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More Details About Russia’s Avangard Hypersonic Missile System

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More Details About Russia’s Avangard Hypersonic Missile System

A screenshot from the video showing Avangard missile system

The Russian Defense Ministry has signed a contract on the serial production of the state of the art hypersonic missile system Avangard, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said on March 12 in an interview with the defense ministry’s newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda.

The Russian state-run news agency TASS provided more details on the advanced weapon system (source):

Maneuvering warhead

According to open sources, the guided hypersonic warhead (the spacehead) of the Avangard intercontinental ballistic missile system is codenamed 15Yu71. It was developed as part of the R&D work “4202” by specialists of the Military and Industrial Corporation “Research and Production Association of Machine-Building” (the town of Reutov) under the guidance of Chief Designer Pavel Sudyukov. Russia’s Federal Space Agency acted as the customer for the R&D work “4202.”

Compared to traditional warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles, which follow the ballistic trajectory towards their targets, the maneuvering glider warhead travels a part of its flight path at an altitude of several dozen kilometers in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

While maneuvering along its flight path and by its altitude, the glider warhead is capable of bypassing the area of the missile defense’s detection and destruction capabilities.

The warhead’s performance characteristics have not been officially disclosed. Presumably, the glider vehicle is about 5.4m long and develops a speed exceeding Mach 20. The warhead is either nuclear (from 150 kilotonnes to 1 megatonne) or conventional.

According to Strategic Missile Force Commander Sergei Karakayev, the vehicle’s body is made of composite materials, which makes it resistant to aerodynamic heating of several thousand degrees and protects it from laser irradiation. The vehicle is equipped with the thermoregulation system developed by the Nauka Research and Production Association.


On February 19, 2004, First Deputy Chief of Russia’s General Staff Yuri Baluyevsky told reporters that during a training exercise, specialists “tested a space vehicle capable of flying at a hypersonic speed while maneuvering by its flight path and altitude and, therefore, capable of bypassing regional missile defense groupings.”

According to unofficial data, the tests of the “object 4202” had been held since 2004 at the Baikonur and Yasny spaceports where the RS-18B rocket based on the 15A35 intercontinental ballistic missile of the UR-100NUTTKh strategic missile complex was used as a carrier. According to open sources, the experimental facility’s launch equipment for the R&D work “4202” was developed by the Design Bureau of Special Machine-Building (St. Petersburg) while the transport and technological equipment set was made by the Design Bureau “Motor” (a branch of the Center for the Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure).

Media outlets reported in July 2016, citing unnamed sources that the trials of the “object 4202” would be conducted along with the flight development tests of the prospective Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile.

In his State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly on March 1, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted the Avangard missile complex with the maneuvering warhead. As the president noted, “the vehicle approaches the target like a fireball” while “being reliably guided.” Strategic Missile Force Commander Sergei Karakayev said later on March 1 that the trials of the Avangard missile complex had been successfully completed.

According to Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, the Avangard system was “well tested,” although it took great efforts to develop it. According to the defense official, the problem of guiding the vehicle and the issues of its protection were quite acute but solutions were found while the practical tests of this system “confirmed the operability of the approach that was selected.”

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andy l

Just fire the darn thing at DC!

Tudor Miron

Andy, you seem to misunderstand what Putin was talking about – we’re not up for first strike. Russia doesn’t want war (we know better than many what war means).We do not enjoy killing people. We just humbly reminded the west that their wet dreams of being able to strike Russia without devastating response are dangerous and self-destructive.

Muriel Kuri

With all that’s going on, it looks like Russia will get to test these weapons sooner rather than later. The BS is growing high, the vampires are sharpening their fangs for the upcoming war where they will feast greatly on the bloodshed the arrogance and aggression of the leaders sponsoring this war will create. Putin has had far more patience than the common man and those common men have been pushing him for a long time. I think he is finally coming to the realization that there are some in power that truly desire this war and won’t be satisfied until they get it. They stupidly think they will be safe in their bunkers and can come out when the air clears. They’ll have to wait a very long time, or maybe for forever with the weapons both sides have now. At any rate, you and I won’t have to worry about what the next day will bring.


What Mr Putin doesn’t know the United states of America had weapons better than Putin was showing. Please don’t let the Putin to committed suicide mission.

Muriel Kuri

Dream on – I don’t think the sitting ducks with their F-35 turkeys are going to be much of a match. Better to avoid the whole thing and all of us continue to breathe.

Feudalism Victory

Its the submarines that count

Ogunseye Oluseun Adetokunbo

who is the sitting ducks here Russia I presume




What the fully uninformed don’t understand is that if the US had superior weapons to what Russia has shown, they would’ve been used already. Instead, the US and NATO continue to introduce weapons, bases and missile shields on Russia’s borders in the hopes that they can one day strike first without disappearing from the face of the planet.

