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More Information About Alleged Chemical Attack At Khan Sheikhoun Revealed

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VeteransToday released an interesting text about the Khan Sheikhoun incidend where, according to the mainstream media, the Syrian government allegedly used chemical weapons. SouthFront can neither confirm nor deny the report provided by VeteransToday. The views in the article below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of SF Team.

The text, all pictures and their captions are taken from VeteransToday:

More Information About Alleged Chemical Attack At Khan Sheikhoun Revealed

RT’s “gas victim” really a child with untreated hydrocephalus, requiring a shunt. This is a congenital disorder easily treated, more easily diagnosed, but RT’s Tel Aviv staff are displaying the child as a chemical attack victim of Assad.

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Nahed al Husaini, Damascus

Veterans Today sent a team to Idlib from Turkey and then to Damascus, through rebel lines, to make the following report.  Though the report is not comprehensive, it outlines the real situation “on the ground” at Khan Sheikhoun, what really happened and what is happening now.  This was not done without considerable risk and without, as part of the process, VT being hacked by US Army Cyber Command and subjected to a National Security Letter by DHS  and threatened to remain silent, which we are obviously ignoring.  

The story below is not what is convenient, not what Russia and Syria are telling, it is simply the truth. We begin:

Plans for the April 2017 attack on Khan Sheikhoun, an town known to host an al Nusra command center, began some two weeks ago.  The committee to plan the attack was coordinated on the ground in Idlib by Amir Abou al Baraa al Sheshani of al Nusra and the Turkish Army intelligence command, housed at Khan Sheikhoun, commanded by Colonel Osmon Ozon.

More Information About Alleged Chemical Attack At Khan Sheikhoun Revealed

Sheshani returns from the dead yet again

There have been many claims that Sheshani has been killed, two from 2016 alone.  We can confirm that he is coordinating al Nusra forces and combined FSA/Turkish military in Idlib province.

We received two version of the story in Idlib, one from a Turkish intelligence official with a love for single malt Scotch and another from an al Nusra commander.  We give each:

  1. The Turkish officer claims this was a planned attack, with orders from Ankara.
  2. Our al Nusra informant says there was an “accident” and gas leaked.  He may have meant an attack of some kind damaged the canisters, we just aren’t sure.  We will publish what we have.

Logistics and planning for the attack were done by Colonel Ozon and coordinated with the White Helmets Foundation and a joint al Nusra and Turkish backed Free Syrian Army group.  On site were media representatives of al Jazeera, a rebel friendly media group from Qatar, responsible for funding the attack, and Reuters “embeds” who had worked with the White Helmets staging videos both inside Syria or at studios in Egypt.

On March 31, 2017, two silver Renault 4×4 pickup trucks pulled into the Saraquib neighborhood where the offices for Turkish intelligence and al Nusra are.

More Information About Alleged Chemical Attack At Khan Sheikhoun Revealed

trucks were silver but similar to this photo with Turkish plates

There they unloaded a shipment of chlorine gas, stored in cylinders.  This is what was used during the attack, not Sarin.

This is what we know, where we can support using credible testimony.  We can’t tie what happened on the ground with the CIA or anyone else, just what we have.  But we have more, thus we continue, as we debrief our investigators in the lobby of the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus, where VT “offices” are, frankly located in the lobby where we get WiFi and reliable electricity most of the time.  Here we learn of an upcoming attack, buoyed by the Trump attack, they are planning a repeat performance.  We begin:

“We warned you before the staged gas attack and now we see it again.  There is an al Jazeera film crew here meeting with the White Helmets Foundation.  They have begun filming scenes, using smoke machines, actors running back and forth, shooting and reshooting scenes to get them right.

This attack is to be a bombing by the Syria Air Force using white phosphorus, not sarin, not chlorine gas.

When we left, the film team was busy in Saraqib, it looked just like a movie crew filming an episode of Homeland for the Israelis.”

Media Deception Key to the Attacks

For a new wrinkle on the story, we go to of all places, Russia Today.  Normally, one expects Russian state run media to play down the idea that the Damascus government would be involved in chemical attacks.

We all remember the claims of gas attacks in Aleppo, that and the mass graves, the gunning down of civilians that, once Aleppo was retaken by Damascus and open to the world press, was quickly debunked.

The video below was done by the same White Helmets team that worked the gas attack in Khan Shiekhoun, that staged the attack in August 2016, one that the US recognized as fake and failed to respond to.  Obama was in the White House.

It was his familiarity with the fakery of the White Helmets and their alleged relationship with Hillary Clinton and the Soros organization that brought Trump to support Assad in the first place. Steve Bannon, top Trump advisor, recently removed from the National Security Council, had used the White Helmets as an example of the hypocrisy of Obama and Clinton.

