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JULY 2022

Mortar Attack Hit Pro-Government Town In Syria’s Daraa, Killed Two Children (Videos, Photos)

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Mortar Attack Hit Pro-Government Town In Syria’s Daraa, Killed Two Children (Videos, Photos)

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On August 28 afternoon, two children were killed while their mother and three siblings were wounded when a mortar attack targeted their house in the pro-government town of Qarfa in the northern countryside of Syria’s Daraa.

The deadly mortar attack was carried out by local former rebels in support of the remaining gunmen in Daraa al-Balad, the southern part of Daraa city.

A few hours earlier, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 4th Division stepped up its strikes on Daraa al-Balad. The Syrian Arab News Agency said that the strikes were a response to attacks on the northern part of Daraa city.

Early in the morning, the 4th Division targeted the area with battle tanks, heavy machine guns and improvised rocket-assisted munitions in order subdue the remaining gunmen there. The army wants to expel all wanted gunmen and troublemakers.

More than 50 gunmen departed Daraa al-Balad in two batches on August 25 and 26 under an agreement between the area’s local leaders and Syrian authorities. Russian forces oversaw the evacuation process.

Now, around 50 other wanted gunmen are holding out in Daraa al-Balad. The army will not likely stop its strikes on the area until they are all killed or expelled.


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The US MSM’s favorite ‘rebels’ – aka the Muslim Brotherhood based sectarian militants – busy killing Syrian civilians since 2012. The whole US ‘bringing democracy’ cover spin was never more of a shameful lie than with this decade of US war against Syria – all on behalf of its client state Israel.


Why waiting to the surrender??? Give them an ultimatum for 30 min to comme out under a white flag. Afther that, flatten the whole area and shoot everything that moves. Problem solved. Assad is conducting as a pussy. Show force and it will be over, in a few weeks Syria will be free !!!


Assads Dad knew how to get the job done,he annihilated this filth in Hama.

AmeriKKKunts are ZioSlaves

Assad the cuck is being held back by pappa Putinyahoo.

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