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More Than 15,000 FSA Fighters Will Participate In Upcoming Turkish Attack On Northeaster Syria


More Than 15,000 FSA Fighters Will Participate In Upcoming Turkish Attack On Northeaster Syria

The “Turkish” military operation in northern Syria. A motley crew of insurgents, Islamists, mercenaries, Turkmen paramilitaries and the Turkish armed forces.

A spokesman for the Syrian National Army (SNA), Major Youssef Hamoud, told the Reuters news agency on December 13 that more than 15,000 opposition fighters are ready to participated in the upcoming Turkish military operation against US-backed forces in northeastern Syria.

The NSA leader had said the Turkish attack will be limited to the border city of Tell Abyad. However, according to Hamoud the northern cities of Manbij and Ras al-Ayn are among the targets of the upcoming attack.

“The battle will be launched simultaneously from several fronts … It will be in Manbij and Tell Abyad and Ras al-Ayn,” Reuters quoted Hamoud as saying.

Hamoud said that the attack will likely begin from the Turkey territory. Later, the attack may be develop to include fronts in the Turkish-occupied areas in northern Syrian.

In their first response to Turkey’s threats, the local administration, which governs the area controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), called for a total mobilization, while a Pentagon spokesman said that unilateral military action into northeast Syria by any party would be of grave concern.

Despite its warning, the U.S. don’t appear to be willing to stop the upcoming Turkish attack. This may push the SDF away from Washington, which already left them to face defeat in Afrin.

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  • s Slippy

    The article checks out. Turkish state run media is already running with the narrative thus confirming Manbij, Tell Abyad and Ras al-Ayn will fall at the same time. The turks are not hosting 4 million refugees for fun, they will eventually replace the PKK in Syria.


  • Rüdiger Preiss

    Simple solution for the SDF: Give back what you have taken!

    • Brother Ma

      Sdf giving it up to Turks is not my idea of moving forward. sdf going back to assad and kicking out the Americans is.

  • potcracker2588


    all that is happening is a change of pawns, the stronger one survives…..u dont get it do u??

    1. northern syria was invaded and occupied by a NATO member (turkey)
    2. eastern syria was invaded and occupied by a NATO member (usa)

    1 has its pawns ..= jihadi headchoppers
    2 has its pawns..= SDF (formerly YPG/PKK)

    All that is happening , is that NATO is getting rid of the weak PAWNS, namely SDF/YPG…….
    NOTHING changes on the ground, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!

    North and east syria will still be occupied by NATO.

    wake up…and use your brains

    • FB

      I think your interpretation is too simplistic and misses the point entirely…

      Nato is basically an unworkable and useless alliance…and this conflict between Turkey and the US backed kurds proves just how irrelevant Nato has become…

      Turkey has an existential issue with the Kurds because there are 20 million of the in Turkey…and they want their own country, which means the end of Turkey as we know it…the fact that US is supporting the Kurds in establishing a de facto statelet in Syria is unacceptable to Turkey…Erdogan has said already that if the Kurds reconcile with the Dmascus government and stop their separatist project, then Turkey will have no problems with the Kurds in Syria…

      So there is a very big conflict between the US and Turkey…anybody who does not see this is not paying attention…

    • Skagos

      You are so dumb.

    • Xanatos

      I agree with FB. Turks are part of NATO, but are not allowed to enter American occupied Syria. The alliance is bogus.

      Either Erdogan’s turkey will be kicked out because of his assertiveness. Or he’ll be timid, which is what the US wants. A timid erdogan who is afraid to act on his words means more time to stage another coup attempt and place a pro isreal puppet in charge of turkey.

  • Ricky Miller

    Also, Turkey has objected strongly against the American observation points in the North and that the U.S. is still arming the Kurds, long after they were to begin taking weapons back. Is it possible that Turkey denied passage to American warships wanting to show their flag (ass) in the Black Sea? We are nearing the end of another week since the Kerch strait provocation and still no red, white and blue destroyer has shown up for it’s stunt cruise near Odessa. Say it’s so, Ankara. Maybe Turkey is saying that American efforts to protect Kurdish terror organisations means an end to American military transits of the Turkish straits. That would be…awesome.