RT Penetrated

Why would Russia Today have a Mideast Bureau Chief that our sources tell us works for Israel’s Mossad?  This is Paula Siler whose viciously slanted broadcast, now disproven by events on the ground, was highly instrumental in forming the basis for the US attack on Syria in April 2017.

Yet Siler works for the Russian government as a paid correspondent and obvious propagandist for the other side?  This is not at all uncommon for Russian media, long penetrated and as much a part of the problem as the “fake news in the US and Europe.  From Wikpedia:

Slier is Jewish. Her Dutch grandparents and many other family members were killed in the Holocaust.[4]

What is less well known is the penetration of Russian media by political enemies of Putin.  The video we present below, and please take a moment to watch, is beyond curious.  This is a Russia Today report that, again with only White Helmet staged videos, which Russia normally claims are fake as a matter of course, RT turns on Damascus much has Trump has done with his missile attack.

More Information About Alleged Chemical Attack At Khan Sheikhoun Revealed

Note first that the an Aleppo attack is mentioned, this time using chlorine gas dropped from a helicopter.  It is one thing filming a supposed air attack at night by a fighter-bomber and quite something else for there to be no video of a helicopter stupid enough to drop poison gas.

Then again, the real insanity comes when RT turns to a Tel Aviv based correspondent to report on Syria, a correspondent obviously in the midst of the enemy camp, reporting on Russian state financed and managed media.

Today we are getting reports of a command center being set up between Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and Russia but there are no reports in Russian media, certainly not from Russia Today and Sputnik. These omissions have alarmed both Syria and Iran. [SF editor: Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on April 10 that Kremlin is not aware aboout an alleged joint statement of Russia, Iran, Syria and factions supporting President Bashar Assad. MORE HERE]

From Press TV, Tehran:

Key to running these campaigns, false flag terrorism, even pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war, is full complicity by all media, not just America or the infamous “Guardian” in Britain but Russian media as well.  Media organizations have to defend themselves from attack like any nation state, defense that requires a counter-intelligence capability few or none have, perhaps but Veterans Today.

VT keeps penetration agents around like house pets, as many are aware.   As VT editor, Colonel Jim Hanke, former intelligence chief of NATO’s 3rd Army likes to say:

“We get bored.”

Where the American system fail most miserably can be seen in how the media has treated Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, the only member of congress that publicly doubts the version of events that the “regime” in Washington is promoting.

We hope Tulsi learns she has been vindicated.

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The video on RT must be a few days after 1. August 2016 as that was when a Russian helicopter was shot down (killing 5) in northern Idlib. If anything the coverage by RT by Slier is very objective (sad that the article resorts to anti-semitism and defamation!), the fact they were using White Helmet footage in August is unfortunate but the voices of those who exposed them (such as Beeley and Bartlet) was only just emerging.


Need more hard evidence like video to corroborate the VT story…



How about hard evidence to support Trump’s accusation and attack?


Simon Gunson

The fact that VT story is being blocked is certainly true. If there was no credibility why block the VT article?

Behold a Pale Horse

Any narrative that tells you there was gas is lying. Just made up fakery. There was no gas.

The gate keepers keep this myth alive by claiming there was gas, but Syria and Russia did not do it.

There was no gas. Just fake news.


Can someone please explain to me the following:
“The committee to
plan the attack was coordinated on the ground in Idlib by Amir Abou al
Baraa al Sheshani of al Nusra”

Why would the al nusra attack the “Khan Sheikhoun, an town known to host an al Nusra command center,” ; maybe i missed something or my english isn’t good enough.
Thanks in advance.


The so called “attack” , was just a staged event , used to create a propaganda video .

White Helmets , Al Jazeera , Reuters etc. were coordinated by Sheshani in order to create a “sell-able movie” .


Al Jazeera and Reuters working with the White Helmets sounds not only possible , but likely .
The Turkish intel , “order from Ankara ” , likely .
Al Jazeera funding the attack , again very likely .

All interesting info , but the VT – Paula Slier charge , would only be known by insiders in Russian media .

John Marks

Any mention of this Veterans Today report is being deleted by a certain moderator at the Independent. The Grauniad, of course, doesn’t allow any comment on what may destroy the world (you can comment on baking cakes, though). I think the Wall Street Mafia consider this identification of Turkey’s rôle to be dynamite.

Simon Gunson

Not just blocked there but one can’t access the VT article through Google search.

Miguel Redondo

The original link of the message


shows now “Not found”

someone has deleted the original article

this place here is the last one standing with its content.

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