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JULY 2022

More Details Appear About Negotiations Between Government And SDF In Damascus

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More Details Appear About Negotiations Between Government And SDF In Damascus

FILE IMAGE: sdf-press.com

On July 27, a source familiar with the ongoing talks between the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and the Damascus government told the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV that the government rejected a proposal of the SDC to recognize its self-administration in northeastern Syria.

The source added that the Damascus government stressed during the meeting with the SDC that it will not discuss any proposal that includes establishing a federal system or a self-administration in the areas held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Force (SDF), the military wing of the SDC.

From tis side, the Damascus government proposed developing and improving the current local administration law and emphasized that only the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has the right to carry arms, according to al-Mayadeen. The SDC response is yet to be known.

Earlier today, Kurdish sources confirmed that a delegation of the SDC headed by Ilham Ehmed, a co-leader of the council, arrived in Damascus to hold direct talks with the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

This is the first direct negotiation between the Damascus government and the SDC since the formation of the SDF in 2014. Despite significant differences between the two sides, local observers believe that an initial agreement may be possible.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

That is the correct stance of the Syrian government. They must not back down one inch from it.


Yes, as if the Kurds are allowed self rule it will spread like a cancer to other self interest groups. This would be a recipe for malign sectarian factions that could easily be manipulated by foreign powers as well.


Not to mention it will turn into a base of operations for the US and Israel as is the case with Iraqi Kurdish region.

New Israel is Muslim

self-rule = get orders from Washington on everything to undermine Assad and the Middle East. Kurds are born traitors.


Not all Kurds are the same so I wouldn’t generalize like that but I understand your point.

New Israel is Muslim

Every kurd I met online has been: “I love zionism. I love jews. I love wars for Israhell. I hate Assad. I hate Erdogan. I love the jew agenda.”

Everyone. Have not met one that does not fit that category. They buddy up with jews. And jews in response have been, “kurds are our long lost brothers, they are genetically similar, they are oppressed like we jews are oppressed in Israhell (oh vey, it’s annoda holohoax), they are better than the rest of the goyim. They hate the goyim just like we do, and kurds act like an anti-social tribe. What is there not to like about the kurds. And they are real easy to control.”


A lot of those “kurds” you meet online are fake Zionist troll accounts. The same goes for any other group of people the Zionists are attempting to use as pawns in their agenda. If you pay close attention you will notice that during each major Zionist operation social media suddenly gets filled with “people” from those regions where that event is taking place. For example when ISIS first showed up in Syria I remember social media was filled with ISIS and pro-ISIS accounts spewing hardcore anti-Assad, anti-Shia, anti-Iran propaganda left and right. Now they hardly exist. The same for the Kurds. Social media was full of them during the Iraqi Kurdish referendum yet I hardly see them anymore.

Having said that it’s also important to know that Zionists are spending a lot of money and effort in the Kurdish regions of Syria and Iraq (Especially Iraq) in order to spread pro-Zionist ideas and movements and so naturally this will affect a lot of naive uneducated people.

New Israel is Muslim

These are not minorities, these are born terrorists like the Wahhabis. They will always do the bidding of the jew. Blow up the Dome of the Rock? There will be a kurd on that job.

They must be ruled over by Assad, Erdogan, Iraq and Iran or will become Israhell 2.0 in the Middle East. Kurdistan = Oppressing everyone else, exporting terrorism, zionism, a little neo-nazis puppet state of Israhell.


A federal system in Syria is a bad idea and why the Syrian government is opposing it.

Generally in countries where internecine rivalry between various groups/cults/gangs are rife , Federalism is effectively a system of Warlords presided over by a ‘King’.

This is precisely how Saudi Arabia determined how to control a defeated Syria.

Jamal Al-sharif

Yes like northeast Iraq


It’s obvious that they will not back down, or the Kurds reconcile and try to improve the local administration or what they will get it’s a war.

