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More Towns Join Reconciliation Process In Western Daraa (Photos)

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More Towns Join Reconciliation Process In Western Daraa (Photos)

Syrian soldiers in Tel Rifaat city, Illustrative image

More towns in the western countryside of Daraa in southern Syria have reportedly joined the Russian-sponsored reconciliation process.

On September 23, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered the town of Dael under a reconciliation agreement that was accepted by the town’s local leaders. As usual, a unit of the Russian Military Police accompanied the SAA.

Dozens of gunmen in Dael have already handed over their weapons and joined the reconciliation process as a part of the new agreement.

More Towns Join Reconciliation Process In Western Daraa (Photos)

Click to see full-size image.

More Towns Join Reconciliation Process In Western Daraa (Photos)

Click to see full-size image.

According to sources in Daraa, the town of Ibtta, located to the north of Dael, also reached a reconciliation agreement with Syrian authorities. The implementation of the agreement will begin very soon.

Meanwhile, the Horan Free League reported that Syrian authorities and local leaders in the al-Yarmouk valley, a former stronghold of ISIS, had reached a reconciliation agreement that will be implemented in less than a week

Under the agreement, the reconciliation process will take place in the towns of Sahem al-Golan, Hayt, and Jillin on September 25 and 26. While in the towns of al-Shajarah, Jamlah, Nafaa, Qusair, Koya, Abdeen and Beit Ara the reconciliation process will take place on September 27 and 28.

The town of al-Yadudah was the first to join the reconciliation process that was launched in the western Daraa countryside earlier this month after the successful agreement in Daraa al-Balad. The towns of Muzayrib, Tafas and Tal Shihab joined the process soon after.

The ongoing reconciliation process, which is sponsored by Russia, is meant to promote security and stability in the western Daraa countryside. Several mistakes which were made during the 2018 reconciliation process in Daraa were avoided this time.


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