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MAY 2021

More Details On Detention Of ‘Russian Mercenaries’ Planning To ‘Destabilize Belarus’

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Following an announcement by Belarus that 32 foreign mercenaries (supposedly from ‘Wagner’ group) were arrested, allegedly preparing to destabilize the country, experts and journalists began investigating the claims by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

In a short overview, several conclusions may be made, prior to looking at any of the information circulating in the media and social media:

  1. The 32 individuals are likely Russian private military contractors (they are very unlikely from the mythical “Wagner PMC”);
  2. They were passing through Belarus, possibly towards Sudan, to carry out whatever they were likely hired to do – most likely some security or training contract (this is evidenced by the Sudanese money and phone cards);
  3. It is likely, and in line with Belarus’ recent policy that Lukashenko’s government carried out the detention of these individuals as part of his propaganda campaign against Russia. Lukashenko establishes a “foreign force” that wants to undermine him, and it, quite handily, happens before elections in Belarus. Clearly, if he’s being targeted by the “evil Russians” then he must be doing something right.
  4. For a while now, and it is evident in the rhetoric in which Russia is portrayed as an aggressor, but at the same time, Belarus’ hands are extended in anticipation for a giveaway, that the country’s policy is generally the same as Armenia’s. The internal and external policies are both clearly anti-Russian, but at the same time Moscow is expected to step in and provide endless support, be it financial or any other kind.

Furthermore, the videos of the detention show that the special forces carrying out the arrests aren’t even adequately armed.

Below are screenshots from the official footage of the arrests.

These are Sudanese pounds, as well as Sudanese phone cards.

More Details On Detention Of 'Russian Mercenaries' Planning To 'Destabilize Belarus'

Click to see full-size image

Notice how the covert mercenaries had patches such as “Our business is death. And Business is booming.” They’re brand new, and it is understandable wishing to look cool. But it makes little sense to be in a military uniform or have such patches on your clothing if you’re attempting to destabilize an entire country from the shadows.

More Details On Detention Of 'Russian Mercenaries' Planning To 'Destabilize Belarus'

Click to see full-size image

The official statement from the Belarus authorities is that the mercenaries came dressed in uniforms. The footage that the authorities themselves provided begs to differ.

More Details On Detention Of 'Russian Mercenaries' Planning To 'Destabilize Belarus'

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Furthermore, a closer inspection of the video could lead to a lot of speculation. The door when the special forces are entering appears to be entirely unlocked and opened and they just push it and it opens wide.

The personnel arresting the mercenaries appear to be entirely unarmed.

More Details On Detention Of 'Russian Mercenaries' Planning To 'Destabilize Belarus'

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The bed linens on the beds were entirely untouched, which shows how much resistance was offered by somebody who allegedly plans to carry out some sort of provocation.

More Details On Detention Of 'Russian Mercenaries' Planning To 'Destabilize Belarus'

Click to see full-size image

Notably, it would appear that an AK-47 handle was required to organize a covert destabilization operation. How much use an AK-47 would see for it to need its handle replaced when it wouldn’t even be used in heavy combat, for example, in the desert, remains a mystery.

More Details On Detention Of 'Russian Mercenaries' Planning To 'Destabilize Belarus'

Click to see full-size image

These are a few of several questions that could lead to an entire conspiracy theory spinning as a result.

Regardless, it is more than evident that the arrested individuals were not likely interested in causing any sort of destabilization scenario in Belarus, but were almost certainly in transit.

All of the above notwithstanding, State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Andrei Ravkov said that the Russians detained in Minsk are suspected of preparing a terrorist attack, a criminal case has been opened.

“A criminal case has been opened under the article of preparing a terrorist act,” he told reporters.

Raykov claimed that as many as 170 “militants” trained in subversion and as snipers were still in Belarus and were preparing to attack the candidates in the upcoming elections.

“The candidates were informed that 170 militants trained in subversive and sniper activities remain in the country, that there is a risk mainly at mass events,” Andrei Dmitriev said. – Ravkov also said that some other groupings are being formed in Russia near Pskov and Nevel.

