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Moscow Entirely Congested On First Day Of COVID-19 Digital Pass

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Moscow Entirely Congested On First Day Of COVID-19 Digital Pass

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In its first day of the introduction of digital passes, the city of Moscow was almost entirely blocked.

In a very apparent backfiring of the introduced system, the entire city of Moscow was congested, with traffic jams and metro stations being full of people, waiting in line for their digital passes to be checked by authorities.

Moscow Entirely Congested On First Day Of COVID-19 Digital Pass

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Moscow Entirely Congested On First Day Of COVID-19 Digital Pass

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Moscow’s digital pass system, created to monitor and enforce residents’ movements around the city during its coronavirus lockdown, was first introduced on April 13th and became mandatory at midnight April 15th.

“Those who haven’t got sick yet, will definitely get sick now.”

As the authorities explained, the system is supposedly declarative and everyone can get a pass, but they can also verify the accuracy of the information provided. The pass for movement is a set of letters and numbers. The first four characters indicate the expiration date of the document, and the remaining 12 will identify its owner and the purpose of the trip.

Electronic passes are divided into three categories:

  • for trips to work or business trips – issued once valid through to April 30th;
  • for trips to medical institutions – issued for trips to a specific hospital, the number of such passes per week is not limited;
  • one-time for trips for personal purposes that do not violate the rules of the self-isolation regime – issued for one day no more than twice a week.

Due to the congestions, the Metro Stations administration was asked for a comment, to which they refused.

“We’re not able to comment on the actions of the police,” the Moscow metro’s press service said when asked about the large queues.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin later said that the city will need to develop an ‘automated system’ for checking metro passengers’ passes.

Access control in Moscow is a necessary measure due to the fact that Muscovites and guests of the capital have not shown proper discipline, said the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

“You know that at the moment the Moscow healthcare system has faced the greatest load, and, unfortunately, Muscovites and guests of the capital these days did not show proper discipline in respecting the self-isolation regime. And only this forced the Moscow authorities to introduce these passes.” Peskov told reporters.

The April 15 situation became a visual demonstration of the fact that the digital pass system introduced by Moscow authorities in fact does not work. Contrary, these actions of Sobyanin contributed to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Russia and derailed the recent weeks of the ‘self-isolation regime’ and sacrifices of the Russian economy. This behavior can be described as a criminal negligence.

Nevertheless, Sobyanin and his team continue to push this ‘digital pass system’ and further claiming that Moscow authorities will develop some AUTOMATED SYSTEM allowing access of people to the Moscow metro and other types of mass public transport in the mythic ‘nearest future’.

SouthFront has been consistently criticizing actions of Sobyanin and his team regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. Negative consequences of their actions for Moscow and entire Russia are evident. Unfortunately, the April 15 incident became a visual demonstration of this. It is surprising that President Vladimir Putin does not react properly to this situation and does not employ his power and influence in order to correct or call off decisions of the silly Moscow managers.


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Assad must stay

its very hard for humans to not do this, we are so used to being able to see our enemies, we cannot see a virus with our own eyes

Ishyrion Av

The virus is not the enemy. The state is.

Assad must stay

Why not both?

Ishyrion Av

Because this virus is weaker than an ordinary flu. Only MSM made it a terrifying giant.

Assad must stay

No I don’t think so

Ishyrion Av

Homework: find official statistics about how many people died in Italy in 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 in the first three months of the year. Then we talk again on the subject.

Assad must stay

i never liked homework lol


MoA did it (for England and Wales between 2010-2020 and New York between 2000-2020) and found some interesting result: The death count by Covid-19 is under-reported, not the other way around.

Take a look:


This virus is deadly, and deadlier than common influenza. If we -humans- did the same at the start of the flu season (this freakshow of isolation, paranoid scrubbing, constant disinfecting and covering our bodies in plastic) we probably had very few deaths caused by flu, far less than Covid-19.

Not everything is a conspiracy, but certain people and certain governments use every tragedy or crisis as a means to control their people more, because they have lost their trust and support for some time and control is all they have to remain in power.

