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More US Troops To Be Stationed in Poland, Purchase Of F-35 Could Be Accelerated Ahead of General Elections

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More US Troops To Be Stationed in Poland, Purchase Of F-35 Could Be Accelerated Ahead of General Elections

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The US will station more troops in Poland, Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said on April 29th.

“We are on the right track to conclude negotiations on increasing the presence of US troops in Poland successfully this year. We are also not far from the purchase of F-35 aircraft from the fifth generation from the Americans,” Błaszczak said.

He said that Poland is in “advanced talks and negotiations” with Washington to increase the presence of US troops in the country. Błaszczak added that “a few days ago in Poland there was an American working group”. A visit of the head of the Ministry of Defense in the USA is planned.

“The decision to strengthen US troops in Poland has been made, now we are negotiating the details, we are on the right track to finish them successfully this year,” the Defense Minister said.

Poland will also inquire for the full 6,000 troops that US President Donald Trump promised to station.

“I expect that it will not end with the promise that all that is associated with strengthening the presence of US troops in Poland will become a fact,” Błaszczak said.

Regarding the F-35 fighter jet purchase, the Polish official said that the conclusion of the deal was not too far.

He assessed that “financial and legal frameworks have already been created to make this transaction a success”.

In this context, he recalled the Plan of Technical Modernization of the Armed Forces for 2017-2026, amounting to PLN 185 billion. He also stressed that he appointed a representative to purchase aircraft of the fifth generation, which was General Jacek Pszczoła, who commanded the Air Force. “These conversations are very intense,” Błaszczak assured.

“It is important to me that these planes are not ordinary fighters, these planes are command centers that increase the combat capabilities of the F-16s already possessed by the Polish Army, and will also cooperate with HIMARS rockets (…) They will cooperate with missile forces, it will create a new system, an effective system that deters possible opponents, because HIMARS rockets have a range of up to 300 kilometers “- said Błaszczak.

The Defense Minister appeared optimistic about the F-35, since the F-16 was a “breakthrough” in the past and he expects the 5th generation fighter jet will also raise the Polish military “by several levels.”

Recently, it was reported that Poland hoped to accelerate the purchase of 32 F-35 fighter jets, 2 squadrons. It could increase the number to 48 fighter jets, but that is still up to speculation.

In a written testimony to the US House of Representatives, Vice Admiral Mat Winter, director of the Joint Strike Fighter program, indicated that the Department of Defense was considering sales to countries including Greece, Romania and Spain in addition to Poland.

Winter argued that the F-35 would strengthen Poland’s defense capabilities “in the face of Russia’s growing aggression.”

“Since the US side talks about it publicly, it means that the purchase can be accelerated,” Błaszczak said in early April.

“I am happy with this information. This is not a surprise because we have already started negotiations [with the USA]. I have prepared the legal and financial basis to acquire at least 32 fifth-generation combat aircraft.”

In March, Polish president Andrzej Duda said he had already discussed with the USA the potential purchase under its Harpia program to replace its elderly fleet of RAC MiG-29 fighters and Sukhoi Su-22 ground-attack aircraft.

The deployment of US troops and the possibility of an accelerated purchase of US aircraft would be a big boon of the current Polish government. General elections are to be held in the country no later than November 2019.

A US Combat Drone base in Poland was pronounced fully operational in March.

Additionally, in February, Poland signed a deal for US HIMARS.

A deployment of US troops prior to the elections would prove that the government is capable of delivering “protection” against “Russian aggression.” It would be unsurprising if reports of “Fort Trump” beginning its initial stages also begin surfacing.


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Promitheas Apollonious

I am sure specially for the polish, the americans will send their deadly rainbow troopers.


Which is incredibly ironic as this Polish government absolutely hates everything LGBT and whatever other letters they keep on adding to that acronym.

Harry Smith

I think if USA will ever send some fagots to Poland, the Polish govt will be the last people in Poland, which would have some non-comfy intrusions in their privacy.

Promitheas Apollonious

If indeed they hate what you saying it is a thing of the past. Now they have to become americanized and be polluted by all that is the american way of life.


poland are traitors just like saudi sisi and kurds.

peter mcloughlin

The military build-up in Eastern Europe is having a soporific, hypnotic effect. We sleep as the continent heads for another world war, as the pattern of history predicts.

You can call me Al

Stupid, stupid, dumb pollacks.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

why are polish so retarded?


‘Regarding the F-35 fighter jet purchase, the Polish official said that the conclusion of the deal was not too far…he recalled the Plan of Technical Modernization of the Armed Forces for 2017-2026, amounting to PLN 185 billion.’

The best going rate for F-35 is $90 million – that’s what Israel paid – for Poland to purchase minimum of 32 air-frames is getting close to $3 billion as basic start up cost – then there is issue of annual long term operation and maintenance costs, that most US pundits believe are going to be astronomical for F-35 air-frame life cycle. Poland is very optimistically hoping its offer to build an airbase for the US on Polish soil, at cost of $2 billion and named after Trump, is going to somehow lure the US into some sort of better deal, or even stationing US F-35’s there. But Poland is likely in for a strong economic lesson about costs of advanced US military hardware.

Xoli Xoli

Apparently f35 can evade S-400 and S-300 detection.Putin must stop playing good guy.Just reinforce Cuba,Nicaragua,Argentina and Venezuela.Kick Brazil from Brix Nations because the snake is running Brazil. Reinforce Mexico.Putin is reluctant just like Saddam and Gaddafi when their were warn.Instead of immediate actions their hope NATO will be slow and mercy full and their died taken out of a underground hall and culvert. Venezuela wanted to arrest Guiado and then he ask them to wait.Now the small boy is destroying the country with uncalculated damage what to you expect from drug addict head.

Xoli Xoli

Reinforce Poland border move tactical weapons to Estonia, against all Russian bordering countries.Show USA NATO that as their violate airspace of other sovereign country Russia as a superpower can do the same.Call freedom of flight out of Russia for emergency and humanitarian reasons.To be border by instigators friends run countries cannot hock Russia.

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