There’s only one government dumb enough to believe they can conquer the Earth, but no one ever claimed they had any intelligence. Oh sure, they have plenty of psychopaths in positions of power, but low IQs don’t translate into results of success.

George King

After witnessing inhabitants of the terror zones come out in protest of the terrorist and in support of their liberators while still under the threat of those who are internally brutalizing and killing them, one has to imagine that when everything goes south what will happen.

The Empire’s bases no matter the number will come under attack be the citizens of those countries when Empires actions bring those citizens into the cross hairs. We have seen this most recently in Ukraine and the Caucuses of Russia.


nah …….. all I have seen on the battlefield in Syria is that my country doesn’t have the top weapons or even training methods anymore. There are no more ‘wink …. wink ‘ better guns hidden in the closet. Look at what happened to the F-35; sent running for it’s life by S-200’s. US policies need to change and fast. It is highly embarrassing to watch how we are represented now. School yard type threats made at the UN, Sec. of State being fired over Twitter before the SoS even hears about it, defense at all costs of some of the most ruthless people on the planet in the Syrian theater and much more on the daily.

A dangerous game has gone on too long and it needs to stop pronto. I bid you a good evening.


perhaps the west is so horny now for a war before these weapons are produced, who knows but they want war


They claim, and rightly so, that the Deep State of the US (and Americans in general) don’t understand Russians. I would claim that it’s also true that the Russian government as well as it’s people, don’t understand the US Deep State and Americans.

The misunderstanding of Russia by US…. When Russia held back from striking US assets targeting the Syrian government fighting terrorists in an effort not to escalate, the Deep State took it as a sign of weakness and fear among the Russian government and it’s people. The language from Putin and Russia has begun to change and sharpen in tone beginning in March and culminating now with the response from the MOD that Russia will strike back in the event of an attack by the knuckle-dragging coalition. Of course the knuckle-dragging coalition will see it as a bluff and view it as a product of the Russian’s fear of striking US assets.

The misunderstanding of the US by Russia…. That in not responding to the aggression from the knuckle-dragging coalition, when it began to target those actually fighting terrorists in Syria in the early days of such attacks, that Russia would be seen as weak and incapable of doing anything to protect it’s assets. Russia was seen as weak in not countering the regime change operation in Ukraine and it is being seen as weak, in not daring to take steps to protect the Syrian people from Israel and the coalition of knuckle-draggers.

This lack of understanding between Russia and the coalition of knuckle-draggers could have been avoided had Russia taken out an Israeli jet targeting the Syrian army, or a missile response to those firing missiles at Syria from the sea. It needn’t have been strong enough to start a war, but just enough to show that, like in physics, for each and every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Having failed to do that places the world on the precipice of a nuclear disaster initiated by the knuckle-dragging coalition.

andy l

I know just being sarcastic – its for defence of course

Feudalism Victory

Russia knows the true measure of war.

Tommy Jensen

Andy´s suggestion was just to get a pause.


I am sure Rambo can handle a Mach 20 missile! :]

Tommy Jensen

Rambo saved those kids and their mothers. This is more than we can say about Russia´s new illegal hypersonic WMD.


Nice Russia keep making them even more better so that Washington will run, oh yes now they want to sit on the table and talk… Hah what a pathetic US idiots.

Bjorn Metaal

Now they have Missile Command and can call themselves Planet smashers.


It’s useless to create such weapons if you love to get bullied by USA. Nuke USA. USA must die.

Daniel Martin

A truly outrageous comment! To kill an entire nation of 320 million people because of it’s totally corrupt and disastrous political elite. What the U.S needs is a new political leadership consisting of normal, honest and patriotic leaders, that puts the nations wellbeing before personal political goals and wealth. A political leadership that wants to cooperate with the world on an equal basis, not to control it for it’s own selfish reasons that benefits only a few at the expense of all the rest, that is what the U.S and the world needs.


Do you think that I will wait Americans to be reasonable people ? XD. Americans are terrorists and they deserved to be nuked. Usually, nuking people is what they do. So, give them a little bit of their own medicine to see if they like it.

Americans only need to be eradicated.

Muriel Kuri

Many of us Americans who know what’s going on deplore what the US has become, but are unable to move away, due to age or circumstances. Other Americans watch only MSM so are totally unaware of what’s actually going on. Please don’t condemn the whole country because we are unable to elect anyone of substance – the only type of person running who has a chance of getting elected must fit the mold or won’t even get through the primaries.

