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JUNE 2023

More Signs Of Dystopian Tendencies In Russia

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More Signs Of Dystopian Tendencies In Russia


More and more people feel hopeful for the future of Russia as the global (at least cultural) alternative to the current ‘neo-liberal’, minorities-dominated West after the recent ‘YES’ vote on the conservative amendments to the Russian Constitution. However, at the same time, negative trends caused by consequences of the COVID-19 crisis and the following restirctions have been still developing there.

It was revealed that the Russian Ministry of Communications has developed a regulation for tracking contacts of coronavirus infected people based on geolocation and data from mobile operators. The corresponding draft order of the ministry is published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

According to the project, the Ministry of Health will gather data on the phone number of the infected person.

Then, special algorithms will compile a list of people who were in the same place as the patient, as well as individuals who were in constant contact with him over mobile communications over the previous two weeks.

Essentially, the data will comprise a list of who the patient spent time with over the two weeks before developing symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19 and will be used to track where the individual traveled and how much time specifically was spent with each other person.

“As a result, lists of subscriber numbers are formed that were at risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 during direct contact with the patient. The data obtained is processed using the information resources of the Ministry of Communications and sent to the operational headquarters of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the Russian National Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health,” the draft said.

The Ministry of Communications announced the creation of a tracking system for coronavirus carriers in early April.

“If citizens do not fulfill the isolation conditions, the operators send them the appropriate text message. If this happens systematically, then operators will provide data to law enforcement authorities,” explained the head of the department, Maksut Shadaev.

In Moscow, at the same time, they began using the Social Monitoring application to monitor whether the coronavirus-infected people were in compliance with the self-isolation regime.

It is installed on special phones from which you can only call emergency services and on which other applications cannot be installed.

The application tracks the user’s geodata and makes sure that they do not leave their place of residence. The ministry workers even ask for a selfie from the sick person against the background of a home interior to prove that they are at home, in addition to everything else.

The personal data of the infected used by the service is stored in Russia on the servers of the department of the metropolitan administration.

In June, the first deputy chief of staff of the mayor and government of Moscow, Alexei Nemeryuk, announced that the city authorities would “publicly” delete the personal information of residents from the Social Monitoring application, when the crisis had passed. This would also take place after the completion of court cases regarding the operation of the system, he added. Nonetheless, as the historical practice demonstrates, public declarations may easily go contrary to the real facts. Therefore, there is a concern that the personal data collected under pretext of combating the COVID-19 outbreak could be not deleted and later it could be used to strengthen surveillance over citizens.

As such, the usage of the system to track individuals’ movements is justified by countering COVID-19, but the capability isn’t newly-developed, it was very evidently there to begin with.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis in Russia, local authorities of some regions widely used the lockdown measures in order to strengthen their control of residents of big cities, first of all Moscow, and introduce new ‘smart’ technologies that would regulate and monitor daily life. These measures were widely questioned in the Russian society. For example, a large part of actions of Moscow authorities (that were imposing various additional restrictions, fees, regulations and surveillance practices) as an attempt to use the situation to play own political game. An interesting fact is that these actions were actively supported by the so-called ‘liberal’ part of the Russian elite and pro-Western media.


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I’m not categorically against such tech. It exists, someone will use it. The issue is it must be transparently run and regulated. Maybe so that the app users themselves have the same data the authorities have – it is their data after all.


Making the data available to the public is objectionable, since it allows others -including criminals and nutjobs- to track your movements.


Perhaps Russia will demonstrate a user-friendly version of such software. Perhaps sensitive enough to warn people who were exposed to sick individuals in public places. Without requiring quarantining unless there was personal or unprotected contact. The latency period of the disease is the most concerning and hard-to-deal with part.

Mats Öhlén

“An interesting fact is that these actions were actively supported by the so-called ‘liberal’ part of the Russian elite and pro-Western media.” Could you give an example please?

