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JUNE 2023

More Than Two Dozen Israeli Attacks Targeted Syria This Year So Far

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More Than Two Dozen Israeli Attacks Targeted Syria This Year So Far

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet en route to an exercise in Germany in an undated photograph. (Israel Defense Forces)

Israel stepped up its military operations against Syria this year, launching more than two dozen attacks on the war-torn country.

So far, there have been at least 26 confirmed Israeli attacks on Syria’s southern, western, central and northern regions. Military bases, research centers and civilian facilities were targeted during the attacks, which claimed the lives of many Syrian service members and civilians.

The main targets of the Israeli attacks were in most cases Iranian weapons shipments meant for Hezbollah in Lebanon, or facilities were such weapons are being made.

At least 23 out of Israel’s 26 attacks on Syria caused casualties or heavy material losses. These attacks took place as follows:

  • On January 31, a series of Israeli strikes hit several positions in the outskirts of the capital, Damascus, causing material losses only.
  • On February 8, another attack targeted Damascus. Only material losses were reported. After the attack, rocket sirens sounded in and near​ Umm al-Fahm​ in northern Israel. The Israeli military said that an anti-aircraft missile fired from Syria exploded mid-air and set off the sirens.
  • On February 17, Israel attacked targets in the southern outskirts of Damascus with precision-guided ground-to-ground missiles, causing material damage but no casualties.
  • On February 23,​ Israeli ground-to-ground missiles targeted the towns of Madinat al-Baath and Rwihinah in Quneitra, causing material damage only.
  • On February 24, three Syrian soldiers were killed as a result of Israeli airstrikes on the outskirts of Damascus. Material losses were also reported.
  • On March 7, two people were killed during Israeli airstrikes on the outskirts of Damascus, that also caused some material losses.
  • On April 9, Israel carried out daylight airstrikes on key facilities in Hama. Heavy material losses were reported after the airstrikes.
  • On April 14 and 27, Israel carried out airstrikes on the outskirts of Damascus. Material losses were reported after both attacks.
  • On May 11, Israel launched four missiles at a position​ in Quneitra close to the frontline in the Golan Heights. Only material losses were reported back then.
  • On May 13,​ five people were killed and seven others were wounded during Israeli airstrikes on Hama. The attack targeted a facility belonging to the Scientific Studies and Research Center and thought to be used as a base for Iranian forces.
  • On May 20, three Syrian service members were killed when Israel fired ground-to-ground missiles at the outskirts of Damascus.
  • On June 6, Israeli airstrikes hit​ targets in the southern outskirts of Damascus and near the Damascus International Airport, causing damage to several positions.
  • On June 10, a series of Israeli airstrikes hit the southern outskirts of Damascus again, causing material damage and wounding at least one person.
  • On July 2, Israeli fighter jets carried out a daytime airstrike at the town of al-Hamidiyah, south of Tartus. Only material losses were reported at the time.
  • On July 6, a Syrian pro-government fighter, who allegedly worked with Hezbollah, was killed by an Israeli drone strike near the frontline in Quneitra.
  • On July 22, Israeli airstrikes hit military bases in the outskirts of Damascus, killing three Syrian service members and wounding others. A temporary storage warehouse of Iranian forces was also targeted.
  • On August 14, Israeli fighter jets attacked targets in Tartus and Damascus, killing three Syrian service members and wounding three others.
  • On August 25, Israel carried out airstrikes on key facilities in Hama, again. Two civilians were wounded. Photos and videos showed large plumes of smoke and prolonged secondary explosions at the targeted facilities.
  • On August 31, Israel carried out two consecutive airstrikes against Aleppo International Airport and Damascus International Airport. A sanctioned Iranian cargo plane reportedly landed at Aleppo airport earlier in the day.
  • On September 6, Israeli fighter jets attacked Aleppo International Airport, taking it out of service for the second time in less than a week.
  • On September 17, Israeli airstrikes hit Damascus International Airport and other positions south of the Syrian capital, causing material damage and killing five service members.
  • On October 21, a series of Israeli airstrikes targeted two bases in the western outskirts of Damascus as well as the international airport to the south of the capital. The airstrikes resulted in material losses only.

Syrian air defenses were activated during most of the attacks. In some cases, more than two dozen munitions were used by Israel to hit a few targets. Despite of this, many Israeli glide bombs, cruise missiles and ground-to-ground missiles were successfully intercepted.

While the Israeli airstrikes inflicted some human and material losses, they failed to damage the alliance between Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.

Israel hopes that its attacks on Syria could eventually dive Damascus away from Tehran and push Iranian forces and Hezbollah out from the war-torn country. However, in reality these attacks are only brining the members of the so-called “Axis of Resistance” closers. Despite this, Tel Aviv will likely continue to escalate its attacks.


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Space War

Its alright. Israel is Russia’s good friend.

Iron Zion 🦾🇮🇱

I told you all that Israel will blow every SAA soldier until they stop the terror. They have no place to hide. SAA must stop terror and kick Iranian terror out or we will do the job for them. Where is your shame 🦾🇮🇱🦾


What Israel is doing is pointless.

The end of the Zionist state is slowly but surely approaching.


Dumb assholes like you have been saying that for almost 100 years and making fools of yourselves. Getting tired of being wrong shit stain?

Limp Dick Zion🌈✡️🌈

I’m sure you’ll be the first volunteer to blow an SAA soldier. I guess blow jobs for peace can be considered more civilized than your usual barbarous fantasies. Congratulations on the personal growth you fucking degenerate


russia can’t protect its puppet ASSad…heheheh

Edgar Zetar

True indeed… USA is number one by far and do whatever they want. But the fartest away you are from a land its difficult to apply hard power on that Area and Logistics matters. Every country has a “Zone of Control” and for example you could the Strongest Man on Earth but if you put your arm on a crocodile’s mouth the crocodile would cut away your arm no matter the strenght you have or how strong you are… your concept of USA Number #1 isnt applied anywere and if you push far away your Hegemony you could lose your #1 Spot

Last edited 7 months ago by Edgar Zetar
Edgar Zetar

Never forget that= “Israel is USA”…. Remember 007 and how Israel bribed some Arab Jetfighter Pilot to adquire a MIG aircraft during Cold War… or how about USS Liberty? … MiddleEast is a bomb, is a territory to extract oil and also the West a.k.a USA Empire needed to destroy Muslim Religion to control this Continent. Israel was put there just has a spearhead in Muslim Land… Would see if Muslims and Arabs would be conquered by the Western Civilization and if USA Empire managed to control this land would be one step closer to World Domination or at least would own more than half of land and about 75% of earth resources. if USA Empire falls would see how Israel will be vanished in a second.


this is allowing China to reverse engineer Israeli tech.

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