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JUNE 2023

Moscow Becomes Next Target Of Coordinated Anti-Government Campaign Across Russia

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Moscow Becomes Next Target Of Coordinated Anti-Government Campaign Across Russia


On July 14, around 1,000 people took to the streets of Moscow demanding the government to assist opposition candidates to run in elections to the Russian capital’s parliament.

Opposition politicians cried foul after Moscow’s election commission said most of their sponsored candidates had failed to secure the required number of signatures to participate in the election as candidates.

The commission has yet to officially announce the list of legitimate candidates for the 8 September vote to Moscow’s 45-seat parliament. So, opposition politicians decided to demand the government to break the law and allow them to participate in the election despite their inability to collect the needed signatures.

Opposition politicians Ilya Yashin, Lyubov Sobol and Ivan Zhdanov [they were among the candidates that failed to collect the signatures] became the main organizers of the rally. They also claim that the comission’s conclusion that many of their signatures were rigged was an “absolute fraud”.

The opposition organized an improvised march to the Moscow city mayor office and then to the headquarters of the election commission. The participants, mostly representatives of the so-called creative community and well-paid office workers, shouted anti-government and anti-Putin slogans, urging the authorities to register their candidates.

At some moment, the opposition briefly clashed with police and at least 38 people, including Ilya Yashin, Lyubov Sobol and Ivan Zhdanov. These persons were the most active instigators of the local unrest.

The rally was widely backed by multiple Russian pro-opposition and liberal media outlets, including those based outside Russia. Despite this, the number of participants in the megacity was no more than 1,000 people.

Moscow Becomes Next Target Of Coordinated Anti-Government Campaign Across Russia

Ilya Yashin

Ilya Yashin is a Russian liberal politician and ‘activist. He does have hard-core pro-liberal and pro-Western views and is mostly known for his participation in various anti-government rallies and media campaigns. On September 10, 2017, Yashin was elected a municipal deputy of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow.

Moscow Becomes Next Target Of Coordinated Anti-Government Campaign Across Russia

Lyubov Sobol

Lyubov Sobol is another Russian public figure with strong pro-Western and anti-government views. She’s a member of the so-called Anti-Corruption Foundation, led by the head of the so-called ‘non-system opposition’ [the part of the opposition that delcare that its aim is to gain power by non-constitutional means because ‘democracy’ does not work in Russia] Aleksey Navalny.

Moscow Becomes Next Target Of Coordinated Anti-Government Campaign Across Russia

Ivan Zhdanov

Ivan Zhdanov is one more worker of the Anti-Corruption Foundation and a person with hardcore anti-government views.

Anti-government rallies and campaigns that recently targeted several Russian cities do not seem to be very popular if one estimates the number of people that participate in them. They mostly involve a small anti-government part of the Russian society that do not link their future life with Russia as the state. However, they are well-coordinated and do have an active backging from pro-Western Russian-language media outlets. English-language mainstream media outlets also cover them time to time to promote the narrative that ‘the Russian population is against the Putin regime’.

On July 13, Russian state media reported citing a military diplomatic source that UK and US intelligence services are in an active phase of the anti-Russian campaign aiming to discredit individuals from the leadership of the Defence Ministry and the inner circle of Russian Ppresident Vladimir Putin.

The report said that the disinformation will wind up in the media controlled by foundations established by influential financiers such as George Soros and William Browder. The campaign will also involve media outlets funded by US authorities, naming Radio Freedom and Current Time among others.

The interesting fact is that the very same group of media outlets is currently involved in providing support to the Russian ‘non-system opposition’ and other group of ‘activists’ mostly focused on blaming and shaming the Russian government under various pretexts. Most of these media outlets are directly or indirectly funded by the US government or entities and organizations linked with the Washington establishment. At the same time, to justify their anti-government stance, at least a part of them (like Meduza or The Bell) claims that they are the only ‘independent media’ in Russia. It remains unclear how it’s possible to be ‘independent’ when you are funded by some state agency.

Moscow Becomes Next Target Of Coordinated Anti-Government Campaign Across Russia

SOURCE: reseauinternational.net/occrp-prepare-de-nouvelles-revelations-doit-on-y-croire/

As to reports and so-called open source investigations designed to fuel various anti-Russian campaigns inside Russia or on the international scene, most of them do have similar structure and are created under same guidelines.

