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More Than 50 Azerbaijani Strikes Targeted Armenian Troops In Nagorno-Karabakh In The Last 24 Hours (Videos)

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On October 29, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan released videos of recent drone and rocket strikes on Armenian forces in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The strikes seen in the videos targeted more than 27 posts and gatherings of Armenian troops as well as the following equipment:

  • 5 D-20 howitzers;
  • 1 D-30 howitzer;
  • 2 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers;
  • 1 BM-21 multiple rocket launcher;
  • 2 trucks;
  • 1 SUV;
  • 1 P-18 Radar;
  • 1 Communication center.

Most of the strikes seen in the videos were carried out with Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 combat drones. The rest were apparently carried out with precision-guided rockets, like the Israeli-made ACCULAR and EXTRA which are known to be in service with the Azerbaijani military.

The Azerbaijani MoD also released a video showing recent artillery and rocket strikes on Armenian forces positions in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Despite inflicting heavy losses on Armenian forces, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are advancing slowly in Nagorno-Karabakh. Most of their gains have been limited to the southeastern part of the region.


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Random Dude

50 strikes a day is 150-200 dead and 2 times more wounded (usually), in total 400-600 eliminated from the battlefield soldiers. With such a small population, Armenian leadership seems to soon become the perpetrator of the 2nd Armenian genocide.


Artskins will report 29 death… Total death tool 1,029….

And Azeri death 6,898….


Armenian Ministry of Defense representative: during the day clashes with saboteur groups at Avetaranots and Sghnakh villages

Arayik Harutyunyan: Enemy is 5kms to Shushi

So Azerbaijan army is 5 km to Shusha and 10 km to Lachin. The war is about to be over soon.

Rhodium 10

The map have not changed significatly…the advance in the south was possible due to the close Iran border…..but North and East continue without changes..yesterday Armenian forces retake Qubadly!…Armenian forces are receiving constant supplies of Artillery and manpower…


Dude… that quote is true. Ministry of Defense really said that, how can you claim there is no significant change? I really can’t understand your logic, what will you gain from denial? Will Armenia win if you keep repeating what you believe?


You are so funny. The above is from Artskin MofD. They even admit it and Artskin head is calling for help.

May I ask where Artskins received the “constant supplies of Artillery and manpower”? In Armenia, they rounded up some Armenian citizens and forced them to fight or die.

No heavy weapons can be moved into N-K. All rounds are blocked for military vehicles. Drones have been watching the roads day and night.

Rhodium 10

One month of war and drones flying day and night and only have retaken the south part close to Iran because AZ know that Armenia artillery would hit Iran lands!,,



The South side of occupied territories are vast open flat terrains. It is so easy to spot any Artskin army movements and establishment. There is also highway along the Karabakh-Iran border and easy to send in reinforcement and military supplies.

From the South, it is easy seal the West border and march North via the highway to Lachin.

The above is what I’ve been saying from the very beginning, late September to now. Azerbaijan war plan has been executed excellently.

In total, there are about 150,000 Artskins. Half about women. Of the 75,000 men, I’d say about 30,000 can fight. You can add 2,000 to 5,000 “volunteers” from Armenia and other countries. But will give you no more than 35,000 men. Azerbaijan has a standing army of 60,000. Then can easily call 100,000 more reserves to hold the rear and handle supplies. Besides, Azerbaijan controls the high and their drones are still hunting Artskins.

Rhodium 10

AZ troops have advance close to Iran border from east to west to avoid Armenian artillery…..now they are trying to advance…but after one month no significative changes beyond to retake the south close to Iran( because AZ military staff know that Armenia cannot use Smerch or SS-21 towards south because can hit Iran territory!…in East and North AZ offensive have failed!….sooner or later Armenian armed forces will advance ( Not NK) from west when AZ troops threat the capital and around.


Flat terrain and extensive highways along the South of occupied territories.
comment image

Servet Köseoğlu

Just Touristic trip:)))
comment image


we are very close to şusa and hankendi now!!comment image

Servet Köseoğlu

ahaha…5 km…London Bridge is falling down:)))))


lachin may be evacuation corridor not supply corridor lolol…the capital is falling down!!!

Servet Köseoğlu

comment image


Where are the Artskin guerillas?? Terminated?


Here are their SMERCs that hit the civilian population in Barda …
They will be crushed as soon as they pull their heads out like mice !!


Very nice.

Death to Turks

Look, Turk motherless fuckhead animals, what will become of you while you celebrate your fake victories:comment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image


He came for a picnic he said, look at the idiot now!


comment image


dead armenian soldier chained by armenian commanders
comment image

Death to Turks

Are you mad? Did I upset you turk bitch?

Davide Herzog

Poor people shooting each others…young men , boys that should spend their lives working , having fun , loving killed for the pleisure and plans of the richest clans of the world .
Anytime I see their bloody faces , their death bodies I stand with them , no matter which uniform they weared .
A tragedy is going on and there is nothing to celebrate .

Death to Turks

One side is defending their homes one side is invading and commiting genocide

Death to Turks

New fresh neutralized azeri terrorists from the front.comment imagecomment image


cry you son of a bitch
comment image


I don’t think that anything demonstrates the failure of Russian air defense technology and equipment better than the Nargorno-Karabahk war. The S-300s in particular. Granted there are a lot of mitigating factors and much of the Armenian equipment is dated and isn’t designed for some of the applications that it’s up against. But the key factor is that most of it is designed and supposedly capable of dealing with the drones that are doing the vast majority of the damage. And the ability of these drones to overrun the Russian equipment with impunity is very bad advertising for it.


9K33 Osa Russia Surface-to-air missile

Tor-M2KM[68] Russia N/A Tor M2E maks2009.jpg Based on a KamAZ-63501 truck chassis.
First units delivered from Russia December 2019.

BUK-M1-2[69][70] Russia N/A Buk-M1-2.jpg First shown during the preparations for the 2016 military parade in Yerevan.

S-125 Pechora 2M Russia 8[71] Pechora-2M – missile launcher 1.jpg

2K11 Krug Soviet Union Surface-to-air missile
Replaced by S-300s. Currently in reserve, used during parades.

9K35M3 Strela-10M3 Russia Short range surface-to-air missile 10 Strela 10.jpg Designated SA-13 “Gopher” by NATO.

Kub-M3[72] Russia Surface-to-air missile

S-75 Dvina Russia 79 Sa-2camo.jpgf Withdrawn from service

S-125 Neva/Pechora Russia

S-300PS Russia 2-3 divisions[69] S300.jpg Each division consists of 2 batteries, each battery consists of 4 launchers.[73] Upgraded with 5V55U missiles, 150 km range.

S-300PT-1 Russia Surface-to-air missile At least 3 divisions[69]

AZP S-60 Soviet Union Anti-aircraft gun

KS-19[74] Soviet Union KS-19.jpg 100m gun used as field artillery[75]

ZU-23-2 Soviet Union Zu-23 30 M1-3 – InnovationDay2013part1-40.jpg

ZSU-23-4 Soviet Union Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun ZSU-23-4 Shilka 01.jpg Main SPAA of the army. Locally modernized version used.

– List of equipment of the Armenian Armed Forces –



This isn’t exactly a lightweight air defense force. It should be capable of securing Nargono-Karabahk airspace. In addition to defending Armenian airspace.

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