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Moscow Hints At Possible Fire Exchange Between Russian And Turkish Forces In Idlib

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Moscow Hints At Possible Fire Exchange Between Russian And Turkish Forces In Idlib


On February 6th, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement on the situation in the Syrian province of Idlib, providing some background on why the Syrian Arab Army’s offensive needs to continue.

In the statement, the Russian side outlines that in December 2019 and January 2020, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) intensified their attacks on positions of the Syrian Arab Army and on the nearby cities, and Aleppo in particular.

“In December 2019, more than 1,400 attacks by militants using tanks, machine guns, infantry fighting vehicles, mortar and artillery shellings were recorded.”

In the last two weeks of January alone, more than 1,000 attacks were reportedly recorded. The count of dead and wounded among the Syrian troops and civilians outside the de-escalation zone went to hundreds.

These terrorists also brutally suppressed demonstrations by citizens inside Idlib, protesting against the domination by militants, and they prevented any extraction of civilians by shelling the humanitarian corridors, according to the statement.

“In fact, the jihadists have taken the population of the Idlib de-escalation hostage and use it as a human shield.”

The Ministry also said at Russian and Turkish military experts being killed in January:

“In mid-January, the Russian and Turkish military made another attempt to introduce a “ceasefire” in the Idlib de-escalation zone. But the terrorists not only did not reduce their combat activity, but rather increased attacks.

Russian and Turkish military experts were tragically killed. Attempts to attack the Russian Hmeimim airbase with the use of attack drones do not stop.”

The Russian side provided no further details. However, other reports from the ground allow to suggests that a possible fire exchange between Russian and Turkish forces took place.

This is of note, since the only casualties Turkey reported were a result from Syrian Arab Army strikes on its observation post, to which it retaliated.

The only incident that even mentions Russian troops being harmed and having died in recent weeks took place on February 1st. Reportedly, 4 Russian service members were killed in an attack by HTS on Western Aleppo.

The Russian statement is a strange way of reporting casualties either caused by Turkish aggression or Turkish-backed militants, it is also reporting on Turkish casualties, not admitted by Ankara itself.

The statement, however, continues saying that the terrorists in Idlib had become unacceptably strong, enjoying impunity and freedom of action.

“The transfer of part of the armed formations from the de-escalation zone, first to the northeast of Syria, and then to Libya, brought the concentration of radicals to a critical limit.”

Furthermore, the statement reads that the Syrian Arab Army is fighting on its sovereign land, against terrorists recognized as such by the UN Security Council, despite Turkey claiming that they are humanitarian workers that assist civilians primarily in being killed in various ways.

“And there should not be any discrepancies. We are talking about the national territory of the Syrian Arab Republic and the militants, to fight with which is not only a right, but also an obligation of the government.”

In this regard, attention was drawn to a number of statements of Western countries, primarily the United States, in which they try to present the HTS terrorists as moderate opposition and fence them off under the pretext of establishing a cessation of hostilities

The Russian ministry also pointed out the discrepancy in US policy, and its hypocritical activity. At one point, Idlib is filled with “moderate opposition” and “fighters for democracy,” and at the same time it is being subject to airstrikes by US forces, in attempts to kill Abu Bakr al-Baghdad and other al-Qaeda-affiliated elements.

“It must be recalled that the same Americans launched a series of arbitrary air strikes against Idlib under the pretext of combating terrorists, including the destruction of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The question arises: so who then, in Washington’s opinion, controls Idlib — the terrorists or the moderate opposition led by al-Qaeda field commanders?

Finally, statements of solidarity with Turkey, regarding which the White House imposed sanctions and demanded condemnation against the background of Operation Peace Spring, are at the top of cynicism and duplicity.”


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alejandro casalegno

Maybe……….maybe……….the Spetsnaz find the TSK. a fierece fight ended with four russians and seven turkish dead……….Russian “Was Al Qaeda”………..turkish “Was the SAA”……..”Happy ending”.

King Cliff

The russian might show another strength of force like they did with submarines,ships and long range bombers.


So if ISIS wouldn’t be recognized by the UN as terrorists, but as liberators & Warriors of Democracy, then Russia couldn’t fight them?

Assad must stay



Just great news.

James Kira

ok, heres the deal:

f7ckheadists actively clap and cheer for their cucked leaders, putin the ‘eastern trump’ (another fake christian)

Turkey knows it cant ally with nato and never claps and cheers, its a fact now that even if Rebels and Turkey told americucks to f8ck off americucks would still defend Rebels and Turkey whenever russia or iranian traitors become a threat to kikerael.

So f7ckheadists should understand, (at least Im hoping), that nato will kick russias ass without AlQaeda or Rebels or Turkey lifting a finger, and f7ckheadist cheerleading girls with wigs and tattoed eyebrows will get blown to smithereens no different from how innocent civilians in Idlib suffer from f7ckheadists.

