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More ‘Axis Of Resistance’ Sanctions Busting: Iranian Fuel Shipments Keep Arriving To Venezuela

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More ‘Axis Of Resistance’ Sanctions Busting: Iranian Fuel Shipments Keep Arriving To Venezuela

The vessel turned off its satellite signal on August 7 when it was in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz. Image credit: Bloomberg Ghost Rider

After defying US sanctions and shipping a cargo of oil condensate to Venezuela last week, Iran is using the same ship to help the Latin American country export its crude oil to the international market.

The Iranian supertanker ‘Horse’, is loading a shipment of Venezuela’s top exported grade Merey 16 crude oil at Venezuela’s government-owned and controlled port of Jose, according to a shipping report seen by Bloomberg. The shipments give some respite to the nation’s struggling oil industry, as most shipowners are now avoiding doing business with the country for fear of the unilateral sanctions imposed by the Trump administration.

The vessel, which just unloaded 2 million barrels of Iranian condensate, turned off its satellite signal during the voyage to avoid detection after the US intercepted several shipments of gasoline going to Venezuela in August.

Bloomberg reported that the ship had arrived to Venezuela last week though ship-tracking signals still showed the ship off the coast of Dubai.

Venezuela, which has the world’s largest oil reserves, has not been able to find ships willing to risk sanctions and possible acts of piracy in international waters by the US Navy after the Trump administration announced punitive sanctions on the owners of six vessels for transporting Venezuelan crude oil to international markets.

The Treasury Department eventually removed the vessels from the sanctions list without making a formal explanation but the US has illegally pursued and harassed foreign vessels carrying products to or from Venezuela and seized more than a million barrels of gasoline while in transit.

The latest fuel shipment is expected to be sold in Asia, the main destination of Venezuelan crude.

PDVSA declined requests by Bloomberg to comment on the latest developments. Venezuela’s information ministry and the US State Department didn’t return an email seeking comment.

In addition to the shipment of condensate for Venezuelan refineries, Tehran has recently supplied 1.5 million barrels of gasoline and has also established a supermarket chain in Venezuela. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is also reported to be considering the purchase of Iranian missiles. LINK

In Iran, the second-in-command of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the US has failed in its attempt to form an anti-Iran alliance, warning Washington against any act of adventurism against Tehran.

“If Americans commit a new act of folly, they will receive a heavy blow far beyond their imagination,” Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi told Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television network on Wednesday.

The senior IRGC commander also said that the US “will not succeed in achieving its goals of imposing an arms embargo on Iran.”

He warned the Americans that they are within reach of Iran’s armed forces if they commit any foolish acts while they are in the Persian Gulf region.

Tehran has repeatedly declared that it does not seek war with the US, but that its armed forces stand ready to defend its interests in the region. LINK


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“The vessel, which just unloaded 2 million barrels of Iranian condensate”
Condensate is a mixture of light liquid hydrocarbons, similar to a very light (high API) crude oil. It is typically separated out of a natural gas stream at the point of production (field separation)
Because condensate is typically liquid in ambient conditions and also has very low viscosity, condensate is often used to dilute highly viscous heavier oils that cannot otherwise be efficiently transported via pipelines.

Fog of War

” turned off its satellite signal during the voyage to avoid detection after the US intercepted several shipments of gasoline going to Venezuela in August. ”

If Iran is not afraid why turn off the transponder ?


Why give out your position to the US oil pirates and thieves?
This tanker still has radar and GPS uplink. Correct. :/

Fog of War

Because Iran dared ZioAmerica to do something.


Sometimes being a man is not only about muscles, but steadfastness and common sense helps in the face of threats.


Why make it easier for the US pirates and losers? Iranian technical and medical infrastructure is also growing in Venezuela along with Russia, China and Cuba. It is now looking certain that the US will see massive internal violence as Trump clings on to power by all means.


USA military going crazy with dangerous provocations against China and Russia is directly correlated with domestic mayhem increasing back home.