Harry Smith

Here they are https://regnum.ru/news/society/2924110.html http://audit.gov.ru/news/aleksey-kudrin-nyneshniy-krizis-pozvolit-ponovomu-vzglyanut-na-informatsionnye-tekhnologii https://www.vedomosti.ru/business/news/2020/03/14/825199-karantin

Tommy Jensen

However, Mats got a point. Its impossible to see who is who. The claim Liberals are behind everything bad dont hold water always. PM Mishustin was the one ordering the Ministry of Communication to create a mass surveillance system, first Moscow, then National. The Liberals have been trying to sue the Government for the face recognition system but were dismissed. https://ifex.org/moscow-reacts-to-covid-19-by-extending-surveillance-of-citizens/ https://www.hrw.org/news/2019/10/18/russian-activist-fights-use-facial-recognition-technology

Harry Smith

The Liberals are against face recognition because in 2019 when in Moscow was protest against Moscow city council elections, face recognition showed that majority of protesters were not Moscow inhabitants, IE. The fat gross fail, I’d say. Face recognition for liberals means they can not protest anonymously anymore and have to face the responsibility for all their actions.

cechas vodobenikov

HRW=an amerikan govt propaganda machine


I could be far wrong, but could this be laying the ground-work for the future introduction of AI? I know that Russia is determined to be the first to it as if the other side gets there first, it could mean disaster for them. As I said, just guessing.

Tommy Jensen

Actually it was the new PM Mishustin who ordered a national track person system to be created by Russia’s Ministry of Communication in March 2020.

It seems to be everybody in on the tech society with zero privacy 24/7, with behavioral science and other bs.

We are not born to a rigid control system with social engineering creating artificial people, as the Creation is for a life with emotional features with physical love, care and interactions.

cechas vodobenikov

illiterate in your own language…LOL

cechas vodobenikov

Sobyanin declared martial law in Moscow–2/3 c19 and nearly 70% fatalities in the entire nation —Petersburg didn’t close anything: few cases, 300 fatalities attributed


My view is that Alex Jones for all his faults, is engaged in mission impossible against evil entrenched elements of the 1% that control society that are demonstrably criminally insane. As the scamdemic insanity that they’ve forced on society clearly demonstrates. So I cut Alex Jones some slack for his faults, which we all have and look at the evidence that he presents and draw my own conclusions from it. And I think that he’s got the big picture mostly right. And has been increasingly going after Jews. As I have for years here.

I sent Infowars my Disqus feed information for my work here soon after the scamdemic started to give them an opportunity to take my perspective into consideration. Whether it got lost in the 10,000 emails that they receive each day. Or got read and some people there are actually reading my work I don’t know.

At this stage I think that the virus is an engineered disease created in a lab. That was either leaked unintentionally or used in a deliberate bioterror attack. My symptoms if I contracted it, which I assume that I did and recovered from it. Were unlike anything that I’ve been through before. They weren’t life threatening. But they were a combination of health issues that correlate with the purportedly Frankenstein assembly of the virus as an artificial man made construct combining elements of different diseases along with new designs to create a bioweapon unlike anything that humanity has dealt with in it’s history.

The collective reaction of humanity was also unique in human history to a never before seen threat. The origin of this threat in my opinion is overwhelmingly Jews and Zionists in control positions in society, including government and commerce. At this time I think that Russia and the Russian people are number 1 on the Jew’s and Zionist’s list for bioterror genocide and omnicide. If people in the Russian government have reached a similar conclusion. Then their overreaction to the virus could be placed in the abundance of caution category.

The way to take Russia, and to an extent China out of the Jew’s and Zionist’s crosshairs. And replace them with the United States as the Satanic Jew’s primary target for genocide, fascist dystopia and omnicide. Is to move ahead with dejudification in the US as part of creating a Jew free planet that will be much better and happier for humanity.

Another alternative to put the US and Russia, and to an extent China and their people on an equal footing for mass death at the hands of the Jew’s and Zionist’s bioterror genocide. Is to get the US out of Iraq. Which should bring about the end of the Syria war and with it the opportunity for the rise of a regional coalition for use against Israel. To open a two front campaign against the Jews. Dejudification in the US and clearing the IDF and Israeli government out of the occupied territories. Supported by nuclear annihilation of the IDF on an as needed basis in response to any nuclear first strike by Israel against the regional coalition.

Anthony Papagallo

If the authorities want to know what porn sites I visit every day they only have to ask me.


The New Normal soon to be widely available Electric Slave Chain worn on the neck of people bound to a wall on their house. If the chained slave tries to yap loud the electric chain immediately zaps the poor unfortunate like a Dog Collar. This will prevent the spread of Covid-1984, as the hapless slaves will be unable to leave their houses. Members of The Satanic Temple in USA have danced on the roof in celebration of this fantastic new invention: Electric Slave Chain

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