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JULY 2020

More Than 15,000 Terrorist In Idlib. Russia Is Ready To Assit Syrian Army To Elimiate Them


More Than 15,000 Terrorist In Idlib. Russia Is Ready To Assit Syrian Army To Elimiate Them


On November 29, Russia’s special presidential envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, revealed that more than 15,000 terrorists of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) are currently stationed in the northern Syrian governorate of Idlib and described the situation there as “unacceptable.”

“There are over 15,000 Jabhat al-Nusra [HTS] terrorists in Idlib and this is unacceptable.. We have repeatedly warned the international community against the large number of the terrorists which have chemical materials and they could use them against the civilians,” Lavrentiev said during a press conference following the Astana’s 11th meeting on Syria, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The Russian diplomat stressed that Russia is ready to provide the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with all the help it needs to eliminate the remaining terrorists in Idlib and stabilize the situation there. Russia had backed similar efforts in central and southern Syria this year.

More Than 15,000 Terrorist In Idlib. Russia Is Ready To Assit Syrian Army To Elimiate Them

Russia’s special presidential envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev uring a press conference following the Astana’s 11th meeting on Syria

“The fight against terrorism in Syria will continue until terrorist organizations are completely eliminated,” Lavrentiev said.

Russia and Turkey reached an agreement to establish a demilitarized zone around Idlib last September. However, has Turkey failed to fulfil most of its commitments and terroorists continue to operate within the zone.

Lavrentiev’s statement indicates that Russia and its allies in Syria may be planning to act militarily in Idlib if the agreement with Turkey collapse. Syrian and Lebanese sources already reported that the SAA is preparing for this option.

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  • Promitheas Apollonious

    Syrian Army’s 4th Division heads to northern Latakia for new operation

    • Lupus

      thx for the info! 🙂👌

    • potcracker2588

      the ENTIRE 5th division is moving to south idlib

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        yep they going to hit them from every side if the order come in.

        • verner

          not if but when. and question is where are the buggers going once the final chapter of the Syrian war is about to be written. To raqqa and from there back to the disunited states of A, ’cause have no doubt about it, the ever evil terrorists from the other side of the Atlantic, are going home, either on their own initiative or driven out by SAA, the Iranians and the Russians. can’t wait to see the disunited states of A on the run again, like from Saigon in 1975, being airlifted to safety from some suitable rooftop. LOL

    • Hisham Saber

      The 4th Armored Division is a spearhead division that has seen extensive action, along with the Tiger Division. Russian and Chinese Special Forces are embedded with both.

  • stary ujo

    Where is our friend lieutenat colonel Mohamad Mehres from Latakia ? We send him our greeting from Slovakia !

  • gustavo

    Very good news, and finally Russia realizes that terrorists in Ilbid must be eliminated despite the Putin-Turkey agreement (which only helped terrorists to become stronger thanks to Turkey-USA-Israel-NATO help). Turkey must go back home or to suffer the consequences of SAA offensive there. Afrin must be return to its owner (Syria). Putin-Erdogan agreement was a big mistake.

    • jorge

      There is any big mistake, the Turks are under more and more pression, as everybody can see on the iranian, russian turquish agreements and on the battle ground.

    • Mortal

      If you take into account the fact that US has started establishing outposts between Turkey and Rojava to “monitor” the situation, it becomes pretty obvious that Turkey’s ability to maneuver between the great power to promote her interests is coming to its limit. The love-hate relationship between Erdogan on one hand and Trump and Putin on the other cannot develop like this anymore and Turkey will have to take a clear stance, however the scales bend in the end. At some point, no further concessions or amounts of cooperation will be able to satisfy the conflicting interests of the players. US cannot create another Israel or Kosovo like fake state in the doorstep of Turkey just like they did in the past after destroying weaker nations and plunging the whole Balkans and Arab world into hatred and division for decades, by means of deception and warfare. As for Idlib, there is no way to avoid military confrontation. Diplomacy has its limits. Russians probably would be happy to support the cleansing of Idlib by SAA asap, but US and friends cannot bear the loss of 15k assets. Putin cannot be irresponsible to provoke a response for something of such a magnitude. So it comes down to how Turkey will act, as a lackey of the west or as a sovereign nation? I believe Turkey right now is in the actual crossroads of history. Their stance in the Syrian conflict can determine the future of the Middle East.

  • seawolf

    What about arresting some thousands of them and send them to Trump in Washington. The rest should be eliminated locally.

  • Nosferatu

    It was kind of clear that the cease fire will not last.

    • Concrete Mike

      Does it matter?

      Look at what syria has achieved during this ceasefire.

      Improved air defense
      Replenish armor rockets ect
      Rest most of your troops

      Whats wrong with that?

