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Moroccan Combat Drone Spotted Over Western Sahara Days After Strike On Algerian Truckers

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Moroccan Combat Drone Spotted Over Western Sahara Days After Strike On Algerian Truckers

File image.

A Moroccan combat drone was spotted flying over the disputed region of Western Sahara a few days only after a strike that killed three Algerian truckers.

Local activists shared a photo of the drone, identified as a Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2, on November 5. The drone appeared to be armed with two munitions, most likely MAM-L laser-guided small-diameter bombs which are made by Turkey’s ROKETSAN.

Just two days earlier, Algeria officially held Morocco responsible for the strike that claimed the lives of three of its citizens on November 1. In a statement, the Algerian Presidency described the unpresented incident as a “cowardly murder with sophisticated weaponry,” and vowed to respond.

Algerian sources said that the strike was carried out by a combat drone of the Royal Moroccan Air Force. The drone allegedly took off from an air base near the Moroccan-controlled city of Samara in the Western Sahara.

The deadly strikes was reportedly delivered by a Bayraktar TB2 combat drone. Morocco ordered 13 drones of this type from Turkey earlier this year. The first batch was delivered in September.

Moroccan Combat Drone Spotted Over Western Sahara Days After Strike On Algerian Truckers

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Morocco denies any involvement in the incident. An official from the Kingdom claimed that the Algerian trucks were struck by landmines while moving weapons from Algeria to the Polisario Front in the Western Sahara.

Algeria, who cut all ties with Morocco in October, will not likely let the incident go unpunished. The Algerian military may respond by shooting down Moroccan drones over Western Sahara using its arsenal of advanced air-defense systems, including the Russian-made S-300PMU2.


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Wahabi Anglo Conspiracy

The Abraham Accord is all about burning villages and killing innocent peasants because G-d said so.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wahabi Anglo Conspiracy
The Objective

We’ll soon know if the Russian-made S-300PMU2 can cope with Morocco’s TB2 drones. The picture on this profile is enforced by South Front – perhaps to paint me as a Turkish propagandists. That’s not me.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Objective
Chris Gr

Both Morocco and Algeria are armed by Russians. Both Morocco and Algeria are armed by Turkey.

The Objective

What did Algeria buy from Turkey? I know that Algeria has Russian air defense system. But Morocco does not have any such. And Morocco has TB2 drones (the antidote to S300+), while Algeria does not. I think the balance of power just changed between these two. Any open confrontation with Morocco will most likely humiliate both Algeria and Russia. Which is why Algeria will be careful not to create a situation that brings its forces face-to-face with the TB2.

Chris Gr

I mean different weapons. Turkey gives weapons to every Muslim country except for Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Peppe il Sicario

Meanwhile in Eastern Europe, the Anglo-Zionist empowered Ukie armed forces have launched their assaults on the LPR and DPR positions and there is no mention of it whatsoever in the press, be it mainstream or independent. The silence is deafening! Could it be that the Powers that Be don’t want anyone to know of the tragedy taking place there and the US and its allies dirty hands in all of this?

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