanks broke down.

It was good to see the US experts and their Ukranian students at the bottom of the list.
‘Exceptional’ really.

AM Hants

I am from England. Love my nation, hate my Government and so apologise, all parties. Love the place I grew up, just not where we are now. Many of us, just want peace and respect all nations, cultures, class, gender etc, etc, etc. So detest hate and divide. Who does it help?


I 100% concur with all you say AM.

AM Hants

Thank you Florian. Hope we find our soul and clean out the satanists.


Actually the board is just alphabetical, with Ukraine added as an after thought… But yes, UK flunks the defensive part, lol.

AM Hants

Oooops, shows how much attention I was paying. More focused on bottom 3, than to think of alphbetical order. Shame Russia was not allowed to join in, now that would have been entertaining?


I hope the title of the article is sarcastic…
Also, since when are the United States an European Nation?


Is it actually still a NATO competition when 3 out of the 8 members are not in NATO?

Then again, how Euro is the Eurovision Songcentest? As Israel, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Australia are not geographically in Europe. Especially our friends from Oz.

On a side note, where are all the other NATO states in this competition? I know some of them no longer have tanks, *cough* Netherlands *cough*, but some of them still do.

Wise Gandalf

When there is a wedding, you invite also friends, not only relatives. This is only show.


Sweden scores highest, in particular highest in the offensive operations! We know now why NATO want the Swedes to join.

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