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JUNE 2023

More Testimonies Of Ukrainian Soldiers On Mass Killing Of Civilians In Rubezhnoe, LPR (Video)

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More AFU soldiers testify that they were ordered to shoot civilians in the town of Rubezhnoye in the Luhansk People’s Republic.

Earlier, the testimonies of another group of Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered in Rubezhnoe were published by the official channels of the LPR. LINK

Ukrainian soldiers confirm that the order to shoot civilians was given by members of the nationalist group Right Sector. Judging by the claims, mass shootings take place on the territory of garages in the town.

A group of 6 Ukrainian soldiers were ordered to kill 20 civilians, including women, who were captured in the town.

The Ukrainian Nazis justified the mass shooting of civilians as a “revenge for the alleged massacre in Bucha.”

After the Ukrainian soldiers refused to shoot at civilians, they were disarmed and thrown into a pit. The same punishment was claimed by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who testified earlier.

The city of Rubezhnoye is almost under the full control of the LPR forces. The AFU hold control over the industrial zone in the south of the city. The Zarya chemical plant is also under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, where recently Ukrainian forces blew up a tank with chemicals. LINK, LINK

After the staged provocation in Bucha led to the international scandal beneficial to the Kiev regime, despite the West’s refusal to delay an independent investigation, one should expect another provocation with mass shootings of civilians in the Donbass, where active hostilities continue.


Thus, the Ukrainian Tochka-U missile recently killed more than 50 civilians who were trying to leave the city of Kramatorsk, which is still under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. LINK However, as it was immediately revealed that the missile was a Ukrainian one, what was recognized even by the Western media, the bloody provocation quickly disappeared from the  headlines, and is now silenced up by the Kiev authorities. While staging in Butcha is still the main topic in the MSM.

Certain districts of the city of Rubezhnoye still remain under the control of the AFU. It is likely that the next bloody provocation may take place in this town. That is why Ukrainian nationalists are trying to kill as many civilians as possible by the hands of Ukrainian soldiers.


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Russian copium

These are all staged by Russia. The Russians dressing people up in Ukrainian uniforms and creating these ridiculous videos. Just look at him, he’s not giving his name, his date of birth, his ID, his unit, the name of the person who gave him orders. He’s basically confessing to murder and genocide. Who in the world is dumb enough to do that without giving any details. Who is stupid enough to believe these staged videos. That’s not how confession works and that’s not how justice works. Russia has every incentive to create these counter narratives to combat the Bucha atrocity and others. Nobody is buying it.


Only the stupidest of stupid cunts could believe a word that comes out of the Ukrotard bullshit generator. Bandeprites are by far the shabbiest trolls on the internet. Just completely inept.


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Last edited 1 year ago by AprilSizemore

Ukrops having failed to achieve any military successes doing what they do best, terrorizing civilians. I guess nothing has changed in 8 years.


Evil exists without any reason, just for the hell of it. That being said, it loves to be acclaimed as goodness and the angel of light, just as satan, the devil, the deceiver was once the angel of light, before being cast out of heaven. There was war in heaven as the evil angels rebelled against God and chose to hate mankind. Those who slavishly work to do evil for prestige or money are taken care of by satan but in the next life, they will be tormented and that will be for eternity, not ten years, fifty years or a century but eternity which is greater in years than the US debt is in dollars. Decent and moral people cannot comprehend why people would choose to remain in evil, in the darkness of depravity and deception and self deception. Ask God for help if that is you and ask the Holy Mother of poor sinners for help too. If it means you are locked up, to protect others from you, that is a good thing for others and for you to help you to get your soul in order.

Schweinhund do as they do

Well, I was never much for religion but if anyone can be described as satanic, it has to be these schweinhund nazi resurrections from Ukraine’s dark past.


the fact that their army is basically surrounded and getting pounded means nothing has changed since their utter defeat and rout at Ilovaisk. like anyone expected a different outcome from these inept idjits. No one ever accused nazis of being intelligent.