Kenny Jones ™

Iran tries to avoid war until the arms embargo ends on October 18, if the US wants to attack it, let them do it while they’re stronger and their allies are also equipped with their weapons, it’s not being afraid, it’s 4d chess


You should appreciate their efforts….an oil tanker is not a warship. Even ordinary pirates can cause unnecessary nuisance to oil tankers.
So imagine the foolishness and delays if a zio pirates intercept your ships.
Surely the Iranian knows and we also know that the zio pirates can not sieze the oil tankers, but can surely cause harassment to it and stir needless tension.

We should be happy that Iran is helping Venezuela with gas supplies, and also selling Venezuelan crude for them. A high risk that both Russia and China avoided for fear of more ziosanctions.
Venezuelan situation could’ve been worse without Iran’s efforts.

El Mashi

There are few countries that are selflessly noble. Iran and Cuba come to mind Vietnam too. Their revolutions have given them the strength to ”punch above their weight”.

El Mashi

Because they are smarter than the Rulers of the World.


Don’t think that tankers carry missiles, guns to defend themselves so it is logical not to advertise yourself. Iran could turn on their transponders and have a sub lurking nearby that will sink a US ship that attempts to take a tanker.


It is called intelligence. I understand that americans have none.


The stark reality is that Iran is a large influential nation with levers on the pivotal geo-strategic historical fault-line on the planet and any illusionary “sanctions” against one of the greatest civilizations in human history are bound to fail as acknowledged by the Goldman Sachs employee Macron. While the US is hurtling towards a civil war and domestic and global unraveling, power is shifting to a China led Eurasian power center. Iran is one of the handful of crucial nations that will define the future of the planet. US and its vassals are now so passe.


As time passes buy American sanctions, interdiction’s will be ignored more and more and number of countries doing that will grow.


Obviously. It is not about the financial system, it is about economy ( goods, services, natural services, factories, machinery ).

The US have established a system controlled by them, to strangle economies. But when more and more countries don’t follow the orders, sanctions become utterly irrelevant.

People eat food, not paper money! Cars need gasoline, not futures and stocks.

James Adams

this is how shit Venezuela is. They have to import fuel because they have destroyed their own country.

Kenny Jones ™

More like US sanctions have destroyed it while they’re surrounded by Rothschilds countries, but it will be recovered thanks to Iran, Russia and China, dare to invade it Yankee

El Mashi

If the US invades from Colombia, FARC will go nuts, and Ecuadorians will go nuts and an all-out civil war will break out. It is doubtful that Corona virus infected militaries of the Untied States, Colombia, and Ecuador will be able to do anything. Whereas, the 3,000,000 strong Venezuelan militias and Colectivos are itching to defend their sovereignty.

Kenny Jones ™

Brazil is an issue still, Bolsanaro is a Jew puppet, and is popular, at least under the armed forces, could Hezbollah in Venezuela repel an invasion? Or are heavier missiles needed?

El Mashi

Cut the “Jew puppet ” shit. Its meaningless and benefits Zionists. They’ll dismiss you as an anti Semite, and you have saved them from defending themselves. You need to dominate your frustration and read more academic studies. Venezuela has a traitor problem. The EuroVenezuelan-racist elites collude with the United States.

Kenny Jones ™

Ok, Zio puppet then

El Mashi

Cut all ‘ad hominin’ attacks. Its a rhetorical device. Learn what it means, and use it effectively.

Kenny Jones ™

Why are you so pressed about me using certain words, it’s a forum app after all, where are you form El Mashi


Sanctions mean US banks won’t do transactions with Venezuelan companies, poor commies are not even able to process their own oil.

El Mashi

Venezuela is heroic and has testicles of steel. You have shit-for-brains.


Do you want to try to leave another sanctions? Let’s see if you can go forward with your normal life.


Put the crack pipe down asshole.

Cheryl Brandon

IMAGINE A REGIME WHICH CALLS ITSELF AN EMPIRE has to go to Israhell every time, it has to sell the ARABS military hardware? Laughable. This is why Iran always comes looking more imperial.


Best to give these tankers a escort,also to have some armed troops on board to repel any arsehole who tries boarding to send the message that won’t happen without some of the boarders ending up dead.

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