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More Than Hundred Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Detained In Russia For Plotting Terrorist Attacks

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More Than Hundred Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Detained In Russia For Plotting Terrorist Attacks

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More than a hundred Ukrainian neo-Nazis were preparing terrorist attacks and mass murders across Russia. 106 members of the Ukrainian M.K.U. neo-Nazi group were detained in 37 regions of the Russia, the FSB reported on December 13. This was a result of the largest operation against supporters of this extremist group in Russia.

Various civilian hunting weapons and ammunition, guns and assault riffles, a large number of cold weapons and tear gas were seized in the residences of the detainees. The extremists supposedly intended to adapt these weapons into combat analogues.  canisters were also seized.

The founder of the M.K.U. neo-Nazi group was identified as a 21-year-old Ukrainian citizen Egor Krasnov. He provoked and coordinated his supporters to commit mass murders and terrorist attacks via social networks.

Krasnov was put on the international wanted list. He acted under the auspices of the Ukrainian special services, the FSB said.

Today, the terrorist threat posed by Ukrainian citizens and backed by the Ukrainian special services in Russia is equal to the one posed by radical Islamists. A terrorist war against Moscow is an important tool for the policy of the Kiev regime, as only one major terrorist attack on the Russian territory would be enough to provoke a Russian military operation in Ukraine aimed to force Kiev to peace. The real military aggression is almost the only way for Kiev to get more financial support from thair Western partners, no matter if the price to pay are citizens of their own country.


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waiting for another Russian Hero like Stalin which would kill his own people like 30mln :)

Lone Ranger

You should skip watching the Disney channel.
First if not for Russia or Stalin you would speak German now, or wouldn’t even be alive since your parents and grandparents weren’t pure blooded Aryans.
Second, if Stalin killed 30million and Germans killed 35 million how comes only around 42million Soviet citizens were lost according to the census after WWII.


The stupid fucking ukronazis are led by Jewish filth, you couldn’t make it up.

Ray Douglas

Shoot the bastards. No mercy.

Lone Ranger

Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🥇
Ukropnazis will cry and rage 🤗

Florian Geyer

Support for Russia is now crucial.
Without Russian support the US/UK will be slavering at the mouth with the thought of plundering RUSSIAN resources.

The US Empire is dying a deserved inflation death.

mike l hutchings

the US is not mentioning the NAZI Greens that overthrew the pro-Russian government that kicked this crap off….

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