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Moscow To Host Meeting Between Afghan Officials And Taliban – Report


Moscow To Host Meeting Between Afghan Officials And Taliban – Report

Taliban fighters inside Afghan military base

On September 21, Russia’s Special Presidential Envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov told the Russian Izvestia newspaper that Afghan officials declared their readiness to meet with representatives of the Taliban in Moscow. According to Kabulov, the meeting composition is now being put together.

“Kabul is determined to participate in the Moscow-hosted meeting. Now we are in the process of developing modalities for this participation. Currently, the main thing is not the date, but the content, so this is the part that we are working on,” the Russian news agency TASS quoted Kabulov as saying.

A meeting between Afghan officials and the Taliban was supposed to take place in Moscow on September 4 as a part of a conference on the Afghan crisis. However, Kabul refused to attend the meeting only days before its date due to pressure from the U.S. government, according to Afghan sources.

The exact date of the new meeting on Afghanistan is yet to become clear, but Kabulov’s positive statement indicates that we may see it happening soon.



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  • You can call me Al

    But, but, but… the Yankers tried (NOT) for almost 18 years to do this…LOL. This would be another nail in their coffin if you can achieve anything Russia – give it your best, show the World, but be aware that the Turd Yanker nut jobs will retaliate in some way. God bless and God’s speed.

  • frankly

    They already wrote this story in North Korea. We are making way too much fucking money to let peace break out. So where do all the ISIS boys wind up? Afghanistan.

    They will work their magically supported Evil and the world will have to fight them as the US sure as hell wont!

  • Mountains

    The peace talks will never move forward because Taliban’s first condition is the withdrawal of the foreign forces like America and her allies.

    WAR most continue until the US makes a legit peace talks and finding a common peace treaty with the worldwide islamic jihad groups. I could forsee this war continuing for the next 100 years and the only way it can end is a peace treaty

    • LR captain

      the Taliban are growing in size, capabilities and their member are becoming veterans in killing afghans soldiers, soon there will be a real threat to NATO presence, when dead Americans come home. (since they have most troops there) Only then will this war star becoming more like Vietnam.

      When 25 Afghans are killed no one will shed a tear. When 3 US service members die trump gets banned from twitter.

      • Mountains

        A Bunch of Americans die on that frontline daily but they are contractors embedded with the US army hence the Gov’t can’t claim them. Loss of life is a reality in war and nothing really surprising

  • Tommy Jensen

    Putin has invited Nethanyahu to the meeting to secure Israel´s interests in Afghanistan also are met.

    • LR captain

      not a hazbrat troll just a pro western/Israeli zombie

  • Smaug

    What sort of resolution could Moscow do? They’re not going to help these guys and they aren’t going to help us, and even if they did it would not significantly effect the outcome of the war.

    • Tommy Jensen

      US make creative chaos and Russia make peace balkanisation. Keeping bankers happy.

  • MichaH

    Nikki Haley, Pompeo and co will hate that.

  • putinbeater

    putin creates terorists international? :DD