1. Authors choose a topic (or a group of topics), which is actual in the current media landscape and linked to the final purpose of the investigation.

2. The chosen topic has to include something related to well-known corporations, organizations, state agencies or bodies, or public figures and politicians. The importance and size of these structures (as well as the specific of actions of any major public figure or politician) mean that they do have a complicated legal structure and multiple links inside and outside themselves.

3. Authors come with a hypothesis that some organization or a person inside some organization is involved in something improprieties. This could be some department inside the organization or a person somehow linked to its leadership. Obviously, 100% of the modern organizations can be chosen using this concept.

4. Authors make axiomatical assertions. For example, A has similarities with B, C = D, E is a part of W and further. Around 80% of these assertions could be considered as more or less realistic. Nonetheless, up to 20% of them are knowingly fraudulent. This part of the analysis creates the basis for the rest of the fake investigation.

5. In the next part of the ‘investigation’, authors demonstrate multiple organic links between elements and levels of the targeted system. Often, a major part of them is taken from open sources. The rest is completely made up or claimed to be received from some ‘intelligence sources’ or ‘whistleblowers’.

This is the biggest and most awkwardly shaped part of the ‘investigation’. It often includes some additional sections, quotes multiple facts, names, details and explanations that are not linked to the investigation itself. These additional details are often linked to the real situation, but they do have no importance for the key hypothesis of the ‘investigation’.

The size and complicated structure of this part are needed to logically disorientate the reader. The article creates the emotional state that instigate non-critical approach towards the provided data, claims and speculations.

6. Authors move to conclusions.

  • Sometimes, the conclusions are made on the basis of the previous parts and a formal logic. Nonetheless, these conclusions cannot be true because they are based on up to 20% of the fake data, purportedly included in the ‘investigation’.
  • Another option is to include a made up narrative in the conclusion. Often this narrative is not based on the ‘data’ provided in the ‘investigation’ and is linked to it only by design.

This is a short description of the general model of fake OSINT investigations. This model is universal and has been actively employed by various entities over the past years. Experts think that at least a part of the data created through these guidelines is created by special software solutions. In this event, public ‘authors’ of these ‘investigations’ are mostly involved as editors and writers of ‘analytical conclusions and introductions’.

An example of the widely-known software solution of this kind is Palantir. Its software solutions are employed by various state and commercial bodies like, the United States Intelligence Community (USIC) the United States Department of Defense, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and others.

If one wants to get a critical look at fake OSINT investigations of this kind, it’s needed to make the following steps:

  • The ‘investigation’ should be divided into hierarchical and logical blocs in the framework of the provided model (or any other model employed by the reader);
  • The data provided in these blocs should be critically fact-checked and analyzed. Links and logical conclusions used to link these blocs should be re-checked;
  • The provided conclusions should be critically analyzed and re-checked in the framework of the chosen model;
  • During the critical analysis of the ‘investigation’, it’s important to know the difference between expert assumptions and groundless axiomatical assertions (like A = B).


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AM Hants

I remember back in 2014, ‘March of the Traitors’, when the opposition, ended up in the Square, where the art students, hung the banners with their names and faces on them.


NED – USAID – NGOs funded by Soros. How come they have been allowed back into Russia? Thought they had got rid of them?

How much does Russia spend on her media budget, compared to the US? Why do those, who finance the ‘White Helmets/ISIS/Al Qaeda, or whatever they call themselves today, also fund the BBC? What is ‘Operation Beluga’ all about, and why was ‘Integrity Initiative’ set up and who is behind ‘Integrity Initiative’, including Bill Browder?









Soros Regime Change Script



And in the UK we have a long history of bloody repression than in recent decades been replaced by state ‘weaponising’ of the legal profession that ‘drowns’ nationalist rebels to death with a deluge of legal fees, instead of the government elites militia swords and firearms of the past.

The greater the sordid influence that the ‘Steins’ have in any country, the faster the fall into depravity of the targetted populations.


What, no free stale cookies?


