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MARCH 2021

More Than A Dozen Terrorists Eliminated By Lebanese Security Forces Near Syria’s Border


The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced on September 27 that it had eliminated more than a dozen terrorists in Wadi Khaled near the border with Syria.

The terrorists were killed in a security operation carried out on September 26 afternoon by the Information Division. Heavy clashes were reported in Wadi Khaled.

In an official statement, the ISF said that an investigation into the August 21 Kaftoun attack, in which a civilian and two police officers were killed, had uncovered an ISIS-affiliated cell of more than 15 members. At least 4 of the members were behind the attack in Kaftoun.

Three members of the cell, that works under the commander of a Syrian identified only by his initials (M. H.), were arrested.

The remaining terrorists were determined to be taking shelter in a hideout in Wadi Khaled. All of them were killed in the Information Division’s operation.

“The cell’s members opened fire with light and medium weapons at the [Information Division’s] force, we responded to them, which led to the killing of all the terrorists,” the ISF said in its statement, adding “The operation is still ongoing, and the results will be announced successively.”

In another development, a terrorist, identified as Omar Buris, attempted to storm a Lebanese military position in the northern district of Miniyeh. The terrorist managed to kill two soldiers before being eliminated by the position’s guards. He was reportedly wearing an explosive vest that was later disposed by the military.

ISIS is apparently attempting to resurface in Lebanon, using the border with Syria as a base to launch attacks in the country.




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