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Moscow Slammed US Attempts To Blame Russia For ‘COVID-19 Disinformation’


Moscow Slammed US Attempts To Blame Russia For 'COVID-19 Disinformation'


A spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mariya Zakharova, commented on Apriil 9 on the recent US attempts to blame Russia for the COVID-19 ‘disinformation campaign’.

US insinuations about Russia spreading disinformation (source):

We never cease to be amazed by the western countries’ cynicism in using the coronavirus in their information war.

We are perplexed and surprised to see attempts made by certain US media and top officials to accuse Russia of conducting an alleged “disinformation campaign” against the United States in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. We addressed the US Department of State specifically to demand factual evidence that could prove such claims, given the fact that they were made by officials as well. We received neither reasonable explanations nor facts on this issue. It turns out that the Americans are spreading false information themselves.

We are observing the way the internet’s US segment users are actively promoting various conspiracy theories claiming the virus could be man-made – and naturally, blaming Russia and other countries. Obviously, attempts are being made to hammer this idea into people’s minds and spread it as if it was part of some information attack. We have information that clearly proves US government structures are coordinating these attempts.

Amidst the current global efforts to tackle the pandemic, with 1.5 million confirmed cases including 400,000 in the United States, these accusations against Russia are not only groundless but they are also unscrupulous. It is true that many Americans are scared and they write different things online – yet, fuelling speculations and playing on people’s fears for political ends is unacceptable and dangerous.

Russia is actively engaged in joint efforts to counter the pandemic and curb its consequences. We understand that the humankind can cope with this challenge, which is unprecedented in the contemporary world, only through collective efforts. This is what is crystal clear now. We are doing much in our country and making every effort to provide assistance to other states, including the United States.

We deem these attempts to fabricate such accusations against Russia as further efforts to pursue a misguided anti-Russia practices favoured by certain political circles in the Washington establishment. They are not concerned about the current global needs during these trying times, including what the United States needs, with its immense number of the infected people and deaths. We express solidarity with the American people during this tough period and urge responsible US politicians to give their objective assessment of these insinuations.



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