Stale Bagels, I think :)


Misters Browder and Soros must be boiling in their boots that none of their efforts matter. From what I see in the photos offered of each, it looks like time is going to remedy them, especially Mr. Soros. It will be interesting to observe what the future holds when all those of this era, the instigators, have passed on. Those to whom they pass the baton, will probably not have a shadow of their zeal, especially in a time when the geopolitical and economic landscaped has radically changed. My take, I wish well to all.


I am sure that the ‘Blairs’ of the world are salivating in the thought of taking the Browder and Soros batons :)


That is Fateh Gulan team of CIA and Mossad. They are neither males nor females. They are such chicken that neither lay eggs nor crow. LOL


Everybody listen to Rob predictions, he’s one of the sanest commentators here!

liana sammartino

must be found and eradicated or the cancer will spread….

Luke Hemmming

Do the math…1000 people at a rally to protest the fact that the opposition leaders didn’t get the required minimum numbers. Well there’s your proof. 1000 was the entire voter block. Sorry but the support just isn’t there and instead of of protesting about it maybe look into why they aren’t appealing to the masses instead of blaming Putin.


But they didn’t arrest them for faking the signatures, something is smelly in Russia like always.

Luke Hemmming

The only thing that smells is the constant interfering by western state sponsors and 1 middle eastern state in Russia. One thing is for sure is that Putin does have a majority support for him by the Russian people there is not doubt about that despite how western MSM twists the story and statistics. There is an ongoing narrative by western governments to always paint Putin and Russia in a bad light at every opportunity.


“ongoing narrative by western governments to always paint Putin and” maybe because he’s a president that stays there since… always?

Luke Hemmming

Because he has the majority of support from the people sheesh. The miserable turn out to the protests is testament to this fact


Because he killed and jailed all his opposition including journalists.

Concrete Mike

Your right they werent arrested.


Its you that smells take a godamned shower will ya, wipe tonto’s semin off your chin its, time to go to work!

Sincr you clearly dont have a job Mr Im important occupy McCarthy!


he’s a squatter’s troll working out of tel aviv, just being a pain in the neck. should be ignored.

Concrete Mike

Totally , i just enjoy teasing these 2 vile creatures. There showing there true faces now :))

Toronto Tonto

Working OT at the troll factory these days EH , You need more worthless poobles EH .

Concrete Mike

Hah here cumzzz the cavalry!

No i dont want any poodles right now i travel alot for work and it would be irresponsible to have a dog, i dont have time properly train and the dog would have a sad lonely life.

Responsibility, a concept you have absolutly no clue what it is as you live in bacon’s mom’s basement!


I don’t want a job like Concrete Mike’s, his tongue is sticked to Putin’s ass. That’s why he needs to travel a lot for work.

Concrete Mike

Ouhh a putin comment how original!!! Unlike you my job has meaning. Im not just some bum feeding off foreign governements handouts, that i pay for btw with my hard earned tax dollars.

So its not the best job but better than yours by a mile!


What are you, a porn actor that plays only in hardcore gay movies, like “Concrete Ass Mike Fucked By An Entire Prison”?


Does the opposition contain a disproportionately high number of Jews? It wouldn’t surprise me if it does. Running a better government, human and civil rights bait and switch program.

cechas vodobenikov

more murikan racism and envy……


Jews are the biggest racists and antisemites on the planet. There’s nothing to envy about an evil pedophile mass rape cult that felony statutory rapes 1,000 children every week during vile blood sucking rituals and infects some of them with venereal disease in the process, brain damaging and murdering them.

cechas vodobenikov

your childish projections amuse


It’s called truth, not projections. You’re evidently a sicko into raping babies.

cechas vodobenikov

your despicable racism speaks volumes —packuda


Jews are an inbred evil pedophile mass rape cult that needs to be outlawed and extinct.

Accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of is a standard Jew diversion to try to divert attention from all of their crime and evil. Like the thousands of dead and injured unarmed Palestinian demonstrators. 99% of whom have no involvement with armed resistance groups. And dozens of whom are medical workers. You could care less about racism. You’re just a two faced Zionist shill spewing your racist hate. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1422ed1ccb04a6c22c46833892701692dfe9bba225bb483840b621b8bf1b4071.png

– 2018–19 Gaza border protests –


Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

more than that many children get raped in britain every day by pakistani muslims. god knows how many children muslims are raping worldwide a week…………..