Ishyrion Av

Interesting links, I had to move on the National Archives to find out some historical data (very scarce, unfortunately). So, we have the current data, which apparently shows a spark in growth between week 13 and 14 with a maximum of 16387 deaths in the latest week (number of deaths per week):
comment image

Then we compare with data from 2010, which shows the mortality of men (800/100.000) and women (500/100.000) for an entire year.

comment image

Because we lack the data, we will make an approximation based on two hypothesis:
a) UK population ~66 mil
b) an year has 54 weeks which we consider uniform in deaths rate (is not uniform in reality, but the rate is not very different!)

and we will find out that:
A mortality of 1300 persons in 100.000 persons, equals a year rate mortality for UK at 66.000.000/100.000 x 1300 = 858.000 deaths per year. In one week number of deaths will be: 858.000 / 54 = 15.889.
That is less than the peak of 2020 by 498. If we ASSUME that all 498 people died for coronavirus in 2020 (which is a weak assumption, stronger assumption will be that we deal with a normal variation), we have a mortality rate for covid19 only of 0,00075%.

But don’t believe me, search more for yourself.
As for Italy, if you search, you will find out that there are more deaths in 2019 comparing with 2020 in the first three months of the year. I chose Italy because madness is highest there.

Hasbara Hunter

They count every single death with traces of COVID-19 as a COVID-19 Victim…though the person was 89 and already balancing on the edge of life…perhaps he or she died because it was his or her time?

Assad must stay


Ishyrion Av

Even more, the protocols are that fake that they cannot be of any use scientifically. In Italy all people who died in a hospital who had a covid19 case are counted as covid19 deaths. If you jump from the 7floor and you had the virus, you died from the virus, officially.
In my country, if someone dies in the hospital, the relatives are asked: we certify he died of covid19 and you can take the dead home for funerals or you wait up to 30 days until doctors get some spare time for you.This while hospitals are mostly empty, waiting for the big wave (which doesn’t come).

Hasbara Hunter



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Hasbara Hunter

Piss off Leech…

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Amazed Russia seems to be going along with the Western elites policies, ideologies ie Gates, Fauci, digital tracking bs. Then again, Op Paperclip, USA and USSR divided up the Nazi scientists amongst themselves.


I heard that like in many countries (in metropolitan áreas) Moscow is more ‘liberal’ and thus the local government is different from the federal government. The mayor is more liked by his western counterparts and viceversa , Idk why President Putin is allowing this either to show that they are really stupid or there are more pertaining matters , which I doubt.

Hasbara Hunter

They try to unite Humanity with the help of their Bill Gates of Hell “Invisibly Universal Enemy” of Mankind… so that we will accept all the New World Order Bullshit…Like Corona-Apps, Facial recognition, Passes & RFIDs…All for the Greater good of Fighting a Virus together as one….BWAHAHAHAHA…They are Retards….forget the ZIOVID-19 Virus…Soon these AngloZioNazi Parasites will come up with an even more Deadly Virus if we let them my Brother…They are very Dangerous Scientists with a Lab…Psychopathic Chimpansees with Handgrenades….

Assad must stay

agree million procentage


We cannot see a bullet that will kill us, with our own eyes either. A few simple precautions help to prevent that though :)

Ishyrion Av

Correct :)

Assad must stay

true i guess lol


Looks like normal Moscow life to me. Happens every day.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Same country that survived losing 27 millions to European Nazism.

If you are going to introduce a new digital system at least trial it first.


WW2 OFFICIAL SOVIET LOSSES WERE 7 MILLION,according to recent released top secret
ww2 US military transcripts,which is no surprise considering no war victor lost more people than the losers,so you know there are many corrupt pro west soviets whom are the ones seek sympathy! As for the digi system,you are correct,look atb the road on the opposite side,
they are the ones owing up to freedom,maybe they ought seregate work hours in order to streamline the load,assuming this story is infact not deep fake liberal!

