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More Details About Washington’s Attempts To Rescue Spies from Eastern Aleppo City

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More Details About Washington's Attempts To Rescue Spies from Eastern Aleppo City

On December 6, SF raised a question: Why is the US urged for negotiations with Russia over the deal on a withdrawal of militants from Aleppo city. Later this day, more details appeared in Farsnews’ report:

Washington has urged for negotiations with Moscow over a deal that would envisage providing a safe passage to the US intelligence officers and terrorists in Eastern Aleppo to Turkey via the Castillo corridor in lieu of handing over the remaining districts to the Syrian army, media reports said Tuesday.

The Arabic-language al-Hadas news website quoted unnamed informed sources as saying on Tuesday that the negotiations are meant to help US spies, including an intelligence officer involved in battle arrangement for the terrorists and an informant named Balal Abdel Karim, leave the Aleppo city.

Earlier on Tuesday, media sources disclosed that a large number of militants have been negotiating secretly with government officials in Aleppo to surrender themselves and leave the city.

The Arabic language al-Watan newspaper reported that continued defeats of Jeish al-Fatah and devastating advances of the Syrian army troops in the Eastern districts of Aleppo city have widen rifts amongst militant groups.

The paper added that a large number of militants have had secret negotiations with government officials to pave the ground for their amnesty and their evacuation to the Western districts of Aleppo that are under army’s control.

Meanwhile, Israel Shamir, an expert in Middle Eastern affairs, told Radio Sputnik that reports from newspapers loyal to militants occupying Eastern Aleppo indicate they are preparing to surrender to government forces

“Right now in Aleppo there is a kind of situation in which is very hard to try and predict anything. But there is a feeling that those fighting in East Aleppo have begun to understand that they won’t succeed. Over the last two days reports have begun to appear in media outlets which support the rebels, saying ‘this is not the end, we are losing Aleppo but it’s not that bad, we will fight in other places.’ They are kind of consoling messages. This is, in principle, a sign that they are ready to surrender Aleppo,” Shamir said

The analyst warned that although the liberation of Aleppo would represent a major breakthrough, militants who have left Aleppo might reappear in other areas of conflict.

On Monday, Syrian military helicopters dropped thousands of leaflets over the terrorist-held districts of Aleppo city, urging militants to give up fight and surrender themselves to the authorities.

Helicopters of the Syrian Army dropped thousands of leaflets over the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city, calling on militants to lay down their arms, ask for amnesty and allow the civilians to leave the war-hit neighborhoods.

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Mmmm…no commentaries from the usual troll suspects ?? I would offer an honorable death, to all who caused thousands of civilians to die for a few dollars more for themselves, from oligarchs in Israel and Saudi Arabia. Die they must !! Specially if they are from Langley, Virginia !! These specimens never represented the people of the United States.. They just took a few coins for themselves, ….from the Opressors of the People of United States and Syria… Damned Nazi – Zionists… They should say thaks for the merciful bullet to the head, and thanks for NOT BEING IMPALLED like Turks !!

Daniel Martin

Once again as i wrote before, this doesn’t make any sense? Why didn’t the foreign intelligence officers and special forces, just use the corridors, provided to them by the Syrian army? i’m quiet sure that they SAA would have guaranteed them a safe passage out, because it would be meaningless to escalate the situation by putting them to risk to be eliminated if the U.S asked the Syrian government previously for a safe extraction from Aleppo?

Manuel Chrut

Of course the foreign special forces will not be allowed to just use the corridors. The longer they waited with some kind of deal to get them out of Aleppo, the more they will need to offer in return to avoid having their special forces exposed and interrogated by Syrians/Russians.

John Mason

Problem is that Syria and Russia are negotiating with terrorists namely the US which goes against current protocols of ‘not negotiating with terrorists’. Those people are responsible for the horrors imposed upon Syria and should be executed if caught. Years ago any mercenary caught was shown no mercy and shot on the spot.

Rich Piano

because if they use the corridors 100% they will not be allowed to leave and get caught then the syrian government with russia can use those officers in multiple ways ie show them to the public and get them to admit their role basically showing the western government supported terrorists, or they can get info out of them or hold them for ransom for when the time is right when negotiations happen. maybe iran might take some and use them for the nuclear deal if america feels they want to go back on their commitment etc

Boris Kazlov

The Russians put tough conditions, which Kerry agreed to, but not the “deep state”, surrender of all militants previous to any ceasefire, or face annihilation, US had to bactrack on that one.

Valhalla rising

For some reason they withdraw to the south, my guess is that they want to break out on the Axis Ramouseh-Khan Tuman.


Shortest distance to ‘freedom’ at this point in time. After all, it had almost worked in august. Considering that the last offensive failed to achieve any breakthrough and the SAA has gotten its shit in order this seems to be driven mostly by desperation.


Aleppo is Liberated ! According to 21th century wire , the militants surrendered Tuesday afternoon , and were bused out under a heavy SAA guard . Dancing in the streets of Damascus ! Dancing in free hearts around the world !

John Mason

No way to fight a war especially with those that have committed war crimes. They all should be put into a camp and interrogated and find those responsible for the atrocities. They also need to be warned that there are no second chances, get caught again, they will be executed immediately.


If there are still Western operatives in the East Aleppo pocket (how stupid was it to have left them there after an escape corridor had been breached in august?) when captured they shouldn’t be killed or tortured. That would just play into the Western narrative of Assad and the Russians being callous murderers. No, treat them well but parade them endlessly on TV as an embaressment to the governments who have sent them there.

Remember, kill them once, means only having fun once. Use for weeks, months on end to embarras Western governments and the fun increases exponentially.

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