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Mortar Strike And Car Bomb On Market In Afghanistan Leaves At Least 25 Dead (Video 18+)

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Mortar Strike And Car Bomb On Market In Afghanistan Leaves At Least 25 Dead (Video 18+)

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On June 29th, an attack targeted the Zarah Bazar area of Sangin district in the Helmand province, as a result dozens of civilians including children were killed and injured.

According to preliminary data, the attack was a shelling from a mortar, and at least 25 people were killed and more than 30 were injured.

The Taliban accused Afghan government forces of the attacks.

The Afghan government forces accused the Taliban of carrying out the attack.

A spokesperson for Helmand’s governor said the several rockets fired by Taliban fighters landed close to the cattle market, killing 23 civilians, including children.

TOLOnews, quoting a statement from the provincial governor’s office, said the incident took place in the Zol Bazar area and was followed by a car bomb explosion.

Two Taliban fighters were killed in the car bomb blast, said the statement, adding that the car bomb has also injured civilians and has damaged people’s houses.

On June 28th, a roadside bomb in the Washer district of the same province left six civilians dead.

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said the Taliban were responsible for 208 civilian casualties in April and government forces for 172.

Separately, on June 28th, Afghan security forces reportedly killed at least 27 Taliban members in western Ghor and southern Paktia provinces in response to militants attack on their checkpoints.

Taliban fighters had staged a coordinated attack from all sides on Saghar district of western Ghor provinces on June 27th night that had met with strict reprisal of the Afghan security forces, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement.

14 Taliban members were killed and 15 others wounded in the attack, the statement added.

Another 13 Taliban members s were killed after they attacked security forces outposts in Dand-e-Patan district of Pakita province. In addition to that, six others were wounded, said a statement issued by 203 Thunder Army Corps.

“It was a coordinated attack that had triggered retaliation by the Afghan forces.” The aerial support helped to push back the Taliban attack, the statement added.


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Liberal guy

Terrorists deaths are huge in Afghanistan

Tommy Jensen

The British at it again.
Bombing university students, school bus’s and market places, blaming the Afghanistan ex-government in the desert.
The tea drinking Brits cant take independent people without Corona masks.

cechas vodobenikov

wrong Tammy, the vast majority of imperialist mercenaries in Afghanistan r amerikans

cechas vodobenikov

expected where amerikans are—these insecure death fearing genocidal fascists “enjoy killing from afar”. Slater…their obese incompetent soldiers only murder civilians—30million rice WWII

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