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More Details About Clash With ISIS In Syria’s Deir Ezzor In Which Russian Military Advisers Were KIlled


More Details About Clash With ISIS In Syria's Deir Ezzor In Which Russian Military Advisers Were KIlled

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Chairman of the Defense Committee of Russia’s State Duma, retired Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov revaled mored details about an ISIS attack in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor in which four Russian military advisers were killed and three others were injured.

The Russian Defense Ministry released a statement on the incident on May 27 adding that 43 ISIS militants had died and 6 ISIS vehicles had been destroyed in the clashes.  According to the Russian Defense Ministry statement, ISIS members attacked an artillery battery of pro-government forces assisted by Russian military advisers. Two Russians were killed on the scene. Two others died from wounds in hospital.

According to Shamanov, the attacked artillery battery was defending an important area in the province of Deir Ezzor. However, the ISIS attack was pre-planned and terrorists used an element of surprise. ISIS mobile groups were stopped an outpost force but Syrian and Russian forces were not able to avoid casualties.



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  • Rob

    I have mentioned before that this pocket will become headache for SAA and Tiger forces. Therefore, first this pocket should be liberated then Daraa and Golan Heights.

    • Michał Hunicz

      Golan Heights? Keep dreaming.

      • Rob

        Yes dreams and hypotheses are first step of practical.

        Dreams are necessary for planing. Dreams give ideas, strength and ability.

      • leon mc pilibin

        Your dreams of conquering the middle east will soon turn into your worst nightmare, and massive damage to your illegal squatters in occupied Palestine.

        • Michał Hunicz

          I am not even a Jew or Zionist you fucking retard.

          • potcracker2588

            forget about discussing with folks that say themselves that they are DREAMING……..Golan heights retaken by SAA….sadly to say not in this lifetime

          • potcracker2588

            and anybody who reads my opinions knows that iam an enemy of the jew one world governemnt with jewish satanic leadership

          • tom

            Please, everyone, don’t quarrel with one another in this comments section. We have all just learned about some really vile, digusting dregs of humanity who are causing real harm.

            Getting rid of them should be the only priority.

          • Karo Dndlian

            jews not only enemy whit arabs . they will come for you in the end this is what they talking about . if you are not a jew you are animal . so watch the video and wake up , oh 1 more point not all jews only that shit 1 % who waking the world

          • leon mc pilibin

            You must be a fucking idiot so,to have those crazy opinions,or just brainwashed by the Zionist media,hellywood,etcFuck off.

      • gustavo

        Yes, this is a realistic statement since for Syria to get back the Golan would need a much stronger force (even nuclear) since Israel is capable of use even her nuclear bombs to keep Golan with her ( I am saying her because for me USA and Israel acts as a capricious woman ).

      • Karo Dndlian
  • Jose

    Napalm them all

    • Icarus Tanović

      Absolutely, and everybody celebrate 🎉!
      Oh such a joy, to watch it burns. 🔥

    • Icarus Tanović

      Let’s all make a pole and vote who prefer Napalm? Is that okay?

  • Rob

    This is my post 7 days ago.
    After Yarmouk pocket the next is,

    1. in May, 2018 the ISIS pocket in Homs/Deir Ezzor.
    2. in June, 2018 Idlib/Aleppo provences,
    3. in July, 2018 Daraa/Golan Heights,
    4. in August, 2018 Al-Tanf,
    5. in September, 2018 Deir Ezzor/Hasakah/Raqqah provinces.

    At the moment all these areas are in the control of foreign terrorists.

    • Michał Hunicz

      May is almost ended.

      1. June 2018, Daraa
      2. July 2018, Badiya
      3. August 2018, At-Tanf
      4. Autumn 2018, Idlib
      5. Winter 2018, Kurds
      6. Winter 2019, Turks

      Be realistic. I think we will welcome March 15 (8th anniversary of the war’s baginning) with almost whole Syria red again, every remnants would be only a matter of time.

      • Icarus Tanović

        What do you talking about? What Turks? You insane, or you having laugh on that, have you not…

    • Icarus Tanović

      Daraa is priority. These attacks are just to distract SAA from primary goals.
      Don’t be naive and bite their bait.

  • gustavo

    What is Syria troops waiting to take this pocket ? After free Damasco, this is the next pocket to erase of terrorists.

    • tom

      Just as, when you are prescribed a course of antibiotics to get rid of an infection, you must complete the course – to make sure every last remnant of the infectious agent is wiped out.

      Otherwise, before you know it, they will multiply and you will be deathly ill again. And this time the antibiotic may not work.

      • Rob

        Are you a medical doctor or just an idiot?

  • Rob

    Dear God,

    You are our Creator. You are the author of life.
    Life is a precious gift.

    We are grieving over the loss of these heroes from Russia, Syria and any others who have sacrificed their lives to rescue their brother Syrian nation from evils.

    We commemorate and honor the lives of all these Russian, Syrian and all other brothers which are precious to us.

    Dear God forgive their sins and lead their souls to heaven and give comfort to their loved ones.


  • leon mc pilibin

    Israhell Zionists desperately trying to start a war while they sit back and enjoy,BUT this time they will be a big target and won’t escape the repercussions of their evil actions,and about time too.

  • Merijn

    Reconciliation ain’t a Good Plan, especially in this Situation…. Extermination sounds a lot better… Close the Pocket…

    • Tom Tom


  • Daniel Miller

    sooo in the end its just blind incompetance and failiure to get propper situational awarness witch got them killed copeled with the fact they are fighting next to arab inbreeds…what a combo…

  • Serious

    How did ISIS know what to attack, where to attack and when to attack ?

    USA is giving ISIS intel and Putin is collaborating with his “USA partner lover”. So, Putin is collaborating with ISIS and is responsible for the dead.

    • Rob

      You are 100% right. US, UK, France, Israeli migrants, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, SDF, Peshmarga of Iraq all are one group. Sharing intel data with any member of this group will be a blunder.

    • Kristina Rain Mcleod

      Because they’re posted on the contact line watching each other, and you are posted at home in front of your computer. 😊

  • Dr. Pro. Liv.

    “ISIS attack was pre-planned and terrorists used an element of surprise”
    They use direct U.S. help in their attacks.
    They receive exact positions of SAA troupes located by satellites and drones.

    • David Colin Leach

      Kremlin not figured this out yet.Or does not want to upset partners and colleagues.I feel for Russian mothers with sons or daughters in Russia fighting for their incompetent arse kissing do not offend brigade in Moscow.

      • Dr. Pro. Liv.

        It is called war for reason.
        Lots of bad things happen that can not be controlled with Russian modest resources.
        The rest of your comment is senseless drivel not worth answering…

  • Joe Doe

    The ISIS packet should be eliminated long time ago. Poor planing and strategy

  • gustavo

    CIA plotted plan ? It looks like, but I am no sure.

    • goingbrokes


  • David Colin Leach

    The Russians deliberately talk in riddles every time their soldiers die.”How could this happen”we were surprised”.always tip toeing around the Elephant in the room .I bet all Isis intelligence comes via the de-confliction hotline.I know this could be deemed outlandish,just saying.

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    Damascus should just pay a few dozen mercs to go in there & snipe the lot of them, let ISIS know what it feels like to get slaughtered by snipers.