Feudalism Victory

Nonsense many better arrangements can be made

Muriel Kuri

I agree completely – that’s what we need but won’t get. Trump was our supposed chance of normalcy to return to politics, but alas, he has caved and been swallowed by the swamp. Any normal, honest, patriotic person doesn’t stand a chance of even getting through the primaries.


are you really that stupid?? Trump was and still is part of the swamp!!! ALL FUCKING BUSSINESMEN ARE

Feudalism Victory

TRUMP 2020 Then Ivanka :)


I would prefer a civil war there

Feudalism Victory

Soros and his globalist ilk feel the same way. Huh what are the odds



Tommy Jensen

Or Pence…..LOL.

Muriel Kuri

Would you have rather had Clinton, who wanted to start a war with Russia over Syria? Her blood-thirst was already experienced in Libya and was well known. At least Trump was an unknown, because he had not been a politician, so we didn’t know what his policies were, other than what we were told in the primaries, during which he said NATO was obsolete and wanted to get out of the middle east.


Why would you trust a proven liar and a scam businessman??? Very stupid indeed


the guy is a looney

Muriel Kuri

But where do we find that man? Russia has already claimed him!

Daniel Castro

You should see a psychiatrist… fast…


guided hyper sonic warhead may be a game changer for new world order!


This is a first strike capability weapon regardless of its warhead, US officials as usual do not take it seriously, living in reality world created by their own lies.


If an artificial intelligence is created, this creature will understand that USA is the great danger of the world of will nuke USA.


Why not create an artificial intelligence to rule UN. You give it all the data and then it tells you who is wrong. Then, give him weapons to nuke the bad guys.

If you do that, israel will be nuked and USA as well.

Don’t rely on people above all on religious people.


AI can be hacked and used against good guys. :) MAD is best we have atm.


The UN has no legitimacy because the 5 countries which control UN don’t use UN to solve trouble but use UN as a tool for their own imperialism.

These countries have shown immaturity in helping the world and people in the world must remove their trust in them.

UN should be ruled by trustable people with military and economic power to punish those who don’t implement international laws.


Everybody with power seems to get corrupted at some point. My best bet is unipolar world, which is not ideal either.


The world will change the day every country on earth except the 5 ones will withdraw from UN and create a new UN called UFN (United Free Nations). Those countries will not be ruled by UN laws.

chris chuba

So Avangard is an ICBM delivery system for guided hypersonic missiles. I’m actually more interesting in the test of the Mig-31 launch of the hypersonic missile. I thought that was meant as a conventional weapon to neutralize the U.S.’s surface fleet advantage, basically a carrier group killer. Was I wrong about that or is this only a strategic nuclear strike weapon?

To be an effective conventional missile, it would have to have a targeting system capable of homing in on a naval vessel. A strategic nuclear weapon would only need some inertial guidance to find a fixed point destination and have some swizzel (scientific term :-) ) to evade ABM systems.

John Whitehot

from what i gather, “avangard” stands for an hypersonic delivery vehicle which is mounted as first stage on possibly several kinds of ICBMs (but possibly other kinds too) systems.

If the video is accurate it retains conventional capability, which could mean the introduction of a “global strike” kind of weapon (conventional pinpoint attacks from ICBMs).

In regards to anti-ship capability, do you remember that it was purportedly present on the chinese hypersonic vehicle too? It’s likely that a “universal” guidance system has been implemented, or different guidance systems mounted over the vehicle.

Less likely there are different variants of the vehicle based on the intended mission.

In general, I’d think that these weapons would not rely on satellites for guidance, at least in their final trajectory phase, as they are meant as the ultimate deterrent against nuclear attacks on Russia, and satellite signals can be easily jammed.

In regards to carrier groups, it’s also somehow outside the scope of these systems. In fact, between conventional and strategic nukes there’s the tactical nukes option, which would very likely activated in case Russia has to defend itself against multiple carrier groups.

In other cases, where the number and the mission of hostile carriers would be limited, the current arsenal of sea, sub, air and land based ASM missiles and torpedo is probably adequate to deal with them


You may be thinkimg of Mach 10 Kihnzyl.


Russia already has an answer for carriers. The Sunbird missile, 2-3 generations old is an un-stoppable weapon that can be fired from trucks, planes, patrol boats, and many various platforms. It has rendered the carrier into the class of battleships and soon to be manned fighter jets and main battle tanks(see Kornet missile).

Alice Barnes

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Avangard can strike any type of target, currently it is being considered to be deployed on the Sarmat ICBM since it carries 10 ton payload. It is likely they could be deployed on smaller ICBMs like Yars, with a lower payload and be equally effective. The ICBM can be launched and stay within Russia’s air space as they release these weapons, after the release the Avangard can fly/glide at altitudes 30-80 kms at hypersonic speeds for thousands of kms towards their designated target.


buhuhuhuhu hu hu hu lllshiittt


Minuteman 3 and Trident are BS compared to the Avangard system. Include pathetic Tomahawks .



Tommy Jensen

We have BlackBird and SpaceLasers also.


How does Blackbird compare to the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle? Space lasers? S500 and Nudol can take out LOS, laser technology is still in its infancy.