So Rebels and Turkey will do what We think gives us the most Thawab with our Creator(swt), who We Believe is with Us and not f7vkheadists.

I say we take Aleppo by storm and keep going all the way to Damascus until asma is hanging on an olive branch for apostacy.

Then we can start a marching band and circle Jerusalem so to speak.

Rebel are experts against aerial warfare, urban warfare, and f7ckheadist are experts at acting exactly like c7cked gewz.

To be honest Id rather take on both russia and kikemerica at the same time.

Those c7cks will never be able to set foot in the ME again, InShahAllah(swt).

Saint Russ

Are you in Israel?

James Kira

No, but my Akhis are in Gaza. Are you in americuck?

Saint Russ

It looks like the mask of James Kira fell off. It is a zionist trolling as ‘wahhabi’, acting like we do not know the similarities.


Shut up muslim pïg.
türds are the most cückëd whörës here,lol.
Go to fight in Syria and say hello to muhamed the whörë when you get roasted.

James Kira

southfront boot this antiMuslim, oh southfront is secretly antiMuslim also, lets find out how hypocritical assheadists, and therefore how traitorous iranians are.

Prophet Muhammad(saw) was the most hated Man in history, just like Imam Ali(as) was. (And assheadists secretly hate Islam just like the kikes do).


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James Kira

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Then why muhamad the whörë married with a children?

James Kira

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It’s for passing the cencor,but yes,many pedos are muslim too. :)

James Kira

You seem proud of yourself.


I would rather kill myself before touching a kid,but muhamed is the master of that.
that whörë is a proud pedo.

James Kira

Yes its disgusting, and europeans are the worst right after americunts.

Its so disgusting I would never choose to use euro latin inflections and would be ashamed.

Prophet Muhammad(saw) was dope tho and had many hot Wives and his(saw) Children(as) were awesome and beautiful people, both physically and in character, and nothing like todays assheadists.


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Btw,you know saudi pïgs are being the whörës of US?
And come on,you say that while you use an american name in your profile.

James Kira

Yes I formalised my name from jimmy after jimmy carter to James after Boanerges and therefore consider it a more Islamic name because Jesus(as) is stated to be Muslim also.

And again eurocucks and americunts are notorius pedos rapists cucks and phags.


Say the muslim that fück dönkeys and cattle and räpe childrens.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, if the US was still supporting HTS and Al Qaeda why would they be bombing terrorist targets in northern Idlib for the last few months, SF published the stories in full so there’s no dispute as to the validity of the events.
Abu Ahmed al-Muhajir was a prominent military trainer at HTS Central Military Academy, he was taken out by the US, and they used a Ninja’ missile to do it, [AGM-114R9X substitutes the explosive warhead found on standard missiles for a set of six folding sword-like blades, designed to smash through buildings and vehicles with minimal civilian casualties], gruesome.
The US targeted a meeting held by the leaders of Hurras al-Deen, Ansar al-Tawhid and other Al Qaeda groups killing 40 of their leaders, it also totally destroyed their base, and the US did it just as Turkey and Russia imposed a ceasefire on the SAA.
The US is also offering rewards of 5 million each for three Al-Qaeda leaders from Hurras al-Din, Faruq al-Suri, Abu ‘Abd al-Karim al-Masri and Sami al-Uraydi, I suppose you could call that support if you wanted to, because if any Al Qaeda members dobbed in any of the wanted men they could profit from the US, but they’d be ex Al Qaeda members after they dobberd their bosses in wouldn’t they, so Al Qaeda wouldn’t get a cent.
And of course Isis leader Al Baghdadi too, he went to heaven too courtesy of a US raid, so if I was a terrorist in Idlib, I wouldn’t want US aid or support, because bombs and bounties don’t really help the terrorists that much really, I think they’re way more of a hinderance.
And the US have had a predator drone over northern Idlib for the last few days, I think they’re looking for another terrorist they can help with their support, lol.
So it seems if the Russians want to point the finger at anyone they should be pointing at their old friend Erdogan, and maybe even themselves too, since the terrorists wouldn’t be able to exist without Erdogan’s help, and Erdogan’s only been able to help them because the Russians have been helping him. June last year is when everyone else dumped the terrorists and said Assad could remain in power, but Erdogan was the only one who still kept saying Assad had to be removed, and unlike the others he didn’t stop supporting his terrorists, he in fact employed more of them, Trump sacked the FSA and kicked them out of Al Tanf, and Erdogan promptly reemployed them.
The US no longer support the terrorist in Idlib, they bomb them now.


not sure but smell like troll

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s because some people are not willing to accept the truth or question it, it’s much easier to pick a side and barrack for them.
They call out all the fouls for the other team and ignore their own teams fouls, they admire the good plays by their team members and ignore any by the other team, and worst of all they only criticise the other teams bad plays but never their own teams.
Yes yes I know the Russians are perfect and honest and everyone else lies and cheats, but only in the propaganda world, in the real world, the one I live in, they’re all exactly the same.
So I don’t trust anything any of them say about themselves or about each other, I decide by myself what I think the truth is, and this article above isn’t the whole truth at all, far from it, most of it may have been the truth 18 months ago but it hasn’t been the truth since then, now it’s just mindless propaganda for the mindless barrackers.


