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Moscow Authorities Push Further COVID-19 Hysteria

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Moscow Authorities Push Further COVID-19 Hysteria

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Authorities in Moscow are using the pretext of COVID-19 going out of control, once again, to attempt and implement what seems to be a digital surveillance system.

The hysteria is fueled to a very large degree by a temporary, field hospital in Sokolniki. It received its first patients on October 7th, said Alexander Mitichkin, head physician of the Inozemtsev State Clinical Hospital.

“The epidemiological situation is very difficult. We see this in our patients. I really want you not to be among them, so we need to do very simple things: self-defense, masks, disinfectants, gloves, less unnecessary communication. Stay at home, take care of yourself,” added Alexander Mitichkin.

The temporary hospital at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center is assigned to the Inozemtsev City Clinical Hospital, which has accumulated significant experience in the treatment of coronavirus during the pandemic.

Moscow Authorities Push Further COVID-19 Hysteria

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The information is being shared by Moscow’s official anti-COVID-19 channel.

Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova in an interview with the Russia-1 TV channel said the following highlights:

  • On October 6th, Moscow has recorded two anti-records: 4000 detected cases of covid-19 and 1000 hospitalized;
  • The number of cases over 65 years old has doubled and in the total number of cases is already 25%;
  • A sharp increase in activity in the city causes an increase in morbidity. The second and main reason is behavioral: total non-observance of the mask regime, lack of social distance;
  • Moscow does have the necessary reserves of medical facilities, but there is always a finite number of beds;
  • She called for responsible behavior, decrease in social activity, respect for older people are essential conditions for the Moscow economy to survive in the current situation.

This shows a city official, wearing no mask or gloves is spreading information very evidently aimed at intimidating the population. She is addressing the issue of not wearing protective equipment of any sort.

For a city of 13 million inhabitants officially, more than 15 million in fact, 41 deaths and 1000 hospitalizations per day in the traditionally peak season of ARVI.

Below are the official numbers of deaths in Moscow’s due to autumn acute respiratory viral infections:

2020: October – 10479 (349 per day)

2018: September – 9244 (308 per day), October – 10493 (350 per day)

  • 60% of cardiovascular disease as the main cause.
  • 25% cancer incidence as the main cause

As an example, in May 2020, the peak COVID-19 crisis – 15713 died, in May 2019 – 9998, with no COVID-19. The difference is 5,715.

In May 2020, COVID-19 as the main or co-cause of death was noted in 5,260 cases (92% of all excess deaths in May). 2,757 deaths were recorded with COVID-19 as the leading cause of death in May.

Separately, 2503 people who died from other causes, but at the same time tested positive for coronavirus. More than 80% of them are elderly people (70+) or with serious illnesses.

Mortality is mostly observed in patients with acute cardiovascular issues, or oncological diseases.

In April-May 2020, the planned and even emergency care for cardiovascular and cancer patients was significantly limited.

Also, for almost 2 months there were severe restrictions on physical activity, specifically outdoors.

There was also the added issue of unprecedented psychological pressure on citizens of Moscow, through the media, as well as the local government.

This alone plays a role in citizens’ immunity to diseases. Lack of exercise, sunlight, fresh air and constant stress being poured in from outside plays its role.

Back in April, Russian specialized doctors and scientists warned about this. As an example, Germany, took measures to support the immunity of this part of the population.

For example, individual and even family physical activity in the open air was encouraged, even in regions which had the most severe restrictions imposed, for example, Bavaria, no more than 2 family members together on the street.

Young people and middle-aged people in April-May actually did not observe either the “mask regime”, or the ban on leaving the house, or the ban on gatherings in small groups.

Despite all the administrative measures taken, the daily death rate directly from the coronavirus in May was 92 people per day.

Moscow authorities are claiming a crisis, which is the mortality rate of 41 people having  the coronavirus.

And this came just days after the same Moscow authorities declared that 60% of the population already had an immunity to the disease.

The usual, seasonal spread of acute respiratory virus infection is being presented as a second of wave of COVID-19, and it is very evidently spread by certain circles in the Russian elite, with the sole aim of either pursuing their own political goals, or to simply profit financially in one way or another.


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Raptar Driver

Even the Russians have lost their minds on this covid nonsense.
Or should I say the ruling authorities?


We have global overpopulation problem. Overpopulation of oligarchs.

Raptar Driver


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