Charles Homer

Here is an interesting look at a pandemic scenario from 2010 designed by an American think tank:


We are clearly seeing governments around the world flexing their powers to control the behaviours of their citizens. This plan suggests that citizens will be willing to give up their sovereignly in exchange for the illusion “safety and stability”.

Wayne Nicholson

This “Soverignty” you speak of is a very recent thing. Most of human history “safety and stability” meant you were under the protection of some king, state or warlord that had the strength to enforce a protection racket. You live within the palisade you do so at the whims and pleasure of the king …. live outside the palisade and you’re at the mercy of wild beasts and highwayman. Universal individual rights and freedom that aren’t conditional on race or social / economic status only dates back to around 1960.

Jens Holm

Thats not correct. The USA constitution say its allowed to be armed and defend Yourself. It also say You by that also are more resonsabile for Yourself.

Where I live, we have had democrasy in the real version from 1920. We therefore raise people to decide things themselves much better end more then many.

So in our “Scandinavian model” we do both and even more, because we also organize ourselves very much parallel to the state, where we elect our own leaders and not onlyas the ususal union organizing.

You are right about the steps made in the 1968, but those were one of several and had many versions and – in my oppion – more succes then mistakes.

We as Denmark are not under protection af as KIng(or Margerte). NO – WE protect the the Leadership, because we have elected it Ourselves.

Its protected too. If it show bad Leadership, we elect another and hopefully better one. Good Governess is about trust.

Your version might look like some Assad or other Dictatorgroup, whcih even protect themselves against You and can do anything toYou and do it. Its exclusing people. We do a lot to include all. When none is forgotten we can make consensus.

Today Our Goverment only 25% of the seats in the parlament, but we talk and make some agreemenets, so most people follow. Thats the point.

They dont follow because of some silly flag or oratorial orgasmes. They UNDERSTAND because they are raised to THINK.

We see a very good example right now. After a too delayed start against the Covid people 100% follow to spread out, wash hands and like that The results are very visible in dead pr million compared to others.

It might be 1960 for You and Your country and life. A lot dont have improvements as in 1960 yet and even inisist in not.

Wayne Nicholson

“Thats not correct. The USA constitution say its allowed to be armed and defend Yourself.”

….. As long as you’re white. Jim Crow laws of racial segregation were fully in effect until the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. If you’re arguing that a black man in 1959 could shoot a white man in self defence in the USA and get away with it you are seriously deluded. A white man shooting a black man however wouldn’t even warrant an arrest.

“Where I live, we have had democrasy in the real version from 1920.”

Really? So jews in Denmark in the 1940’s were allowed to vote and had the same rights as a white man? Do you have evidence of this?


Well said.

Jens Holm

Thats right. To me its very much about how its used. Here I might follow Your worries.

Hasbara Hunter

I think Men with Pitchforks should drag these filthy Satanic Paedophile Elites outside their Penthouses & Castles…take’m to an independent court & if found guilty: Seize their Assets & Hang em High…The Problem is: the World is filled with a Herd of Brainless Ignorant Dumbass Sheeple…they better wake the f*ck up…
So that Albert Pike’s: Minority of Revolutionaries becomes a Large Majority of Revolutionaries…


This crisis really illuminates the multitude of drawbacks of living inside a bugman hive aka metropolitan area.

Jens Holm

You have to add plusses and minusses. Its very onesided just to see this as a drawback.

Hasbara Hunter

Soon 70% of the World’s population will live in a Metropolitan…Complete & Utter Deathtraps! No clean drinking water when they turn off the tap….and no other food then the Human Species…Good Luck Metropolitans! They will die like flies in any Survival-Situation….


Well, I guess we’ll see how deadly this deadly thing really is!

Friendly bets: 0.3% killer, 0.5% killer, 0.7% killer, 1% killer.

Jens Holm

You should not blame the virus.

You should blame politicians as well as them not folowing the old standard advices for damage control by spreading. Those are the killers.


Honestly, I have become so pessimistic about our ‘representatives’, that I would put money on them being happy to let this run for the population reduction – Gates and his mates are leading that fight imo. (not VVP of course, he works for his people, even if after this we see some mistakes!)