He claimed that some of the detainees even admitted that they could carry out a revolution, and that was, actually, the aim of the entire operation. For any careful observer, this would appear to have quite a few similarities with the 2014 Maidan coup in Ukraine. Then, Ukrainian propaganda outlets were also speculating about endless Russian agents sent by Putin to undermine the ‘revolution of dignity’.

According to other reports, the Russians detained in Belarus are employees of the PMSC “Mar”. During the interrogation, they supposedly said that they were going to Turkey and then Libya. Under this version, they should have signed a contract in Turkey for the protection of the Zuvar oil port, which is under control by Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA). At the same time, the mythical Wagner group is considered hired by the side of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and his Libyan National Army (LNA). From Turkey they were supposed to take a civil flight either to Tripoli or to Misrata. There are no flights to Benghazi or anywhere else under Haftar control from Turkey.

The current situation in Belarus is a strong signal of the internal and foreign policy employed by President Lukashenko. The leader of the country is intentionally fueling fears about some ‘foreign enemy’, in particular Russia, in order to tighten security measures in the country ahead of the election and secure the power for another period. At the same time, it demonstrates Lukashenko’s aggressive posture towards Russia, which in the previous year was the main sponsor and defender of the Belarusian state. Nonetheless, Minsk, which is not able to keep even the current relatively low level of life of his citizens without a permanent flow of funding from Russia, is aggressively sabotages any integration projects because Lukashenko sees them as a potential threat to his regime.


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  1. johnny rotten says:

    The storybook is enriched with new chapters, when will they stop treating us like morons? it is now clear that if we are talking about subversion then we are talking about washington and brussels and the real and only operation is still Gladio, wherever it is and however it is masked.

    1. HiaNd says:

      Gladio operations were ALWAYS without exception performed by local fascist movements.
      In the Belarus fascists who hate everything Russian are on the extreme West of the country and mostly of Catholic provenience(like in Ukraine).
      Why would NATO pay Russian (Orthodox) to stage coup against Belarus that they consider their brothers not only and faith but in blood also?
      Belarus is the closest allay of Russia (at least on the paper)

      What interest Russia has to let 32 Russian mercenaries in Belarus to destabilize country for direct interests of NATO?!?
      Get your facts straight before riding another conspiracy theory.

      1. johnny rotten says:

        In fact, this story of Belarus is not subversion but only electoral theater, as well illustrated in the article.

        1. HiaNd says:

          “In fact” I have no clue how that relates with your previous comment on “Gladio”?!?!
          You have turned direction of your comment by 180 degree in opposite direction .

          Even if it was that you have change your mind I do not agree as long as it leaves Moscow in the role of some culprit or unwilling participant.
          Lukashenko has used opportunity that 32 Russian mercenaries are passing by through Belarus to their African destination.
          And that is serious DIPLOMATIC INCIDENT since by using them he accuses Moscow of preparing coup on international scene which can’t be further from the truth.

          West, specially US & NATO are itching to repeat Ukraine Madian “revolution” in Belarus. Before whole West collapses into financial hell and dwindles into insignificance

          They’ll all jump on band wagon to sing tune of “Putin’s conspiracy” and mixing into the elections around the globe

          1. johnny rotten says:

            Did you miss IF? well now I emphasized it. Read it again.

          2. HiaNd says:

            Sorry I did because I do not really know what “IF” stands for

          3. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            The big ‘if”, tells you all you need to know. This is an English language publication, and IF means a lot in that language.
            Sarcasm means a lot within the English language, and that is what Johnny Rotten meant.

          4. HiaNd says:

            thank’s !

  2. HiaNd says:

    32 Russian mercenaries invading Belarus to impose occupation.
    I hate that filthy S.O.B. Lukhashenko.
    Since West wants to remove hima and for Russia he was only nuisance His only viable political ticket to survive is to play the tune of Belarus ultra-nationalist that doesn’t want anything to do with Russia.
    So; “Divide and rule” (just like Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia now)

  3. lovethemapples says:

    same thing here, but yesterday, step up southfront, come on.