Above is just another regular Trumptard Troll with his fictional story-telling from Hollywood scripts.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They’re facts not fiction, and it’s hard to reconcile the actual facts with this story, they contradict each other.
The US, the Israelis, and the Arab League, who all started off trying to remove Assad from power, have all been saying he can remain in power since June last year, in fact the Arab League are now doing everything they can within their power to keep Assad in control, and the only person in the world still calling for Assad’s removal is Russia’s current ally Erdogan, who is doing everything within his power to remove Assad.
You happily live in a world of contradictions but don’t care, the truth is just a byproduct of belief for you, it’s not really a separate entity all to itself, so you live in your own little safe world to avoid the way too complicated real world that’s out there.
Your 14 word comment says a lot about your intelligence, you have none, just the same as the article above, devoid of any relevant facts with only expressed opinion.


Saying in public that Assad can remain in power….and their day-to-day scheming by those same 3 nations are 2 different things altogether!

Who are they to determine which leader is ALLOWED to remain in power?

U.S are the same hypocrites who complained about Russia UMPROVEN meddling (as found at end of 2-yr Mueller Report) in their #Fake POTUS elections!

This is what happens when your brain is on Big Macs, plastic, fluoride and soy. The average American is not only stupid, but incredibly arrogant and narcissistic, too proud to ever admit to a mistake.

That’s because you Americans have been brought up on a steady diet of Hollywood movies that has rendered you incapable of critical thinking or being able to distinguish between fiction and reality!

The “TERRORISTS” are the invading soldiers who travel 12,000 km afar from USA to the Middle East to kill people.

Establishment elites deliberately create the illusion of prosperity by rigging economic data to the upside.
In almost every case of economic crisis or geopolitical disaster, the public is conditioned to believe they are in the midst of a financial “boom” or era of “peace”.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Who are they to determine which leader is ALLOWED to remain in power?”

That’s not something you, me, or anyone else has a say in, we just have to play with the cards we’re dealt and do the best we can, in other words as unfair as it is, and as much as we don’t like it, what else can we really do.

I’m an Australian and up until the end of 2017 have been totally anti US policy and it’s government, but from the very first time Trump told the Kurds he wanted to leave Syria back at the end of 2017, I became a Trump supporter, and when he sacked the FSA and kicked them out of Al Tanf I liked him a little more. and then when he told the FSA to reconcile with Assad back in June 2018 and warned them that the US wouldn’t help them if they kept fighting I really took to him, and when he finally said he had no problem with Assad remaining in power, he became my hero.
But that doesn’t mean I like the US bureaucratic government at all, DRAIN THE SWAMP.
And Trump’s sacked all the War Hawks that were calling for war against Iran and even more military intervention in Syria, the real Assad haters Mattis and Bolton, that’s why I like Trump, but I DON’T LIKE HIS NEW POLICY ON ISRAEL AND PALESTINE, that I don’t like.
And I’ve always been totally anti Israel all my life [56 years], and to the point of calling for their removal from Palestine, but I’m getting old and the Jews have been there for 3 generations, so now for the last 3 or 4 years I just call for them to obey international law, come to a fair settlement with the Palestinians and their neighbours [who must also be addressed concerning stolen territory], so now I’m just anti Zionist and anti Israeli government, not anti Jew anymore.
And though I’m pro Russian and also used to be pro Putin [I still am in some ways], I think every single thing he’s done in Syria has been a disaster, even this latest fiasco that could lose us much more than we’ve just recently gained.
The Saudis, the US, and Israel no longer find any of the terrorists in Idlib, Latakia, Hama, or Aleppo, they only fund the SDF in US controlled territory and just one group of 200 fighters at Al Tanf, Erdogan and Qatar fund all the terrorists now.
You should read more news from lots of different sources, especially official Russian government sites and their institutions, that’s real news, SF is just propaganda.


I do read alternative news from various countries….and especially from Russia as I’m also very much pro-Putin & Russia. I’m also pro-Iran too and pro-China……in fact just about any sovereign nation that resists American hegemony.


good news!!

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