Statutory rape is outlawed in every Islamic country and condemned by every legal Islamic denomination representing 99.9% of Muslims.

Jewish oral suction “circumcision” is felony statutory rape and felony oral copulation with a minor. And is one of the primary rituals in Judaism. The Jews rape 1,000 children worldwide every week with this vile blood sucking ritual. More in Israel than anyplace else. Infecting children with venereal disease, taking their virginity at birth, brain damaging and murdering them.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

only against other muslims


Your confused koran interpretations aren’t government statutes in Islamic nations.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

what makes you think that because something is outlawed it doesnt happen?


It does happen. And unlike blood sucking Jews who have it as one of their primary rituals, Islamic nations and denominations outlaw and condemn it.

cechas vodobenikov

I enjoy Russian liberals—they r such a tiny minority…they r largely found in central Moscow…ignored by Russians—their importance exaggerated by the US MSM


yeah, through the dictator away. get you rightful retirement age.

Tudor Miron

Ugly coackroachs (those on the images above). They hate this country and us – people of this country. Their US masters demand maidan and this creatures are eager to create a blood bath in my Motherland. They don’t have people’s support but they have lots of support within ruzionic elites that were installed by US and still constitute 80% of governing apparatus.


I trust that the Cockroaches will be eradicated in a timely manner, Tudor.


and behind all of this brouhaha you will find cia and cia and then mossad, stirring up unrest for the elected government to quell. even the tiniest demonstration is blown out of proportion when reported in the west and the aim is to make putin into blackguard whereas he in fact actually saved russia from the greedy western corporations that almost succeeded in acquiring most of russia’s commodity assets during the jeltsin rule. and since the disintegrated states of A never forgets and never forgives they will persecute russia to end of time. think of north korea and iran to see the mentality of the morons in washington dc.

Rhodium 10

Pro western politicians in Ukraine = Civil War+lost of Crimea and Donbass+end of the military-industrial-aeronautic complex, economic crisis. Pro western politicians in Serbia= Lost of Kosovo ( turn into a pseudocalifate)+lost of Montenegro(access to the seacoast). Pro western Politicians in Libya= Endless Civil War. Pro western politicians in Georgia = War and lost of Abjazia and South Ossetia.economic crisis. Pro western politicians in Russia ( Yeltsin)= Rise of Oligarchs,Mafia and Crime,indebtedness, War in Caucasus,Separatism, economic crisis, destruction of Yugoslavia…….

peter mcloughlin

Unfortunately, states pursue the issue of human rights in so far as it supports their national interest. They interfere in the internal sovereign matters of rivals. As we stand on the abyss of Armageddon, we must decide if such strategies are worth annihilation, because there will sparse little human rights in the post-apocalyptic world. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/

Toronto Tonto

Better late than never , turn that square red .


hey tonto- your contribution is the pinnacle of intelligence and insight – keep it up! should you need to have difficult words of more than two syllables explained to you, I’m certain the contributors here will assist. shall I start with syllable?

Toronto Tonto

Thanks buddy your an OK troll you know .


It seems to me that CIA-Mossad and UK spy-destabilisation system is at work in Russia. Russia has plenty of jews all over Russia to make the job there. Money can flow through the banks without any problem. Attacking Russia from inside ? there are always traitors (in any country) who can help on this matter.

AM Hants

Slightly off topic, but, same crowd involved. Guess who the Daily Mail are blaming with regards the Kiev Nazis?

Italian police seize air-to-air MISSILE and huge arsenal in raids on far-right parties as part of investigation into links between extremists and Russian forces in Ukraine Three men were arrested as part of the raids carried out in several Italian cities Officials said there was no reason to believe there was an ‘active plot’ at play One of those arrested was Fabio Del Bergiolo, 60, a former customs inspector In 2001 he ran as a senate candidate for the neo-fascist Forza Nuova party The raids came after separate allegations surfaced last week claiming the Italian Deputy PM’s League party received Russian oil money…


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