    1. HiaNd says:

      Maybe this is wrong forum for posting CIA Western propaganda articles like that one.
      Why don’t you go to some NATO forum with that?

      1. lovethemapples says:

        So you are saying that southfront is promoting CIA western propaganda?
        Because Southfront article and artcile in my link say the same thing. Why not try to read before posting. Reading enlightens

        1. HiaNd says:

          No I have said that article you have offered is typical U.S. NATO propaganda and I didn’t even read more than few words.
          Maybe “reading (Jewish corporate media) enlightens” but judging by American population dominant opinion I profoundly doubt that

          1. lovethemapples says:

            oh i see. its about argumentum ad hominem. That is a form of bias, did you know?

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    What a load of BS.
    Lukhasenko seems to be an expert when it comes to shit steering.
    Probably one of the reasons he is still the President after 30 years.
    Meanwhile they are using Russian radar systems, S-300 and S-400, and Russian gear…. for free….

  5. Rhodium 10 says:

    Lukhashenko is trying to stay in power and avoid a new pro western Maidan targeting Russia as the enemy..he doesnt care that Belarus is feeded by Russian funds and market..he continue the path of the new Armenian president!..this problem never will ended until Russia retake all its territory once were part of Russia ( especially Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine)…Putin should revoke all agreements of the traitor Yeltsin with Belarus and Ukraine!

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Lukhasenko is smart, but only to a degree.
      He is talented throwing shit around but thats all.
      His talent ends here.
      Without Russia he will be the next Yanukovich.

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      The sad thing is that Russia doesnt needs them.
      Only as a bufferzone.

      1. HiaNd says:

        To a degree, they are more than bufferzone…you probably forgot about Kaliningrad region which is separated from Belarus with strip of land.
        Without Belarus proximity they would be completely surrounded.
        And with Belarus on Russian side possibility of early braking of NATO siege is realistic one.
        From Kaliningrad Russia can hit Berlin with short range tactical missiles easily.
        For Mach-9 hyper-sonic missile it will be about 2 minutes trip to Berlin…
        Time needed for Merkel to put her Wonderbra and run out half naked which will be horrible site to see…and have irreparable damage on brains of many witnesses.

        I doubt that NATO doesn’t contemplate those facts of far reaching Russian hand all over EUrope.

        1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

          An attack on Kaliningrad by U.S. led Nato would lead to an attack directly against U.S. territory. There would be no messing about.

          1. HiaNd says:

            I don’t know about that.
            There are plenty of lunatics in NATO contemplating about “conventional war with Russia” and they were even doing “serious” steadies on that subject.
            Russia was clear though: in the case of overwhelming attack of any force against Russian territory, they will nuke shit out of them with tactical nukes before they even step on Russian soil.
            Russia in the case of enemy attack has intention to fight enemy outside of Russia.
            Nukes will follow very quickly for any possible scenario.
            But lunatics are lunatics

          2. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            That is because those lunatics are Americans of an eastern European heritage with perpetual chips on their shoulders (against the Russians) are in positions of influence in foreign policy circles, and now that their safe haven they have taken up residency in (USA) is literally societaly falling apart, the grudges are only going to get more entrenched.

          3. Tommy Jensen says:

            Russia cant fight outside their territory, because this would be illegal and against the International Rules of Order.
            We would sue them in Court and Russia would lose in the courtroom and condemned to pay America in gold and Russia dont want that..

          4. HiaNd says:

            If they read your comment they might even surrender.

          5. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

            You tell them Tommy, lol.

          6. HiaNd says:

            Kaliningrad is already “reinforced” but still it is relatively small territory creates problem One can’t hide military installations from the enemy on such small territory just “reinforce them” and hope that air defenses will do great job.

          7. HiaNd says:

            Good video thanks!

          8. AM Hants says:

            Do you remember when the US Aircraft Carrier, believe it was in 2015, tried to get close to Khaliningrad? Russia was expecting a NATO First Strike, so President Putin, allegedly gave instructions for a Russian sub to shut up the aircraft carrier.

