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JUNE 2021

Moscow: NATO plans are leading to conflict

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Moscow: NATO plans are leading to conflict

This article originally appeared at Novosti translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront

NATO military plans for rotation of troops in the east, are leading to confrontation and violations of agreement with Russia, which will find a way to ensure its own safety, said Alexander Grushko, Russia’s permanent representative to NATO.

The very idea of bigger NATO military activity near the borders with Russia, regardless of its size, Grushko said for Sputnik.

Moreover, if we look at the global situation, we are worried not only with the attempts to increase so called rotational presence of NATO forces in the east, but also approaching our borders with military infrastructure, including command centers and air defense systems.

Plans to create centers for initial deployment of heavy military equipment in Eastern Europe, is another cause for concern, Grushko concluded.

All these actions are violations of the Russia-NATO Basic act from 1997, and its obligations to limit the military presence in the region, Grushko stated.

According to him, this military activity is focused on the creation of a new iron curtain in Europe, which is in contradiction with the very idea of world security.

NATO military plans are leading towards confrontations that, in our opinion, should remain in the past, Grushko stated.

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