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More Than 250 Civilians Arrested In Northern Syria On Accusations Of Cooperating With Damascus Government

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More Than 250 Civilians Arrested In Northern Syria On Accusations Of Cooperating With Damascus Government

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Security forces of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) arrested more than 250 civilians in northern Syria over the last few days after accusing them of supporting the reconciliation process, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on August 10.

Both groups launched their own security operations against the civilians and public figures who voiced their support for the reconciliation with the Damascus government. While HTS focused on the northern governorate of Idlib, the NFL worked within its areas in the northern Hama countryside and the western Aleppo countryside.

Syrian pro-government activists fear that many of these civilian detainees may face execution soon. Two days ago, Mayser al-Qahtani, a senior Iraqi commander of HTS, warned that anyone who want to reconcile with the Damascus government will face “the sword.”

The remaining armed groups in northern Syria believe that the supporters of the reconciliation process may pave the way for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northern Syria in a similar way to what we saw in southern governorates of Daraa and al-Quneitra.

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Tudor Miron

Rats really insist it to be hard way. They will get what they ask for. Their time is running out.

Matew Ivanson

fcking FSA collaborators and Palestinian traitors, Ayatolah traitors are trying to destroy Idlib defence from inside, every traitor must to be burn like chicken

Cedric Hunter

Yep, arresting citizens for loving their country. But how will they house all the offenders they are liberating? The militants will never be able to terrorize the people of Syria into abject compliance.


Syrian government, warn that all those who will assassinate civilians will be hang.


Purely symbolic to institute fear into the local population.

Most likely loosing their grip on power.



The PKK continues in the forced Kurdization of North Syria


While negotiating their reintegration into the Syrian Arab Republic, the Kurds of the PYD are doggedly pursuing their policy of the forced Kurdization of North Syria, in the region known as the Rojava.

The PYD is the Syrian branch of the Turkish PKK (the Workers’ Party of Kurdistan). The PKK is the Kurdish Independent Party established in Turkey in 1978. Taking advantage of the situation that arose during the foreign aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, the PYD which brings together some of the Turkish Kurds that took refuge in Syria when they were fleeing Turkish repression, has tried to establish an independent state in the North Syria with the help of the US, French and Israeli military.

From the 1980s, which was when they arrived in these parts as asylum seekers, the Kurdish members of the PYD have begun a policy of the forced “Kurdization” of Arab and Christian people. This includes expropriation without compensation, mandatory conscription of youth in order to enrol them in pro-US militia and the imposition of a new school curriculum conforming to PKK ideology, delivered in the Kurdish language.

The most recent action taken to further Kurdization occurred on 7 August 2018. The Turkish PKK closed the Assyrian Christian school in Derbiseye (a city in the North of Syria), charging it with refusing, despite pleas from the Assyrian bishop of Hasaké, Monseigneur Maurice Amsih, to roll out this programme of studies.


What’s gonna happen when the Russians start strikes and assonating there leaders followed by the Syrian army rolling in once the Russians make a decision to move there support will vanish just like everywhere else?

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