            Electrical jamming and the USS Theodore Roosevelt, for the 2nd time in a few months was in need of heavy naval healthcare. She had to slither to the UK to be fixed.

            Following year, USS Donald Cooke, repaired from the electrical jamming session, in the Black Sea, back in 2014, went for a repeat. This time, just outside Khaliningrad, back in 2016.

            3rd time, doubt NATO will be so lucky as Russian patience wears out.

          9. HiaNd says:

            You claim is based on nothing really

            Generals are paid to make plans
            and computers to simulate war games and announce Russian occupation in 72 hours

            Reality is totally another dimension.
            Don’t take me wrong, I am pro Russian to the bone

        2. Lone Ranger says:

          I dont think Berlin would be a prime target.
          Maybe Brussels.
          Aside from that I dint trust Belarussua, I dont think Russia can rely on them.
          Kaliningrad is a fortress, you could only destroy it with nukes, but you couldnt take it.
          It would be like Stalingrad.
          And once Russia starts rolling nobody can stop it.
          They would be at Kaliningrad in 48 hours, vaporizing anything in their way.

          1. HiaNd says:

            Even “fortress” can’t stay isolated forever specially exposed to overwhelming force.
            I hope that you are right about Russia needs 48 hours.
            NATO is 1 trillion budget with almost 1 billion population while Russxia is only 60billion budget with only 145 million population
            Those are not just empty numbers, the difference is significant.

            Brussels is EU administrative center I sincerely doubt that they have very big garrison there like Paris or Berlin.
            But I might be wrong.

            Of course that cities like Berlin and Paris were prime targets simply because the strongest European armies are French and German (even in bad shape they are now)
            So destroying elite military garrisons would be among the secondary targets (1st wave is for Ramstein base, Ravena Italy, ABM & radar systems in Poland, Romania Turkey and all the other most important military airports and military bases (specially those having gravitational nukes like Incirlik Turkey , Ramstein Germany, Belgium etc.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            German Army is very weak.
            French is slightly better.
            The NATO HQ is at Brussels without that they are a lame duck.
            Look at Vietnam, U.S. was in a lot better shape back than…
            Vietnam has around 1% of the military capebilities of Russia, yet they still won.
            Most of Europe wont fight against Russia and the tards who will will be cannonfodder/grind meat in no time.
            Thats just reality.
            According to Pentagon estimates if Russia wanted they could take the Baltics in 72 hours, Poland in two weeks.
            Brussels in 6weeks.
            Using only conventional weapons.
            Chickenhawks trying to fuck with Russia are delusional or mentally handicapped, probably both.

          3. HiaNd says:

            True you are right NATO HQ is in Brussels I completely forgot, but than they have 100 meters deep bunkers.
            I doubt that without use some of the strongest nukes anything could really hurt them.

            I don’t agree with your Vietnam example , that is something totally different on so many levels. Not good example in my opinion. And Vietnam had enough of everything to respond on American jets and bombers like USSR AA-batteries and MIG jets included.

            I know that story about Rand corporation “war game simulation” and invasion of Baltics by Russia. If you think that NATO didn’t work on that problem ever since, than you are naive.

            I do not subscribe to the conviction that “German Army is very weak.”
            I know that media keeps parroting that and that US is very unhappy about that situation…but I personally think that is a result of very smart German game.

            Germany still produces one of the best weaponry in the world, their subs, tanks and other equipment have no problem competing with the best and most competitive.
            German army looks in disarray , neglected, abandoned…falling apart.
            But lets say that if I would want to preserve core of my army and keep status quo (with low German investment in military) I would do the same (and to give illusion that Germany can’t harm anybody ever).
            From outside that army would look pathetic but deep down I would keep some units with the core of top notch know how and expertise on the highest world level.
            And that core structure I would keep as center around which I would rebuild whole new German army and very quickly.
            With German industry churning tanks, jets and other weaponry with well know methodical German approach till I get the right numbers and till I get that top notch elite troops copying themselves to new incorporating units.
            Germans can do that it is in their nature.