Maby this is the Weapon that is Supposed to Frighten the “Superrich” on there Special Places in the World, so even they have to think twice before they order some shit again. Russia made CLEAR it can hit ANY target in the World even the targets that appear to be to far away from her. This weapon system is not only against any armys in the world but anyone who controls the “deep state`s” who thinks he is in a safe place far far away.


both conventional and strategic weapon! not sure about it being launched via ICBM! I thought it was just a short range booster rocket and then it deploys from there! SCRAM JET tech allows the craft to fly almost without fuel (hyper compression of air). U may be Confused with the SARMAT which is an ICBM! so there are 4 new weapons that are missiles! 1. SARMAT which is an ICBM with multiple re-entry war heads that can alter their positions as they descend from high orbit! 2. The hypersonic glider which can glide in the upper atmosphere (not in space) and go any direction it pleases very fast and manoeuvrable! 3. hyper sonic cruise missile which flies either low or high altitudes and uses SCRAMJET tech (compresses air) and has a very long range due to very low fuel needed and very fast speeds! 4. The nuclear powered cruise missile, unlimited range due to nuclear power! USSR flew 4 aircraft in 1961 (2 propeller and 2 jets)that were nuclear powered! 5. The nuclear powered submarine drone 6. the laser air defence system!

The Arioch

Dagger/Kinzhal is not ramjet nor cruise missile.

It is upgraded Iskander traditional solid propellant missile


ahh yes u are right! its travels at mach 10 and has a range of 1,200 miles! manoeuvrable as well!

Simon Loveland


Simon Loveland

The Dagger/Kinzhal missile is powered by a scramjet engine which is more efficient, powerful version of a ramjet. Scramjet engines only work when they’re already moving at about 1,800 to 1,900 mph and THEN they kick in and ignite.

The Russians use the old 70’s Fox Hound fighter which is very fast for a jet fighter, to launch the Kinzhal. The Fox Hound was due to be de-commissioned but it’s extreme speed has made it the ideal launch vehicle for the Kinzhal.

When the Kinzal is dropped from the Fox Hound its scram jet doesn’t ignite immediately and it falls like a gravity bomb at first – When that scramjet kicks in… Man the word; acceleration isn’t really adequate. They accelerate so fast it makes the 1,900 mph Fox Hound look like it’s going backwards…

The Kinzhal is designated an anti-ship missile. An aircraft carrier or similar would have NO CHANCE of defending against this missile as it approaches at 8,000 mph – NOT A CAT’S CHANCE IN HELL!!!

The Arioch

Let as say it can not be INTEERCEPTED. This seems true. However.

1. The missile stile has to be perfectly guided, and the faster it flies, the better guidance should work

2. Which, in turn, exposes it to electronic warfare, aiming at deflecting it astray, not destroying it by blunt interception. Remember Tomahawks attack at Syria – about half the missiles then went astray and git lost nowhere… We may speculate at how good/bad is Russia/America at EW, but without practical test like with the said Tomahawks no one would know for sure.

3. Even when missile hits the ship it is not yet the end of the day. For example another commenter reminded about Nazi Germani precise anti-ship bomb. It was maybe the first precise munition in history. It could not be interceptes, too. And it was fast. Which made it usless. It just broke through then ships and sunk into deep waters. While ships suffered rather narrow hole from the deck to the bottom. Significant wound, but not a disabling one.

The Arioch

About mig-31 launched Dagger/Kinzhal missile read Martyanov’s blog and articles.

For example his last article is linked in first section of https://thesaker.is/newly-revealed-russian-weapons-systems-political-implications/

Simon Loveland

Here’s some footage of the anti ship missile being tested – when I say this thing is fast, I mean FAST!!! It’s so fast that the Mig Fox Hound used to deploy the Kinzhal missile, looks like it’s going backwards – The Fox Hound is already moving at 1,900 mph which isn’t slow. Chain guns and conventional anti-missile missiles, would absolutely USELESS against this missile…

Russia is beginning to attain a clear and very real strategic advantage over the USA – not good…



the whole NATO laughs on this bullshit. nice try, pootin! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

andy l

NATO shitting their pants more like as they have no credible response!!


in my family is general. be sure, natos is laughing. maybe this was pootins tactics: nato will laugh to daeth.


Tommy Jensen

NATO have, but its military classifed. NATO is a professional peace organisation that dont brag in public about our new laser weapons with the speed of light able to wipe out all hypersonic weapons in one splitsecond shot.

Feudalism Victory

Hmmm maybe theyll shoot one into syria for a demonstration


surely anything going at Mach 10 doesn’t need a warhead?


Only if you are firing it at a tank or a small ship. If you are targeting a city or an aircraft carrier battle group a nuke is required (or a large meteor).

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