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        Stock plenty baked beans

  • Lena Jones

    Just do it!

  • Redadmiral

    I am going to assume that Russia have in place integrated Air Defence system which now includes,S-200 S-300, S-400, Pantsir S-1 & 2’s, Buk 1 & 2’s. So airspace is now denied to Zionist A/F scum to save their Proxies. 4th Armoured Division is on the move, 5th Army Corps will support Tiger Forces. The Germans and the French, it would appear have been neutralised by diplomacy. Turkey it would appear are also sidelined. So, at last, the time is almost upon us my friends for this plague of rats to be exterminated. Let’s not forget those who have been nurturing these vermin; The Zionist Pigs from IsraHell, USA and UK there are a few other named above, however we will not tarnish their previous wantonness here so long as they stick to their new script. Bring it on; and let the SAA and its allies be the light from which our planned enslavement will be totally shattered….

    • Hisham Saber

      And the Arab and Assyrian tribes of the region are about to start a vicious insurgency, that will assist the SAA, NDF and auxiliaries, Hezbollah et al , from behind enemy lines. Same goes for Al-Raqqa, Dier Ezzor and Hasaka.

      After what the U.S. experienced in Iraq 2.0, you never want to underestimate Arab tribes.

  • RusskiiTroll54

    CANNOT BE!!!
    Turkish Janitor said Idlib is now Turkish and Russia cannot do anything about it!!!!
    Mah dear terr* i mean moderate white helmets are now in danger… PLZ Erdoggy HALP!!!!!!!

    • Hahahahaha!!!!! we’ll see about that DOG :D odlob op in soptomber, now its december 15th probably XDD

  • R Trojson

    What a joke, paper tiger Russia was incapable of eliminating 1000 al Safa ISIS fighters after having them surrounded for almost a year. How can we believe anything the inept Russian military says after they let al Safa ISIS go and then retreated to and I quote “fight ISIS in Damascus”. There is a huge ISIS base SW Euphrates that controls over 10% of what is left of Syria. Russians are afraid to even get near that base.
    For Heaven’s sake didn’t Syria shoot down a Russian military plane using Russia’s own air defense system killing all 15 aboard? That is worse than incompetent it is moronic.

    • sagbotgamot

      You don’t know how to play chess, right?

      • R Trojson

        If you are an expert what exactly are Putin’s latest chess moves:
        1. Russian Military plane shot down by Russian air defense system killing all 15 aboard.

        2. Russian-Syrian-Iranian fighters in al Safa lay down their arms and refuse to fight because the weather is bad.

        3. al Safa ISIS resupplied and let go after being surrounded for almost a year.

        4. All al Safa Russian-Syrian-Iranian fighters withdrawn (retreated) to Damascus to fight ISIS in Damascus (hide in coffee shops).

        5. 100s of billions and 1000s of Russian lives spend keeping Assad in power with absolutely nothing of value in Syria for the Russian people.

        6. Incapable of getting S300 air defense to work in Syria after 4 months.

        Have to admit, every time old Putin makes a move everyone wonders how in the world is he going to top his last move? That Putin he is the master.

    • iosongasingsing

      Your Zionist hatred against Russia does not allow you to see that Russia has won the American ISIS and has brought Turkish on its side. He can not immediately make war, even the US has problems with the Turks, do not you think?

      • R Trojson

        I have no hatred for Russia. Just disappointed Russia let al Safa ISIS go after resupplying them. Russia had them surrounded for almost a year. Now ISIS is working for Russia. I am disappointed with Russia since they support pure evil ISIS. Had even hoped Russia and US would work together eliminating ISIS and that would lead to more working together.

    • Potato Potato

      How well does it pay to be a Hasbara troll?

      • R Trojson

        What is hasbara? This is an English board so please speak English. I know it is an insult but do not know what it means.

        • Potato Potato

          Israeli paid troll

          • R Trojson

            So now I post for the money and the Jews you hate so much are paying for my posts. Clearly you should not worry about the Jews if they are stupid to pay real money for my posts. Let’s clear the air, anyone taking any action based on my pontifications is a complete idiot. Do your own research and do not believe everything that appears on these boards.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      Well said Bravo

    • Hisham Saber

      Al Safa was a delicate hostage situation that needed finesse.

      Israel’s arrogance in trying to use and fool the Russians is whats moronic, and they got chewed out because of it. Syria got lots of new advanced equipment and Israel is the big loser.

      The U.S. and the slimy SDF Kurds have been trying to take a slither of land from ISIS for months, only to see one setback after another.