New Israel is Muslim

If the kurds’ were living in a nation filled with individuals that look like this:


And the non-kurds’ plan was the extermination of most goyim kurds and to enslave the rest the of goyim kurds, then you’d reasonably be supportive of the kurdish cause. But kurds were typically left unmolested, and then like again in Syria, they rise up against the legitimate government in armed conflict and like a jew cry victimhood from being persecuted for being terrorists, rebels, and land thieves.

On top of that the kurd is always on the side of the jew that says kill the goyim.

S Melanson

Exactly. I commented above that explains what is very likely driving Assad’s agenda in the negotiations. The Kurds must renounce what they took by force and submit to the legitimate authority in Damascus PERIOD.


American, British, French and Italian soldiers/ military advisers (NATO) should leave Syria immediately under any agreement as they are illegal interlopers on issues of Syrian Sovereignty and co-conspirators of the same foreign institutions that instigated this war.

Jamal Al-sharif

Steve you or correct but remember you in the u.s.army and you have to do the fighting, not Trump son he’s Rich

Feudalism Victory

True sounds like its not negotiation but an invite back in and an opportunity to put the war behind them. Having blown their chance for independence I think they take what they can get before losing it all.


SAA and their allies have besieged the commandos of US and UK. They had come for attacks on Syrian villages in Suwaida and more than 140 women and children they have slaughtered there and some 100 women and children they hold as hostage. Now these US and UK commandos ask for safe passage to Al-Tanf for releasing these women and children.


Time is not on the SDF’s side now. Being a proxy force is a zero sum game, when the paymaster’s agenda is no longer a viable project, proxies can expect to be dropped hard and fast. Because at that point they simply become a redundant sunk cost. NATO just abandoned its proxies in south Syria as they can no longer threaten Damascus in any form, and if think back to 2000, recall how Israel abandoned its proxy South Lebanese Army literally overnight when they pulled out of their south Lebanese occupation. The Syrian leadership has no need to make concessions to SDF, it’s the SDF who need to start making concessions.


If US and UK change many times the labels of these Israel to Al-Qaeda to ISIS or to SDF etc or to any other label but the world knows that they are US and UK army proxies whether they are in Palestine, in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan or in Libya.


Afghani Taliban, Palestinians and Yemenis have given so much courage to Syrians and to their allies that now they are rapidly advancing against US, UK and their proxies Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, SDF etc. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

King Tudor777

Taliban is a terrorist sectarian and American-financed group created to fight the Red Army, tottaly comprised of radical jihadists and unsatisfied afghans, fighting a incompetent, unpopular and corrupt government, which is backed by the United States. They did it after the Americans of course betrayed them in the 90’s, overthrowing their government in 2001, as they usually do with their allies and forced the introduction of this government. TALIBAN FIGHTERS ARE NOT FREEDOM FIGHTERS!


The true driving factors od this Taliban fighters is the US bombing itself. They’re the only capable opposition left to resist so by default they’re drawn to them all those USA air terrorism and terrorism in general victims. Should the US left or defeated they’ll then rethink what’s the best for themselves and if it’s not the Taliban we’ll see what really happened.

Bill Wilson

The Kurds want to keep the current local government councils which are staffed by members of the local communities instead of politically connected outsiders sent in by Damascus like before. Damascus probably will wind up allowing that since they have a shortage of personnel trained in civil administration who can be put to better use in the heavily populated west and southwest. The local councils that the Kurds organized have been getting the job done in their less populated regions so there’s no real need for a change of personnel. The only Syrians complaining about those in SDF land are the formerly politically connected who got first consideration over the rest of the peasants.

Promitheas Apollonious

did you bother to listen what the Syrians say, before deciding for them?

S Melanson

Damascus is negotiating on an entirely different level. Assad sees as illegitimate any governance institutions separate from Damascus, particularly given they are backed by separatist armed forces seeking a military solution to be imposed on the democratically elected and legitimate government in Syria.

