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Up To 29 Russian Airstrikes Hit Southern Idlib. Several Militants Killed

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Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out on November 17 at least 29 airstrikes on the southern Idlib countryside.

The Russian airstrikes targeted the towns of Oureinbe, Fatterah, Saraqib, Maarzita, Kafr Nabl, Jbala, Kafar Sijnah, Khan Assubul, Milaja as well as the strategic region of Jabal al-Arbaaine.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), at least two militants were killed in the airstrikes. Many others were reportedly injured, some of them are in a critical condition.

A day earlier, three terrorists were killed when a series of Russian airstrikes hit their positions in Maarzita in southern Idlib.

Russian warplanes have been pounding terrorists’ positions in southern Idlib for several weeks now. These airstrikes could be a sign of a nearing ground operation by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the region.

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More sad news for Toronto!!


Boo hoo


No wonder we could hear the terrorists’ conversations on the radio. From now on they really hate ducks. Because every day these ducks (su34) fly and drop hot eggs onto their heads. Eggs from hell! Quack.. quack.. boom!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

10 different locations bombed, that means there were at least 10 sorties, probably a lot more. Why is it the US can kill 40 terrorists in just one airstrike, but the Russians make at least 10 and only kill 2 terrorists, something’s just not making sense anymore, surely the Russians should be doing a lot more damage than they are with 10 separate sorties, 1 terrorist killed for every 5 airstrikes, that’s an indictment of something but I’m not sure what. Even if the airstrikes were intentionally targeting enemy infrastructure and not personnel, surely there would’ve been a lot more casualties, at least one at every building bombed, so can someone from military aviation please help explain why the Russian bombing runs seem to be so ineffective, especially when they’re compared to the recent US airstrikes that killed numerous terrorist with each strike. I’m wondering if the Russians are too scared to hit civilian targets, possibly that’s inhibiting them from unleashing hell, but since the US airstrike killed 40 terrorists and not one civilian [in a heavily populated area], I’m not so sure if that’s the real reason, if the US can do it surely the Russian can do it too. The Russians have had years of practice now, but the bombing runs are achieving less and less, that’s just not making sense to me, the terrorists are jammed in like sardines now so it’s not like the Russians have to go looking for them, satelites, drones, intel. Now I’ll admit [some of you already know] that I’ve been upset with Putin’s dealings with Assad and Syria lately, so I am perhaps a little biased in my attitude to Russian assistance for Syria, so is it just my own bias making me think the Russian airforce is either not up to the task or purposely not being effective, or perhaps even not getting accurate intel, or are the Russians actually doing a good job and there’s no justification for my pessimism and query. I’m not looking for abuse, just an honest answer, especially if it’s from someone who’s had a military aviation career.


I guess the data is inaccurate. The outcome shows the efficacy of the general intervention. Unless someone has additional information, it’s unclear what was the specific goal of these strikes.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right brothers, pound the shit out of them.


In 10 years maybe we’ll see some results


What u hear is from sohr a pro takfiri outlet.


Scums death are very very much higher than what this scum outlet says to cement there false propaganda that scums hv very less deaths


And are so called winning.such cowards and fools.


Even if they were 290 stickes, that does make much difference since Turkey will always support its terrorists at Idlib (more fighters, more weapons, more intelligence service, more medical service, more modern equipment for drons, etc.). Russia must support full scale SAA offensive in this area, point.

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