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More Antagonism And Regime Change Campaigns In 2022: ‘Democracy Camp’ To Intensify Fencing With Its Own Shadow

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More Antagonism And Regime Change Campaigns In 2022:  ‘Democracy Camp’ To Intensify Fencing With Its Own Shadow

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As 2021 closes, and as we stare into 2022, what do we see? We have the benefit of having watched the history and noted several patterns. Talking of patterns, Boxing Day marks the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, which the US likes to view as a collapse. US view suggests its life-or-death view of US-Soviet competition. Even after the Soviet Union ceased to exist, the ‘Democracy Camp’ started acting like the Soviet Union and Successor states were completely vanquished and rife for domination. In this case, the US (and its allies) remind me, of the prince, in Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” who could fence with his shadow if there was no one to fence with. The ‘democracy camp’ has maintained and projected a competitive attitude since, and committing the worst crimes including destroying states on false pretests. It has also maintained regime change campaigns globally. From this trend, I project that the ‘prince will continue fencing with his shadow in 2022’. How do I know this? From the events of 2021 as I will explain here.

US-Lead summit for democracy, the Quad Summit, and AUKUS

The most crucial event in this month was the US-Lead summit for democracy, which was a growth of prior events including Quad Summit and AUKUS among others. We are even told that another Atlantic Charter was signed this year, indicating how invoking the hellish WWII reality, is not a no-go-zone for ‘democracies’ soliciting cheap relevance. If they reenact WWII treaties, where are the Nazis or evil militaristic Japan? Equally, regarding the Summit for Democracy, which power is advancing ideology opposed to Democracy? None. Therefore, these two instances show that the Shakespearean ‘prince’ continues to fence with his shadow as would be opponents busy themselves with constructive endeavors.

West Not Democratic

Turning on the democracy camp and its “Summit” earlier this month, their narcissistic self-glorification come to the fore. “Democracies” had a few days of patting themselves on the back, for nothing more than claiming to be democracies. This reality is worrying considering that democracy is a practice and not a declaration. In adopting this view, I am guided by the views of Abraham Lincoln and John Locke, two personalities that lawyers, politicians, and observers (like me) agree had the most seminal view of what democracy is. For Lincoln, democracy is a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Therefore, a democratic government should primarily work for the common interest of all citizens. The charade of electing between rotating oligarchs that are more or less serial candidates is not the true measure of democracy especially when the oligarchs are driven by the profits of the few, including the MIC and big Pharma, big Tech, or bid Banks. I buttress Lincoln’s perspective using John Locke’s work illuminating the constitution of governments as a social contract between the governments and the ruled. In this setup, people delegate collective responsibilities to governments. Neoliberalists use Locke’s work to advocate for regime change to advance ‘human rights’ despite all their past efforts in Iraq, Syria, and Libya greatly worsening human rights conditions. Interestingly, Locke expressly rejected the notion that governments had a heavenly anointed mandate to lord over people, but the US neoliberals have always acted like they have such a mandate. The second part of my previous sentence is critical while evaluating the “Summit for Democracy”, and the sense of self conceitedness expressed by participants earlier this month.

More Antagonism And Regime Change Campaigns In 2022:  ‘Democracy Camp’ To Intensify Fencing With Its Own Shadow

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Throughout the summit, democracy was not viewed as a social contract. None of the representatives delved squarely on matters that affect their citizenry. The US representatives gave no attention to inflation or supply chain challenges that even the corporate media was concerned about. Equally, representatives of Japan did not address demographic challenges, affecting their country, against a sharp decline in fertility. What did they pledge to do instead? ‘Advance’ democracy, which is absent at home. The likes of ‘Administrator’ Samantha Power, promised to advance ‘democracy’ which openly connoted Arab Spring-style overthrow of governments. She promised and called upon ‘democracies’ to assist ‘leaderless’ democratic movements across the world, invoking memories of the Libyan, Egyptian, and Syrian interventions, especially due to her support for foreign interference and subsequent destruction of these countries. Also, it is worth remembering Power’s support for the undemocratic overthrow of the Ukrainian Government alongside Victoria Nuland. It is hypocritical how a claimed democrat can support the unconstitutional process of attaining power. How can Power and others confirm that protestors they support represent the majority? Again, if protestors should be given power, the US government should have handed over power to January 6th congress protestors, or better yet, BLM rioters in 2020. Samantha Power stated how her organization (USAID) gives aid in coordination with the Department of Defense, “to advance US foreign policy”. How is that even aid?

To me, ‘Summit for Democracy’ was a continuation of the Quad conference in which President Biden had invited the prime ministers of Australia, India, and Japan. In a characteristic style, it was clear Narcissism, obsession, and self-conceitedness, as participants praised their countries as democracies, despite none of them being top five in democracy index according to the economist intelligence. India, in this meeting of elderly countries that are well past their rapid developmental phase seam no longer interested in developing than confronting, would be development partners it deems to be nondemocratic. Meanwhile, the US, Australia and, Japan appeared like lazy, elderly retirees that can afford to sit all day and pat themselves on their backs for their past exploits. While Modern India has had a sadder story, Modi exuded high levels of conceitedness about being a democracy and never approached developmental matters.


From the trends above, 2022 promises to be a year of the ‘democratic’ camp fencing with its shadow. It will be wagging fingers at others calling them undemocratic without exercising democracy at home. In this process, old references will be reenacted and former enemies will be clothed in their old identity to be demonized. Germany, Japan, China, Russia, and Iran can expect this condescending treatment. Regime change campaigns including protests should also be expected as undesirable governments are targeted with removal. At the same time, no effort will be made to solve or alleviate citizens’ challenges in the west where living conditions will worsen.


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L du Plessis

The White House is the HQ of satan himself.

Alexandre Moumbaris

I dont think we should be even listening to this political filth.

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