      The U.S. , French, British and SDF east of the Euphrates all the way up to the Iraqi border, where the Iraqi PMU’s-Hashd Al Shaabi, who answer to Iranian IRGC Quds Force Gen. Sulemani, are waiting for their orders., west of the Euphrates are the Syrian Arab Army, NDF and auxiliaries, Hezbollah, about 25-30 thousand Afghan volunteers, many, many Chechens, all waiting for orders to eliminate the occupiers. In essence, its a giant double envelopment , or pincer. Along with the Iraqi PMU’s are the IRGC.

      • R Trojson

        Will take your points one by one:

        1. Israel’s arrogance? It was Syria that shot down a Russian military plane using a Russian air defense system that forced Russia to upgrade Syria’s air defense. Just common sense, when your own air defense is so poorly designed that it shoots down your own planes what choice to you have but to trash it and get something better. That was 4 months ago and they still cannot get the S300 to work in Syria. Fact is they never will be able to get the S300 or S400 to work in Syria because US, Israeli and other planes will fly right through them and expose them for the joke they are. For Heavens sake Iran has S400s in operation and US and Israeli planes fly test runs over Iran all the time. They need to be prepared.

        2. Kurds were winning and about to eliminate ISIS in that slither of land. Unfortunately Turkey and Russia support ISIS. First Turkey attacked the Kurds land, women and children in North Syria forcing all Kurdish fighters to return home to defend their women and children. Second Russia moved al Safa ISIS to reinforce ISIS along the Euphrates and also resupplied them. The only ones fighting ISIS now are Arabs and Christians.

        3. Looks like they are all afraid to go into battle. Where are your 100,000 fighters hiding, coffee shops? US and allies love to slaughter Iranians outside Iran, all they need is an excuse. We all fear that Iranian air force, tank force and heavy weapons. Those guy hiding in the coffee shops, not so much.

  • RichardD

    The Turks have done some good. And when it’s clear that they’ve done what they could. The SAA and company will finish the job.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      what good exactly ?

      • RichardD

        Depending on which version of the DMZ that you want to believe. If it’s entirely in regime change occupied Idlib. 1/3 rd of the province has been partially cleared with almost no Syrian loss of life compared to what would have occurred if the Syrians had had to do it themselves. And is now being patrolled by joint Turkish Russian patrols. And the main highways beyond that are supposed to be opened under Russian patrol. Whether that part happens remains to be seen. But it’s part of the agreement.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      mr they can go in and finished the job but what they gonna do with civilian .turks don’t want anymore refugees.saa and company will wipe them out to ?i like to know how they gone do.

      • Ronald

        Agree with RichardD, the Turks have done some good, moving some of the jihadists back a bit, but now I would think they have more pressing priorities. With the US setting up their own “Border Patrol” via ‘Observation Towers’, Kurdistan is looking more developed than ever. The US strategy of divide and conquer is just beginning with Turkey, as their continued arming of the Kurds openly displays.

      • Hisham Saber

        The Turkish military cant even handle the lightly armed PKK. How are they going to fare against the Syrian Arab Army, NDF and auxiliaries, Hezbollah, Arab and Assyrian tribes? Add to that Russian and Iranian support.

        Turkey is trying to buy time.

        • Mustafa Mehmet

          Turkish army not saa army. we care about civilian.not like saa or there company’s use barrel bombs or gas wipe out your own people . You seen nothing yet about Turks. Gone mess be careful

  • Snowglobe

    This ship has been slowly sinking for months. All lifeboats have left a long time ago. Those remaining have chosen to go down with the ship. Let them.

  • occupybacon

    I like the idea

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    Turkey make fool of everybody and will stab Putin from the back again.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      This time Putin’s fooled Erdogan and so has Trump, Erdogan thinks he’s getting out of paying the bills for southern Idlib and about to start making money in eastern Aleppo, and then later Ar Raqqah and Al Hasakah, but that’s just what they want him to think, he’s the one who’s going to be stabbed in the back, first by Putin, then by Trump, and then the Turkish people that once loved him, the only way for Erdogan is down.

  • Potato Potato

    Turds and Islamists going to be very sad :)

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Don’t be in such a hurry President Putin, give Erdogan some more time to separate his boys from those nasty HTS terrorists, you don’t want them getting killed alongside HTS scum as collateral damage do you LOL, afterall Erdogan was nice enough to leave them out of the new agreement he just made with you. Yipeeeeeeee. die you evil morons die. Erdogan’s boys are next but that agreement will be made between Putin and Trump and exclude Erdogan, not Turkish conspirators though, they’ll be included without Erdogan’s knowledge.
    At least Assad will get back half of what he wants now, half of somethings better than nothing. Erdogan and possibly the UN won’t be paying for southern Idlib any longer, not if the SAA move into the south, Assad will have to start paying the bills there now, and they’re going to be big, you’ll all find out why Erdogan made this deal with Putin.