The Kurds must renounce what was gained by force and submit to the legitimate authority in Damascus. I think Assad understands the importance of reinforcing the legitimacy of his regime which means he will not recognize any autonomous Kurdish region or armed forces other than the SAA and militias sanctioned by Assad’s regime, nor permit any conditions to negotiations that in any way try to preserve Kurdish autonomy or pose any challenge,to the authority of Damascus.

Note that the FSA fighting against ISIS are now under SAA command and control. The YPG will be the same.

Leo Gjata

Me thinks Assad is a fool. America spent a ton of $$$ in the Syria project and is almost half-way there to creating a Kurdish republic. Next with the help of FR. and UK and Germany will start a skirmish with Turkey and help the Kurds to take back Afrin and open a corridor to the Mediterranean. Case closed, another Kosovo in the ME…


You are still dreaming the American dream of a shattered Syria via a “Kurdish republic”. Dream time is over, the people of Syria have won. Idlib will be cleared of Al Qaeda and ISIS next, then Turkey will be removed from northern Aleppo, politely or if need be not. Kurds may be slow learners, but know Assad’s word is a better than the US.

Promitheas Apollonious

you think………. I dont believe, you are able to do that or have more than a few seconds thinking span, if that. But go on and self flatter yourself is free and cost nothing.

New Israel is Muslim

“significant differences between the two sides”… the kurds are on the zionist side of jewamerica trying to create the Greater Israhell Project. And Assad is for freedom in the Mideast. You can’t get any more opposed than the two sides. Kurds are traitorous terrorists.

Assad, get Erdogan and the FSA on the kurds and promise a few Turkish military bases in the Kurdish cities, towns and villages.

The problem Assad faces is the FUKUS terrorists are mixed with in the kurds, any war with Assad and the SDF terrorists would mean war between Washington and Assad.

Idlib in nothing compared to the terrorist kurds, focus on them first and work now with Erdogan. He will listen to reason far more than the kurdish terrorists. Erdogan and Assad share hatred of the zionists and a zioKurdistan.


I’m pretty sure Syria had a smaller Kurdish population before the war started so any agreement should involve Kurdish/Arabs Mercenaries and Civilians who were not citizens of Syria before the war be deported back to their homes countries Turkey/Iraq and only then can they seek Legal Syrian Citizenship after returning to their home countries and going to the right Legal Processes. (Just like Donald Trumps Immigration Policies in America)


just bs talk..(kurds know it, assad knows it.)…the kurds are dead meat by their own treacherous choice….once SAA army is done liberating the Quinetra area the will focus on idlib and the sdf areas starting with raqqa area…….the kurds have absolutley no strong points in any negotiations with Assad.zero.Thats why Assad is telling them NO NEGOCIATIONS on “self-determination or federal system” and only the SAA can carry arms.Thats an unconditional surrender.The problem for the kurds is the following ….. PAYBACK time…..payback for their treacherous behaviour, payback for dealing with ISIS including the freeing of hundreds of ISIS combatants in Deir e zoor area, the kidnapping(forced recruitment) of thousands of young native syrian boys, torture, theft,murder. The kurdish leadership is trying to negociate for protection.protection of the thousands of syrian arabs which are more than pissed at their former syrian brothers who betrayed them in the worst possible way, when it was syria that protected the kurds from turkey. But then a word comes up when the dealing with the kurds.TRUST! Does anyone seriously believe that anyone in the assad regime trusts the KURDS??? LOL……100% NO.here is the quote of president Assad to the kurds ” They are the biggest traitors.They give up their arms or we will kill them.They give back all areas to the syrian government, or we will liberate those areas from terrorists.” good man


Yeah, the Kurds will be on a pretty tight leash.


I’m very concerned about these negotiations.

The question is: Who does the Government have more in Common with? The SDF or the Armed Opposition Groups?