            Russia and US still have military designs that originate from the genius of some NAZI German engineers (like flying wing airplane).
            In 1945 Germany was totally falling apart yet ALL post war best most advanced weaponry that Soviets and US & UK have built was built on German know how (jet engines, rockets)

            Germans were (aggressive) warrior nation. It is in their genes and 70 years of US indoctrination can’t change that.
            Germany will be back again I profoundly believe in that and think that Germans are much more dangerous then they think themselves.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Kaliningrad also has everything to respond.
            From Iskander to S-400.
            According to an internal German report out of a 150 German Eurofighter Typhoons only 12 were ready for deployment due to maintenance issues especially replace parts shortage.
            Germany has been overrun by rapefugees, is occupied by U.S. troops.
            They arent warriors anymore.
            Their back has been broken.
            Only worthy troops in the EU are the Brits and the Poles the rest are either a joke or too few in numbers to matter.

          5. HiaNd says:

            I know all that (about precarious situation of Tayphoons and everything else).
            Mark my words Germany will use those “rapefugees” to fill up the ranks of her own army. Germans themselves are not very enthusiastic any longer (but even that will change one day)

            I believe that Germany can build once again mighty, well trained, disciplined army.

            Those rapefugees who refuse to integrate and obey will be sent back where they came from.
            There is NOTHING chaotic or made by circumstances in the events created by German planners.

            I am talking here about post – NATO period once the US is kicked out of Germany and Europe of course

            I don’t agree that Germans are not warriors genetically speaking.
            Scratch the surface (or beer belly :)) and there will be a German worrier underneath.
            German society is not German any longer but some mix (they will do the soldiering part)
            while those who are in charge, they are still mostly Germans and carry that spirit.
            So lets agree to disagree.
            It seams that you doesn’t know that UK has their army in terrible shape and specially navy. They have 2 air-carriers but no jets for them and they don’t have enough support ships for carrier close protection. They have reduced absolutely everything including standing army. Recently they did NOT even have sub ready , capable to fire their new prototype torpedo for testing purpose.
            And I could go on and on…


            Kaliningrad has best multi layered areal defenses from Pantsir, Tor, BUK; S-350, S-400 + best coastal defenses Bal and Bastion +Zircons on the ships soon(next year). Over the horizon radar and all other newest radars with which no stealth plane can come even close unnoticed etc.

          6. AM Hants says:

            LOL. Grant was demilitarised in the 40s and even kept the demilitarisation in their Constitution, when they re-inited. They can only use heavy military toys when working in an Union with others. Hence the desperation of the EU Forces. With Germany hoping to take control.

            The reason I am laughing at your comment, is owing to the fact not many of Germany’s toys are in full working order. Like most NATO members. They went for austerity and ignored defence, assuming nobody would threaten the union. Ooooooooops.

          7. HiaNd says:

            I have no problem with your “laughing” and don’t write my comments to agree with everybody all the time.

            I perfectly understand sorry state of affairs regarding German weaponry (“toys”)and German army in general.
            I have explained why I think it is trick, a ploy to trick above all Americans (since Germany is occupied country).
            I can read news and parrot what was written there but for some reason I do not believe in that German story.
            So be my guest and laugh.

          8. AM Hants says:

            I was laughing, but, appreciate your courteous replies, and no longer laughing.

          9. HiaNd says:

            “Grant was demilitarised in the 40s and even kept the demilitarisation in their Constitution, when they re-inited….”

            Naive comment.
            Soon you will see Japanese “DEFENSE” forces building up their army again for offensive purposes with air- carriers and all, ready to take aggressive posture towards China and N.Korea despite their “Constitution”
            It is ” in their Constitution” also that they do not have right to do that..So what?!
            They’ll change Constitution!
            It was in German Constitution that Germany didn’t have right to bomb other country yet they have bombed Yugoslavia (just like during NAZI aggression) without hesitation!
            So spare me from meaningless “Constitution” ferry tale please.
            Once NATO falls apart and US is kicked outside Europe, Germany will become big military power (alone or with France and others) again !
            I am absolutely convinced in that.
            UK will stick with US cousin in 5 eyes brotherhood.