Hasbara Hunter



Yeah, there is that! It would be nice, to have just one nation somewhere run a representative poll of the population, to see how deep the rabbit hole has been dug!

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

I believe Germany’s numbers are 0.3% death rate.


0.3% of known cases does not equate to 0.3% of the TOTAL population.

Most who die are ill or old. Such people are a small part of total populations anywhere.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Yes, and to be sure, it doesn’t take too much to kill people who are already vulnerable with various illnesses, old age, the like. If they were to put everything under the microscope (so to speak), people would be dumbfounded by the data/numbers, yeah?

Hasbara Hunter


Humans are chickenshit ignorant brainless Sheeples fully obeying their Satanic Shepherds…that is what I have learned during this whole Bullshit Corona “Crisis”…

ZIOVID-19: Operation-Gladio Dark Winter BIO-WARFARE executed by the ELITES against the Rest of Humanity….



AngloZioNazis Love Bio-Warfare:

Tossing Plague Victims over castlewalls, rotting carcasses in watersources, Smallpox infected blankets for indigenous folks…you name it & they’ve used it!



The deaths for the virus are being wildly exaggerated by a handful of leading NATO Zionist countries. And even with the hyped up numbers it doesn’t even begin to compare to flu pandemics that did not result in quarantines and economic suicide.
comment image

– Influenza pandemic –



The deaths for the virus are being wildly exaggerated by a handful of leading NATO Zionist countries. And even with the hyped up numbers it doesn’t even begin to compare to flu pandemics, or even the yearly seasonal flu, that did not result in quarantines and economic suicide.
suicidecomment image

– Influenza pandemic –



NATO Zionist countries are running a huge scam. Many of them are counting everyone who dies with the virus as a virus death. Even though only about 10% of those people had the virus as a contributing comorbidity according to the Italian health department reevaluation of death certificates.comment image

Last updated: April 15, 2020, 21:10 GMT –



In the US they’re adding thousands of virus deaths of people who were never even tested, let alone actually died of the virus:

“New York City, already a world epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, sharply increased its death toll by more than 3,700 victims on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.”

– New York Adds “Presumed” Coronavirus Cases to Its Death Toll – 3,700 New Deaths Added Today in Revised Count –



The virus is an obvious massive NATO Zionist scam:

– Dr. Birx Confirms Anyone Who Dies WITH Coronavirus, Regardless of Any Underlying Health Condition, is Being Counted as a COVID-19 Death –


“The President of the German Robert Koch Institute confirmed on March 20, 2020 that test-positive deceased people are counted as “corona deaths” regardless of the real cause of death: “We consider someone with a corona virus infection to be a corona death … said the RKI President when asked a journalist (see video below).

According to experts, the number of deaths is severely relativized, since the patients die in many cases from their previous illnesses and not from the virus. Data from Italy show that over 99% of the deceased had one or more chronic medical conditions, including cancer and heart problems, and only 12% mentioned the coronavirus on the death certificate as a cofactor.”

– RKI relativizes “corona deaths” –


“I want to stress that they have died having coronavirus, not because of it”, the head of the country’s Civil Protection Department, Angelo Borrelli said at a briefing.”

– Italy’s COVID-19 Death Toll Surges by 627 to 4,032 Over Past 24 Hours – Health Official –

“Prof Ricciardi added that Italy’s death rate may also appear high because of how doctors record fatalities.

“The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus. …

On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,” he says.”

– Why have so many coronavirus patients died in Italy?

The country’s high death toll is due to an ageing population, overstretched health system and the way fatalities are reported –


“On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,”


“It is surprising that President Vladimir Putin does not react properly to this situation and does not employ his power and influence in order to correct or call off decisions of the silly Moscow managers.”

In my opinion, President Putin has taken the correct actions. This is due to the pro-Western political officials who control local government in Moscow.

By allowing the pro – West faction to implement a de-facto curfew system that was bound to fail, the pro-West faction has been shown as dysfunctional. Give Libtards enough rope, and they always hang themselves.

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