King Tudor777

The SDF, but still there are a lot of differences with both groups. The “opposition” is far worse than the Kurds, because they are more sectarian, but the SDF also represent the American agenda there, what is very concerning. But at least the Syrian government has some chances of negotiating with Kurds, but it cannot negotiate with HTS.


Opposition group. Opposition group stressed Assad dynasty to step down while SDF want federalisation right from the start. Many of the credible and popular opposition figure believe they can make a deal will Russia for their settlement while SDF only get it’s order from the US and have little independent policy available for them. Even the fall of afrin were of the US decision carried out by themselves.


All the opposition groups are the same, American controlled mercenaries.

Empire's Frontiers

And what might the Kurds tell Damascus?

‘Here are our terms, if you choose to not accept them we’ll formally secede from Syria and steal land from a large population of Arabs who will likely begin a violent and bloody insurgency against us until we are no more.’

Seems like a strong position to start.

King Tudor777

Hahahaha, the Kurds will implore to return to the Damascus’ rule if they get any kind of autonomy, they will know the rate of the Arabs in the occupied areas.


The only power the Kurds have is US power, and the US is in retreat.


remind me much of the attitude the jews have.

Empire's Frontiers

We would be in error to think that’s a mere coincidence.


The only good future for the Kurds is with Damascus.There is nothing but war and destruction with the hated zionists.


SDF (kurds-USA-puppets) must have only two options. 1) Being part of Syria government under their laws with with SDF representatives in the government, and to send USA-weapons to USA. 2) Face death and destruction under SAA-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran troops.


One side needs the other sides help And that side that needs help just hadbits ass kicked by Turkey.


The Kurds took the US side, and tried to annexe eastern Syria. They lost the war, and Syria should adopt the US policy, of unconditional surrender. Just keep killing them until they accept the reality of their situation.


No way!!! Killing will make them unwilling partners in any future Syria has. Negotiation is good at the moment. US/israel has its imperial claws in the Kurds (who fell for it, but hey, most western countries have fallen for the same bullshit “independence/freedom” trick) and it is in the interest of Damascus to help them to relinquish those shackles. Effectively what Damascus need to do is to free Kurds from foreign dominance, so that they can voluntarily participate in free Syria. Continuing killing and future chaos is precisely what Israel wants. But the Syrians know this and they won’t fall for it.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes so they live to back stub Syria another day. I agree Assad must use them to break up his enemies as Russia used turkey, but trust them or give them rights, it be a fatal mistake. Kurds as turks have treason build in their dna, can never be trusted.


Kurds did not start the attack on Syria. Like everyone else, they are trying to survive an imperial proxy invasion by the zionist/anglo-american wahhabist force. It was the anglo empire that deliberately divided Kurds among four major countries, so that they could be used against those countries. It’s the imperial game. In 2014 most of the world expected Assad and Syria to crumble. The Kurd leadership has not covered themselves in glory from the Syrian point of view, that is for sure. But I think most ordinary Kurds won’t have a problem with reconciling with Damascus. The leaders might not want to, because they have taken the dollar. But the Syrians are very canny, and I think a deal is in the offing. Good luck to them.

Biji Serok Atatürk

hahaha Kurdophilie German fucks having a mental breakdown now. If they can’t deal we all know what’s up. CRUSH THE FUCKING KURDS AND THEIR TURDISTAN DREAMS. hahaha

Elmarie Muller

Syrian government should never allow self rule by any single ethnic group. Because that mistake allowed USA and puppet terrorists Gangsters France, British, and Israel to great terrorism and destroy beautiful Middle East countries.


Faced , as they are, with a present and distinct threat from Turkey, the last thing Syrian Kurds want to have is the SAA coming at them from the other side. Syrian Kurds are going to have to make up their mind – go with America and trust the help keeps coming? Or revert to a known quantity – the Syrians protected against the Turks allowed some autonomy in Kurdish areas.

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