          10. AM Hants says:

            When Germany bombed Yugoslavia, was it as part of a NATO invasion or was it Germany against Yugoslavia?

            The German Forces, on their own, can only be used as peacekeepers. When working as part of a team, they can do as they please or should I say ordered to. Which is why Germany is desperate for Article 42 of the Lisbon Treaty to be implemented. Who will take charge of the EU Forces?

          11. HiaNd says:

            When Germany bombed Yugoslavia they have bombarded it as Germany and fact that they were part of some larger organizations doesn’t change thing to the German Constitution that they were going against !

            For your information apart new NATO members there was also Italy and Greece that didn’t participate in bombing at all. So Germany had plenty of room to avoid the bombings, but they didn’t .

            “When working as part of a team, they can do as they please or should I say ordered to.”
            Total nonsense!
            I can’t be bothered to verify but I think that it was 20 countries only participating in the bombing of Yugoslavia.
            If Greece and Italy didn’t participate (and they do not have Constitution prohibiting bombarding other countries) than it is for sure that nobody could impose on Germany anything.
            And to make irony even bigger it was member of German “green” party who was the most for the interventionism.

            As for “who will take charge of EU forces” you mix pears and apples.
            Germany today is completely different country from freshly re-united Germany in 1999 To which suddenly after reunification are forgiven and forgotten their NAZI past.
            Somebody has decided that Germany is not only responsable for WWI but also for WWII and their NAZI past.
            Thus they have created new NAZI’s Serbs (who fought the NAZI’s during WWII), whom they have bombarded without hesitation. So after all that today “new” Germany has no problem to get more active military role .
            But still there is tiny problem…Knowing that they are still occupied country they try to keep everything related to military extremely low profile with persistent false image that whole German army is falling apart.
            Today in EU, France (in German-French couple) see herself responsible for EU military matters since they have much more capable military and they are nuclear power also.
            Germany pretends to be interested only in economy.

          12. AM Hants says:

            You are boring me now. At the end of the day, who believes they are in control of the EU? Who is the majority creditor nation in the EU?

            What was Article 42 of the Lisbon Treaty all about?

            Will the UK in or out of the EU still honour what May signed us up to, regards the EU Forces? Handing over the UK nuclear deterrent to the EU, together with our Forces, Weapons and Systems. Or will Boris withdraw that agreement?

            Who will give the orders, with regards the EU Forces?

            Can Germany use heavy military weapons and systems when her Forces are not working in partnership with other members/nations?

            What does the German Bundeswehr say about the demilitarisation of Germany, back in 1948 and also when East and West Germany reunited?

            Why was Germany demilitarised, back in 1945?

          13. HiaNd says:

            I’m glad that I can be boring at least.

            You ask too many questions (not as “boring” as mine but still)
            As far as I know Germany is the boss in EU, economic powerhouse of the EU.
            France is the junior partner and UK was US stooge…..

            Position of UK on “EU forces” today or anything else related to that, is absolutely of no importance.
            Militarily speaking (apart from nukes) UK is now just average regional power weaker or on pair with Turkey in power (more or less)

            Germany is not limited by the Constitution really (that is only DECORUM)
            What limits Germany really is the fact that they are still occupied country.
            Can they use heavy weapons is just technicality of no importance.
            Core question is can they liberate themselves from US ?
            That is the question of all questions.
            When they get rid of US all other questions ( that you ask will be of no importance what so ever )

          14. AM Hants says:

            France has 9-10 nuclear submarines, 4 ballistics. Yes, they might have the technology for nuclear attack and deterrent submarines, but, do you seriously believe they will be sharing it with all and sundry? Even if they wanted to? Why do you think the EU Forces are desperate to retain UK Forces, weapons and systems?