The maharaja

Funny because for every Russian video like this there are twenty made in Ukraine. For 46 days they have put videos up that are near identical and dumb fucks like you ate it up! Still taking place. Cut and paste your comments on any one of the 400 made in the very same fashion with some”Russian” pow claiming he murdered people and was ordered to shoot civilians. Lets take your dumb Bucha sh!t where is the proof? there is none not one ounce and yet you bought that even without the shitty propaganda video. Which makes you a stupid fucker if there ever was one.


An ucker who loves deceptions and despises truth.

Kill Nazis

Except they didn’t confess to murdering civilians? They said they refused and were disarmed by Pravy Sektor. Did u even watch the video, you dumb sob?

Schweinhund do as they do

He’s afraid he’d turn to stone if he did.

We know what they are and we know what they do

Sure, whatever you say. Be sure to tell that to the Right Sector filth when they’re hanging from a rope.

Mondo Cane

He’s basically confessing to murder and genocide.

Hardly. He (allegedly) refused the Nazi SS-style order and revealed it maybe because he had a conscience and a sense of shame, something you wouldn’t know anything about, eh?

Who in the world is dumb enough to do that without giving any details.

Uh, maybe your filthy ukranazi and georgianazi scum when they declare they’ll take no prisoners and publish vids of the fact. Or maybe Zelensky himself , when he declares ‘they’re in the army now and they are what they are and they do what they do’.


It’s like talking to dried turds, with these ukrabots.

BTW: When Clinton launched his Yugo war, he stated (with a straight face, mind you) ‘The commander in chief is responsible for all done in his name’ and then added ‘there’s a time a ruler has lost all rights to rule’.

So enjoy the flip side of that coin, bozo – and watch Russia do a Belgrade on Kiev. It’s coming. Get a comfy chair and enjoy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mondo Cane

The NATO regimes butchering Ukrainian civilians by Zelensky. It’s not good even for Zelensky because he could be blackmailed for war crimes against his own people.


They would have a hard time shifting 180 degrees and it would make them evidently complicit too.

Pamfil Military Academy

Neo-nazi are…NAZI. this autistic-like brain biological (bad)wiring disorder to think you’re superior to another is a serious neuro-psychic organic disorder. In recent years advanced medicine researches discovered some particular genes pattern on that kind of peoples, with extreme views and opinions. Many scientist are talking about serious mental illness due to a combination of genes which are ‘cabling/wiring’ the ‘protobrain’ of the foetus in a different schema; I mean links on neurons and the pattern of electrical flows inside the neural system. I have no doubt that’s the case because the best argument is that this mental behavior can’t be changed during lifetime with any procedures. Different subjects as part of the experiments were exposed to mild cranial electrical shocks, medication, musical therapy, psychological help, etc, etc, even electrod brain surgery inside but to no avail. From my opinion for those individuals though there is only one valid and efficient treatment: 7.62mm jacketed lead head injection. There is no other way to get rid of those nature errors.


aaaand ..you are sure that your brain is not damaged ? Or does function in normal parameters? Btw. , you even don´t know (no, not really) what a Nazi is …

Nazi Hunter.org

I know a Nazi when I see one and Ukraine has been filled to the brim with them for decades. Only in 2014, like cockroaches, did they start to crawl out from under the woodwork in force.


A missile? Where is the impact point? A crater? The video looks staged. That is not what a missile impact looks like. Especially one that killed 50 people? People just laying there dead? Did the impact boom give them a heart attack?


Ask the Ukrainian, they the one who reported it.


Kudos to those Ukrainian servicemen for rejecting the criminal order! These are real men, not the Nazi cockroaches!


Ukrainian NeoNazis slowly crumble. Justice is coming. They will be either caught or killed. Shame on those scumbags.


If the Nazi cockroaches continue like that, their own military will turn against them. That is, when the regular Ukr. soldier overcomes his fear and stands up to the Nazi cockroaches. Some may even defect to LPR, DPR and fight against them. It will take some time, though. Finally, the Nazi will lose, no matter, how many shit-tons of weapons NATO provides to them. It’s because they have no brain.

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