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Moscow City Management: Corruption, Inefficiency, Arrogance


Moscow City Management: Corruption, Inefficiency, Arrogance


UPDATE [22.08.2019 15:00 CET]: Local authorities swiftly reacted to the growing wave of negative media reports on actions of the municipal and road services actions in southwestern Moscow.

At least ‘strange’ actions of municipal and road services, as well as linked to them private organizations, reached their peak on August 20. As it was mentioned in the article below, a number of Moscow regions and kilometers of highways were blocked by non-motivated limiting signs. Road services explained their decision by saying that it was needed to guarantee passage of public service vehicles in the framework of the ongoing repair works in the Moscow Metro. However, it was hard to link a notable part of limiting signs with this reason. A more realistic explanation is that the Traffic Management Center used this situation to increase its revenue through penalties from drivers.

After the situation gained a large public attention on August 21, a part of the non-motivated signs was removed. On August 22, Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin announced that authorities would open the Red Line of the Moscow Metro, which is currently being repaired, 3 days ahead of the schedule – in the second half of August 22. Moscow residents welcomed the decision. However, it remains unclear what was happening in Moscow in the period from August 18 to August 22. It looks like the introduced limitations were not really needed.


Over the past 5 days, the southwestern part of Moscow has appeared in the center of a manufactured traffic standstill, according to SouthFront readers from the city. The situation is especially complicated in in the districts of Troparyovo-Nikulino (population: 121,754) and Tyoply Stan (population: 133,905). Many representatives of the scientific and medical intellectuals live in these particular areas.

On August 18, without any notifications in advance, road services closed parts of highways, including kilometers of entrances into districts in the southwestern part of the city. This move de-facto blocked hundreds of thousands of people forcing them to use building surrounding grounds (with the traffic capacity of a single road stripe to a direction) to leave their districts. Furthermore, road services from the so-called Traffic Management Center immediately set up limiting signs and sent monitoring vehicles to the area. An average penalty for the violation of the newly-established limits is about 100 USD.

Moscow City Management: Corruption, Inefficiency, Arrogance

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Other areas where similar measures were implemented are the district of Gagarinsky, Ramenki, Lomonosovsky, Prospect Vernadsky, and Obruchevsky, as well as the settlements of Moscow and Sosensky.

Additionally, metro stations of Vernadsky Prospekt, Yugo-Zapadnaya, Troparevo, Rumyantsevo, Salaryevo, Filatov Lug, Prokshino, Alder and Kommunarka were closed because of the ongoing works to build the Moscow Metro’s Large Circle Line.

According to the available data, these limitations will remain in force until August 24. These decisions predetermined the observed transport collapse in these areas.

The established situation drew attention of local and federal media that are surprised by both decisions of the Traffic Management Center and never ending repair works in particular areas of the city.

Web portal RBC conducted a brief investigation into the issue and found that 130 Moscow streets were repaired 2 and more times during the last 4 years. At the same time, repair works should not be conducted more often than one time per three years on large streets and highways and one time per four-five years for small streets. RBK found ‘no formal explanations’ for such decisions.

However, an independent observer will easily find a reason behind this situation: a wide-spread corruption. The repair works are constantly being held in areas where the cost of these works are the highest. For example, Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya (near the building of the Defense Ministry), Komsomol’skiy Prospekt, the Third Ring Road and Leninsky Avenue. Another obvious reason is ‘window dressing’ for the top leadership of the state (President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev) that often passes these areas during their daily activities. Other, less lucrative areas, are just ignored.

Moscow City Management: Corruption, Inefficiency, Arrogance

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All these happen ahead of the election to the Moscow Duma (Parliament) and amid the relatively small, but active protest activity in the city. There are no signals that the protest activity in the city will decrease. The abovementioned arrogant actions of local authorities only fuel protest intentions of the people. The interesting fact that similar incidents could also be observed in northern and eastern parts of the city.

The case with never-ending repair works could be easily explained with an ordinary corruption. However, actions aimed at manufacturing transport collapse in particular areas are a sign of incompetence and arrogance, or of a prepared campaign to destabilize the situation in the Russian capital.




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  • Robert McMaster

    Ho, Hum. Crimea river. Road construction is infinitely more paralyzing in Toronto. City of potholed, broken roads. You can’t get anywhere in Hogtown because of the pop-up construction work. Plus, in Toronto they ‘patch’ the roads which fail and themselves become a car-wrecker. And, Toronto specializes in all work going far, far over their time and budget with no consequences. Plus, in mighty Toronto, the destructors spend ages re-building some bit and in short order another lot comes and digs that up for some further nuisance causing. Finally Toronto specializes in turning over street lanes and sidewalks to accommodate private cheepo condo builders for years.