          15. HiaNd says:

            I honestly don’t know why would Germany and France want (US stooges) UK around in EU forces.

            UK act only to promote US-NATO interests that are directly opposed to “EU forces”.
            For some reason you do not understand that core of EU is Franco-German pact and everything turns around that.
            Of course that France would share nuke know how with Germany. They are strategic allays. Their destiny is now inseparable.
            EU can fall apart today but France and Germany will recreate again another union more selective and compact this time (without Poland (US stooges) who were not loyal to EU but to US) and without many East European countries who would refuse to go into the some kind of FEDERATION.
            Because that is what Germany and France really want – EU Federation with ONE army and ONE foreign policy.
            Germany is industrial powerhouse that can produce anything in quantities (nukes also)
            They do not need UK in any shape or form.
            Countries that want UK into “EU force” are US lobbied politicians in EU and usual US stooges Poland, Baltic countries, Bulgaria,Romania etc.

          16. AM Hants says:

            Do you know where France stands, concerning the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation to Nuclear Weapons? How that would affect France from sharing her nuclear technogy with Germany? Or come to that, Germany expecting France to provide the technology or information needed.

          17. HiaNd says:

            I have problem to follow your logic.
            I have told you that they are STRATEGIC ALLIES and that they do everything together.
            They share same destiny.
            For the moment EU countries are members of NATO and that is plenty of protection.
            No need to transfer anything to Germany yet.
            But once NATO falls apart they will create EU-army…. if not starting process earlier.
            I sincerely believe that this EU will soon fall apart and they will be forced to create new “EU” but this time as Federation.

            They’ll become One country and only parallel in history is “Roman Empire” of Charlemagne and some countries will join them (Austria?,Belgium?,Holland?,..)

          18. AM Hants says:

            You state “of course France would share nuke know how with Germany,. They are strategic allies. Their destiny is now insepetable.”

            You cannot follow my logic, when I ask a simple question like:

            ‘Do you know the position of France, with regards The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons’.

          19. HiaNd says:

            “Do you know the position of France, with regards The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons'”
            There are non proliferation treaties from cold war era and France might be one of the countries (apart from US and USSR) to sign that treaty.
            I can’t understand why you keep insisting on that question US is about to destroy every treaty they have agreed with USSR.

            Germany and France must follow US directives through NATO on certain things and that is all. US is boss and nothing has changed, but it will change in the near future!
            Do you understand now?

            I can’t follow your logic because I think I have answered all your questions of that kind indirectly in previous comments.
            Because US is still boss their rules will still be respected but not for very long time.

            Dollar is about to collapse soon and lose maybe even 30% of its value automatically US will not be super power and in position to give orders to anybody including EU and Germany.
            Deep global economic crisis will be triggered and many riots, conflicts and wars will happen.
            These are different times where US will not play any important role in the world any longer. And Europe will change lot as well. UK will stick with US (as usual) Aussie and Kiwi, while Franco German “EU” will distance themselves lot from US and UK.

            That is all.
            I can not just keep repeating more or less the same. I am sorry if even this was not clear answer for you. I am not capable of doing any better than that.

          20. AM Hants says:

            Simple question. Why are you getting so worked up?

          21. HiaNd says:

            It’s personal.
            Revenge is dish…..etc.

          22. AM Hants says:

            Personal? With regards France giving Germany nuclear technology, which is not even an option?

          23. HiaNd says:

            I didn’t create human nature or that destructive evil that many people are familiar with. Manifested in greed for power and need to put other to submission.
            France and Germany will do whatever they are pleased.
            They’ll do it when occasion rises.
            And it will rise.

          24. Tommy Jensen says:

            They were right, but didnt count on an internal threat with one of its own members.

            So how do you fight one of your own family who are hostile to you?
            You cant scale up openly your own military inside the integrated family, so instead you de-arm the part of the family making the relationship unattractive for the aggressive family member.

          25. AM Hants says:

            You do realise that Russia has a decreasing defence budget of around $47 billion (similar to UK, give or take a $billion)?

