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JUNE 2023

More Than 5,000 Turkish-Backed Syrian Militants Returned From Libya: Monitoring Group

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More Than 5,000 Turkish-Backed Syrian Militants Returned From Libya: Monitoring Group

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More Turkish-backed Syrian militants are returning from Libya, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on July 5.

At least 5,250 militants out of 15,300 originally deployed in Libya have returned, thus far. The militants were fighting for the Government of National Accord (GNA), which is backed by Ankara.

“Turkey continues to bring more elements of its factions’ mercenaries to its camps and train them,” the SOHR noted in its report, highlighting Turkey’s ongoing efforts to send even more militants to Libya.

The monitoring group revealed that 300 Syrian child soldiers are still fighting in Libya. All of them are aged between 14 and 18. Most of these minors were recruited by the Turkish-backed al-Sultan Murad Division.

Syrian militants sustained heavy losses while fighting in Libya. According to the SOHR, at least 459 militants, including 30 minors, were killed by the Libyan National Army.

The deployment of thousands of Syrian militants together with an increase of Turkish weapon supplies boosted the offensive capabilities of GNA forces. Nevertheless, this caused a serious damage to the image of the GNA among a large part of the Libyan population, which now considers it a “puppet government” of Turkey.


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M.A. Lamett

London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) is a sham one man operation. Busted long time ago during Syrian war. Why do you bring up possible disinformation form this source?

(Editor’s Note – Ben Norton: It has long been suspected that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is funded by Western governments. This is the first official confirmation that the leading “monitoring group” — which is run by a pro-opposition activist working from his home in England — has gotten money from the UK government. It is also worth noting that the SOHR’s rival the Syrian Network for Human Rights, which is much less reputable and even more explicitly partisan, has quietly admitted in passing that it is funded by “states.” The SNHR is notorious for whitewashing the crimes of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other extremist militias in Syria.)


Brother Ma

Agreed. All those organisations are state actors, including the White Helmet Turco -sponsored headchopping ” ambulancemen”.

Jens Holm

Babling non sense as well. Its one of the most reliable sources we have.

You are a very good example of how You make the deep dark state Yourself by taking out informationYou dont like or is against what You as sheep has been told by Your Goverment.

Jens Holm

Babling non sense.

Lone Ranger

Target rich enviroment :)

Brother Ma

Light them all up! They are invaders anyway.

John Wallace

If they are not dead what excuse have they got to leave.

Jens Holm

Soldiers dont decide where to go.

Facts are they expelled their enemies and took a lot of land back as well as most of the enemy airforce.

Much like they were for that special mission only.

John Wallace


Jens Holm

Next might be Assads.

cechas vodobenikov

turkey amerikan ISIS—-the insecure narcissists needs to pay poor peasant charlatans to fight for them….as they impoverish themselves they will be required to return to Sufi cults and astrology to predict that they r failing

Jens Holm

Another babling non sense.

The fightings in Syria as well as in Iraq probatly had not happend and do happen, if those “poor peasant charlatans” were given a descent job instead of being kept in 50% unimployment.

You should admire them for taking any dirty job.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They’ll be returning with horror stories to tell, the Libyans aren’t as civilized when it comes to warfare, Assad’s jails would be a refuge in comparison to anything these guys would face if they were captured by the Libyans.

Jens Holm

The libyens is arelative. You have no patent for, who the Libyans are.

Many of them from that area actually are the old Turkish minority.

Cant You read. Those 5.000 are not in Libya anymore but free to fight Assads.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

After the way Erdogan’s treated them they might not be so inclined to fight against Assad anymore, maybe their dreams of a better life have been shattered by the reality of what Erdogan’s put them through, which is way worse than what Assad’s been offering as an alternative.

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