    • BMWA1

      Like totally!

  • FB

    Well…the foolish Kurds are bigtime losers…AGAIN…

    They chose to team up with the US, the weakest player in Syria…and also the most untrustworthy…so now they have already been driven out of Afrin…and soon the Turks will drive them out of more and more territories…

    But they still refuse to make a deal with president Assad and come back into the fold of the Syrian nation…that is what you call reaping what you sow…

    The Turks have said they would not bother the Kurds if they went back to the government side…so the Kurds deserve no sympathy whatsoever…

    • Brother Ma

      Filthy Kurds. They deserve everything they get. They and the TurcoAlbanians are the spoilers of the ages.Note i say TurcoAlbanians be cause there are no real Albanians left. The real ones went to Greece and Italy five hundred years ago rather than become Moslems.

  • Sinbad2

    The many different factions in the ME have disagreements about many things, but the one thing they all agree on, is America is the enemy of all mankind.

  • russ

    American policy for our allies is, “we will be with until it becomes inconvenient so you can trust us”… And yet they keep falling for it. Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    15,000 Turk proxies against 60,000 US proxies, not good odds, he’s also facing over 100,000 SAA around Idlib, possibly 150,000, pitted against his paltry 20,000 fighters he has there, and HTS who no longer like him or his rebels, also have at least 15,000 or more fighters in Idlib. 35,000 Turk proxies against a total force of 200,000, he’s a brave man for sure, not very bright but very brave.

    • Alan Foo

      60k proxies? These are spread over large areas so the forces facing Turkey at one spot will be low.

      Turkey will use air power and tanks

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        Officially 45,000 to 50,000+ SDF, that’s Kurdish YPG [Turks don’t like them], Arabs, Turkmen [Turks love them], Christians and other minorities.
        Independent Syrian Kurdish Militias PYD, some in the SDF but some independent from the SDF, Turkey accuses them of aiding the Turkish/Kurdish PKK [Turks hate them].
        Then we have anti Turkish Arab militias that aren’t a part of the SDF, they’ll fight against the Turks too, a few thousand to as many as 10,000 at a guess, maybe even more.
        And we’ll also have the Kurdish/PKK from Turkey here as well as some Iraqi/PUK from southern Iraq, they’re both anti Turkish, I have no idea how many of these guys would come to the Syrian Kurds aid, probably quite a few, 5,000 to 20,000, who knows, they’ll mostly come from Turkey though and the PUK may not even show themselves in the fight, and do it secretly by joining the PKK for a while.
        But we also have some Kurds who possibly won’t fight the Turks at all, KNC is sort of pro Turkish and tries to have good relations with them, who knows what will happen if the Turks start killing their friends though, they may join in too, though they don’t have militias themselves so they’d have to join other groups, not too many of these guys though, a few thousand but I’m guessing again.
        Then we have the peshmerga in Iraq, They’re mainly KDP and won’t help, but some of the PUK affiliated Peshmerga militias might go to Syria to help.
        I think there will be a lot more than 60,000 though, probably closer to 100,000 fighters that would end up fighting the Turks, that’s not even mentioning the 150,000+ SAA who could get involved too.
        Turkey will have to use everything it’s got, they’ll be fighting battle hardened veterans a lot of the times, and they be well armed opponents if they’re in the SDF or PUK Peshmerga, it won’t be as easy as you think, especially with the USA standing in the way.
        A lot of soldiers and civilians will die here though, Erdogan will try to break their spirit quickly and throw everything he can at them early on, I can only see this turning into a slaughterfest in the end, I’m afraid, Erdogan’s already proven innocent lives mean nothing to him, and he’ll be playing for even higher stakes here than he did in Idlib and Aleppo.