            What does the nuclear, triad nation get for $47 billion that NATO, all members combined do not get? Besides hypersonics in active service?

            How many NATO mbets are nuclear triad nations, besides the US? None. Only France and the UK have nuclear deterrents and not in 3 zones, besides the US.

            It is not how much you spend, but, the quality of your toys. Which is why the Russian toy box, at a cost similar to just one major NATO member state, leaves the NATO toybox obsolete.

          26. HiaNd says:

            You are right !

            Good comment from every angle!
            I completely forgot that Russia keeps lowering their military spending year on year.
            The money from those savings is directed to rise standard of living of the population and similar.

          27. AM Hants says:

            Cheers. There is a good update on the mercenaries in Belarus, over on Stalker Zone. It might interest you, owing to Donbass and Ukraine featuring in the topic.

    3. HiaNd says:

      Agreements with Ukraine are non existent (not even territorial recognition exists on Russian side now (so Russia is free to change it))
      In their blind hate Ukraine has destroyed all agreements.
      Russia didn’t brake single agreement.
      Belarus is another story, I doubt that Russia will have one sided braking of agreements. Belarus is allay and literally same origin as Russians just like majority in Ukraine

      Lukashenko does that because of EAU.
      Putin had talks with him about Belarus joining monetary union with Russia (similar to EU euro).
      And he has refused that of course but have asked for cheap RUssian gas and all other benefits they had ever since USSR.
      Putin has Refused that and was waiting for him to still accept Russian offer of cheap gas for Belarus monetary union.

      So he is now desperate for staying dictator for life and distancing Russia and West enough to rest in power.

    4. kamalashila says:

      he doesnt care that Belarus is feeded by Russian funds and market..

      dont lie. belarus does not get anything from russia. and the citizens do not like russia and putin, too.

      i wrote several timkes, minsk does not trust moscow and belarus is NOT ally of russia. but the stupid ruskiefils and moscowitan trolls/paid agitators are too laud.

      moreover, only 23% of ruskies trust putin. one year ago this numbar was 60%. also on khabarovsk are larger and larger protests. in he beginning thay wanted back furgal. now already criticize putin and of coursem want back furgal.

      IF PUTLER stays, russia will lose eastern parts. because the russians living there do not wnt live under moscow and russian oligarchs.

      1. Rhodium 10 says:

        What a stupid comment!

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        durak—-Putin approval quite high in Belarus, Ukraine—Russia…indeed with out discounted gAS oil Belarus economy would shrivel…your CA lies are farcical…many Belarussians attend University in Russia—u fool…another idiot amerikan puppet

        1. kamalashila says:

          ty durak!

  6. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Well it reinforces the independence of Belarus.

  7. SnowCatzor says:

    Lukashenko has always been an idiot, he was literally the only politician in Belarus to vote against independence. The ungrateful fool bites the only hand that feeds him (Russia).

    The problem is if some bogus ‘color revolution’ comes along to replace him, it’ll become another Ukraine. So ideally he needs to go, but get another pro-Russian/anti-NATO type in power.

    1. HiaNd says:


      I agree with all you say except that you make it sound very easy.
      As if somebody in Kremiln has to make decision and job is done…
      1) Russia doesn’t do regime changes, they never did and they never will.
      2) Even so… By removing Lukashenko Russia could end up with somebody worse easily.

      Time is on Russian side because collapse of US is not very far any longer so patience.

  8. World_Eye says:

    Stupid Lukashenko wants to be eaten by the dark. Keep making problems you fool.

  9. cechas vodobenikov says:

    belarus allions itself w Russia in trade, conducts joint military exercises and relies on Russian technology, vehicles, weapons….while many in Belarus consider Lukashenko to be odd, conditions have improved there, more than in Ukraine, less than Russia…a stable Belarus is desired in Russia but not in USA Ukraine…while the border w Ukraine is tightly controlled due to mafia smuggling, human trafficking in ukraine, transit between Belarus/Russia is easy.
    these detentions if true may regard nearly anything—but not Belarus; 30 individuals cannot produce regime change

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