    So Moscovites, count yourself lucky. Oh, and Moscow has a subway and transit system that shames Toronto.

    • Toronto Tonto

      Feel free to fuck off and go home , Are you here legally .

      • Icarus Tanović

        Why don’t you puck up and leave Canada for good to Natives, instead?

        • Harry Smith

          @icarustanovi:disqus Tonto is not Canadian.

          • Mike

            Then he is probably a Ukrainian galecian scumbag.

          • FlorianGeyer

            He is a Jew fraudster.

      • Mike

        Why don’t fuck off and go back to the pro NATO and pro EU economic paradise of Ukraine.

      • Robert McMaster

        I have lived in Hogtown for 60 years so take a hike buddy. Everyone I know shares the same opinion. So much so they elected Rob Ford as mayor. So you represent nobody and know nothing.

    • Icarus Tanović

      Canada is mongoloidstan, so don’t be surprised.

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    on telegram when i log in it takes me through to this site with explorer. This site is choc full of adverts… yet southfront claim it is only crowdfunded?…. (Have adblocker on chrome so never usually see them)

  • Toronto Tonto

    Its the great year of 2019 and the fall of Russia the terrorist wasteland , may the populace prevail .

    • Daniel Miller

      and yet you cry when ppl dont take you seriously XD how can they when you are the biggest meme on this page.

    • Mike

      Look at you homeland of Ukraine and say your Russian diatribes with straight face you Ukie, fix your own country before saying about others, you little faget.

  • Tudor Miron

    South front joined the “maidan gang” in Russia? Does it pay well?
    Regarding this article – just another example of current pro maidan compaign in Ruzionic media (80% of Russian media).

    • democritos

      I was sure, the tudor, the allknower will have such a comment :))))

  • hvaiallverden

    I have driven there, in the outer ring way, where I expirienced an traffic jam that impressed me, and why whine, Russia is Ok now, I was there in the days where the roads where, uh….. what we define as an bomb crater trackway, pot holes so big is was dowrught scary and the traffic was in an level witch is more defined as Driving with the help of God and Vodka.
    I was recomended to drive in the winter time, initially I thougt it sounded as an joke, but been there thos times I realised it was indeed true, since ince and show comvers the holes and makes the roads much, much better and then the Police, the DPFs, hehe, 100 rubels of protocol, for anything.

    This isnt just typical for Russia/Moscow, Norways infrastcuture is crumbling, we have just some few miles with highways, and the rest is cow tracks, and the joke this times in the North is, when asked on what side on the road do we in Norway drive on, the answer is whats Left.
    Its an sympthome of what happens when scums rule, whom dont give an rats ass about their own people, but by some obscure reason can send billions to African f…. where nobody knows where the mooney goes, billions to rainforest founds, billions in the scam called CO2 Indulgenses etc, etc.
    And with an rail road system where the trains are new, but the tracks are from the 50s, and the electrics to, the guidance system equally stone aged, and that means, that to take an train, is an gamble, local trains to, and stil sngle tracks in between citys, and the Green scmbags whines about truck traffic, in an city Oslo where they stil push the main roads thru the centrum, I dont know if there is any city in euorpa that stil do that.

    Yeah, Russia isnt bad, we are going down iin Norway to what Russia was 50 years ago, and the idiots drools something about Russian standards, witch of course is based upon been stupid and ignorant, since Norway is sliding back to the stone age.
    And rail road from Finland to Kirkenes, and then thru to Nikel (just 30 millometers), witch is the end station of the wast Russian rail road system have been an wet dream for people up North for so long I can remeber, but UssA/ZATO desides what Norwegian asslikers will do and to expend that, willl as far I can see, never happen, even when Kirkenes have an deep sea port, and I mean Houndred thousand tonners, and an loading system to.
    The north eastern sea way, witch the AGW pack of morons talk about, is so far I know, just an pissbucket in the wast ocean, and just another wet dream, nothing happens, and nothing will happens due to Ice, morons.

    Yeah, politics, right, we should start hanging some of them on an regulare basis, if not, nothing will improve or will happen.


  • Harry Smith

    There are no signals that the protest activity in the city will
    decrease. The abovementioned arrogant actions of local authorities only
    fuel protest intentions of the people.

    ROFL. I do not say there is no corruption in the city council of Moscow, but I think the phrase “no signals that the protest activity in the city will
    decrease” is not reflecting the reality. Anyway, SF has a wonderful opportunity to estimate the adequacy of their source in Moscow – just look at the number of protesters at the next opposition meeting. I think it will be kinda shame if the number of protesters will be less than 50 000. Of course if SF value their reputation as a trustworthy news outlet.