        • Joe

          The battle between the Turks and the Kurds there will be more complicated than what you posted.

          Doubtful many others non Kurds would join into to fight against the Turks and the SAA would be stupid to do so.

          For all you know , Assad had already agreed to Russia’s agreement not to attack the Turks and allow the Turks to weaken the Kurds aka US claim to Syria.

          It is to SAA’s advantage to allow the Turks to attack the Kurds to weaken them .

          As it is Turkey is still committed to their original objective to respect Syrian sovereignty. Whether Turkey will honour is yet to be seen .

          The end at worse would be Syrian SAA cum Kurds vs Turkey to drive them off Syria .

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            You mean there’s even more complications than I mentioned, I hope you’re wrong, it’s more than complicated enough for me already.
            No Arabs will allow the Turks to take over their homelands, NONE, if you know of any pro Turkish Arab factions in the east of Syria [or the rest of Syria] please let me know who they are, I can’t find even one anymore, good luck.
            So all the Arab population will fight against Erdogan, and fight as well as the Kurds do, they prefer Assad or even Isis to Erdogan, ALL THE ARABS WILL FIGHT. If they had a choice they’d fight for Assad and kick the Turks out with the SAA, if they don’t have a choice, they’ll either join in with the SDF in their own separate militias, but if that’s impossible due to US protest, THEY WILL JOIN THE SDF TOO, anything at all to stop the Turks.
            No I don’t think it’s an advantage to the SAA if the Kurds and the Turks kill each other, if the Turks win the problems the same as before. If the Kurds join in with Assad and attack the Turks, we get 2 wins.
            If Russia or the SAA kill even 1 Turk what do you think will happen? but the Kurds have been killing the Turks since years ago, officially killed 76 Turks to march this year, another 5 to 10 just recently, and never even once has the US or NATO done anything to retaliate or stop their actions, that’s a hint.
            The only population group that will make things more complicated is the Turkman group, they aren’t Arabs at all and are related to the Turks by blood, religion and ideology, they will be the biggest problem. There are a few of them already fighting in the SDF, but with Erdogan’s new announcement of another invasion, I think they’ll all be reconsidering their options now. I also don’t think the SDF will get too many more Turkmen recruits since the US announcement on SF a few days ago, “the US demanding that the ex FSA fighters don’t join Erdogan’s army”, to me that meant they aren’t getting any more Turkmen joining the SDF now, the US must realize if the Turkmen aren’t joining the SDF it means they’re probably thinking about joining the Turks instead, hence that announcement/threat to the FSA.
            I hope you’re wrong, anything more complicated than it already is, might be just that little bit too complicated to get out of at all.
            I do think a deal has been done, several in fact. Erdogan and Putin made a deal over southern Idlib, one part being the separation of HTS from the Turks forces, allowing the SAA to take back the south of Idlib very easily and quickly, but it will also assure Erdogan that if he does invade the east, he won’t be harassed by the Russians or the SAA back in northern Idlib, where he’ll keep just some of his forces. Most of them will be heading east if they haven’t already, and that’s on top of the 15,000 he says he has there’ I suspect it’s closer to 25,000 knowing Erdogan like we do.
            But I also think that Putin and Trump have also done another secret deal behind Erdogan’s back, I won’t say what except to say this, Its Trump himself doing the most to push the Kurds to reconcile with Assad, he’s the biggest driving force making them feel insecure, not Erdogan and his threat of an invasion. If they were sure the US was going to back them to the hilt, they wouldn’t be pleading with Assad and anyone else to help them stop the Turkish invasion, they’d just be telling the US to do it, but they’re not are they.
            That’s why it’s complicated enough for me already. Sorry about the bible, it’s hard to say anything in just a few words. Cheers.

  • Xanatos

    Unemployed , they want to live off their FSA salary forever. Money for nothing. All they have to do is gas Syrian children every time the SAA advances and the US missile strikes stops the SAA for them.