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More U.S.-led Coalition Trucks Withdrew From Northeast Syria (Video)

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A number of trucks, transporting military equipment and weapons for the U.S.-led coalition, withdrew from northeast Syria on November 15, according to RT.

The Russian news channel released a video showing the trucks heading from the northern Syrian city of Qamishli to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The trucks had Iraqi number plates, which means they were likely leased by the coalition.

A day earlier, U.S. forces withdraw from a large base in eastern Aleppo, known as the Sarrin airstrip. Dozens of trucks worked to evacuate equipment from the base fore around two weeks.

Russian forces moved into the base once the withdrawal of U.S. forces was completed. The base will reportedly be converted into a center for humanitarian air and local reconciliation.

Two months ago, the U.S. had more than 1,000 service members in northeast Syria. Now, the Pentagon says that only 400 will be kept to “guard” key oil fields in the region.

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Packing up & taking their garbage with them.


Yeah, they can’t stay. Their position in NE Syria was terminally compromised. They either dig in and get face to face with everybody and get well within killing range or they get out. The distance they enjoyed to act with Impunity is gone. Nothing can make that better.

I saw it reported that Russia has moved Pantsirs into the NE as the initial defense for the airstrip from which they have started operating. Even though they are made as AA vehicles, that dual gatling gun set up each one of them has, can carve up anything the SDF or Coalition has fielded, short of MBTs. It was a very serious move by Russia. I am waiting for the chopper deployment there to expand, to include attack helos and longer range SAM systems.

Despite all the huffing and puffing over this or that, the Coalition and crew know their days are numbered there. Wait until the lawsuits kick in. This is going to be fun but, not for the Coalition. My take all.

Ivan Freely

They can file a lawsuit but good luck in getting payment.


the unhinged states of A’s decision to hang on in the northeast was hasty and badly thought through and they will soon be on the run to iraq or all the way back home. the kurds are toast in any circumstance and will have to rely on the magnanimity of turks and syrians. for them it’s back to tenancy in the borderland and once there turkey, syria, iraq and iran, hezbollah and possibly the russians in the background, will finalize the squatters illegal occupation of palestine.

Tommy Jensen

Fake news. The low beds and the rapid going trucks in the video have no loads. If they are Iraqi trucks, its only empty trucks returning to Iraq after they unloaded in NE-Syria.


the amerikans were so fearful they escaped without loading their coca-cola onto their fleeing vehicles

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