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JUNE 2021

Moscow Accuses Washington Of Conducting Provications Against Its Diplomatic Staff In U.S.

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In a statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry on March 30, Moscow accused Washington of conducting provications against its diplomatic staff in the US.

Comment by the Information and Press Department on provocations against Russian diplomatic staff in the US (source):

The Foreign Ministry notes the growing number of provocative actions against Russian diplomats in the US. After the groundless decision to expel 60 members of Russia’s diplomatic staff from the US, the US secret services have been undertaking feverish attempts to enter into contact with the staff of Russia’s diplomatic missions in recent days. In a series of appalling episodes, those forced by Washington to leave the US were offered “assistance” at the cost of entering into covert relations “of mutual benefit.” Our colleagues are being virtually harassed by proposals of this kind.

The US has clearly come up with a scheme whereby the authorities expel Russian diplomats for no reasons, while the increasingly assertive secret services try to take advantage of the challenges these Russians are facing. The ploy is not working, but their behaviour is cynical and distasteful, as if Washington has stepped completely beyond the bounds of common decency.

We take note of all incidents of this kind and draw conclusions.

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Dušan Mirić

Don’t cry like a pussy. Remember and serve revenge when it;s cold

John Whitehot

denouncing shit like this isn’t crying like pussy.

it’s telling the world how much deep into shit the US is slipping.


That’s right. Russia has to speak up and make some noise because otherwise we won’t hear their side to the story. Revenge is already being served as we speak, Russia is gaining and the West is losing. The West is the one acting like cry babies from everything we see in the Western media.


They did. Guess what’s Sputnik and RT was for. But most citizens in the west have been very apathetic that their only concerns is the illegals that bringing with them violence and instability. The west propaganda have succeeded in normalizing state of war and bringing with it a false state of peace through their citizens ignorance.
In fact if we make the perpetrators of terrorism let’s say they’re “an Iraqi immigrants that have his family killed off in the US bombing campaign” suddenly the government responsible for the terrorism. But no let’s blame it on their religion and ideology that don’t like our ‘freedom’.


I agree with that, people are distracted by other problems and stick their head in the sand when it comes to the real issues because they want a sense of security that comes with being part of a community, and unfortunately a lot of people will march on to the battlefield as their told until they are hit with the reality of war.

Russia knows all this and isn’t hoping people change their mind and overthrow the government, they are preparing for war by getting their house in order and putting new weapons into mass production as quickly as possible.


Its nothing personal. Its purely business as usual. Recruiting traitors.


It’s the American mindset, that money can buy anything, and that is true in America.
That’s why America is like a Jewish state, both worship the Golden Calf, although Americans claim the calf is now a bull, and proudly display their god on Wall street.


I thought they can’t get any lower than the Russiagate kinds of stupid. I was wrong.


These shameful cretins have sullied the once good name of the American people. This American sends his apologies to Russia and the great Russian people for this disgusting behavior by my own government.


So, the Zionist Yanki Scumbag agencie under direction from their Exceptional Masters who want to rule the world somehow believe that they can buy Russians for 30 pieces of silver. Dream on.

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