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More Airstrikes Reported In Syria Near Iraq Border – Report

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More Airstrikes Reported In Syria Near Iraq Border - Report

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Unverified reports say 11 people have been killed in a series of suspected Israeli airstrikes that started Sunday evening

Originally published by AntiWar

Unverified reports have said that two more airstrikes were launched in eastern Syria on Monday near the Iraqi border following a strike in the area that was reported on Sunday night. Israel is suspected of being behind the attacks since it has previously launched similar airstrikes in the region.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the second strike took place Monday morning when an “Iranian-backed militia leader,” likely referring to an Iraqi Shia militia leader, was inspecting the site of Sunday’s strike in the Al Bukamal border region.

The SOHR said that the leader and two of his “non-Syrian escorts” were killed in airstrikes launched by drones. Later in the day, SOHR said an airstrike hit an oil tanker in the same region that was allegedly carrying weapons, killing at least one person.

In total, SOHR said 11 people have been killed since the strikes started on Sunday night, but the toll is not verified, and the observatory often changes its reports.

The SOHR also claimed that a convoy of refrigerator trucks that was targeted on Sunday night was carrying weapons. However, other reports contradicted the claim, with sources telling Al-Mayadeen, a Lebanon-based media outlet, that the convoy did “not carry any weapons.”

Adding to the likelihood that Israel was responsible for the attacks, Israeli media reported that Israeli officials held discussions on potential Iranian retaliation for the airstrikes on the convoys. The airstrikes on Monday came as Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Israel.

In November, Israel launched airstrikes targeting a convoy of trucks in eastern Syria shortly after they entered the country from Iraq. The former head of the Israeli Defense Forces confirmed that Israel was behind the attacks in a rare acknowledgment of Israel’s operations in Syria.


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Isser Harel

Anything to conceal the fact that the people od israel are under attack by the eugenicists group where boorla and gates are profiting from their deaths. When they need a distraction war is always their go to modus operandi.


30 to 40 million Americans with compromised immune systems are expected to die in the near future from the Pfizer shot the eugenicists pulled the trigger on Israel with a higher vaccination rate , I fear you are right.

Asking to ceo of pfizer

Is that true that pfizer vaccine is so dangerous?


I can not answer medical questions I refer you to Dr. Robert W. Malone the inventor of mRNA technology for your own research.

The Objective

This article is about the dying Iranian terrorists in Syria that the Mullahs can’t help. I hope the evil regime of Iran collapses. Why? Why don’t I like the Iranian regime? Because of its sectarian and dangerous policies towards Sunni Muslim countries. It has militias in many countries, creats parral governments that spread instability, death and destruction in places like Ira, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and even Pakistan. This is why I want those devils eliminated. If they would face America one-on-one, I would support them. But if they want to look for trouble and then use other countries as a shield from U.S. attacks, then fuck em. One of the main reasons the Syrian war hasn’t ended is Iran’s stubborn and persistent presence. But for Iranian presence, Russia and Turkey would have found an acceptable solution to the Syrian war. Turkey bears the burden of refugees. Russia bears the burden of keeping Assad standing. Iran focuses on preserving its weapons route to Hezbollah.


I hope your mother collapses her lips on my dick big dick at that 😆

Abraham Lincoln

Not 30 to 40 million, its 130 to 140 million.

The Objective

Hey cowards. How’s your war against Israel and the U.S. going? Are you still exporting the revolution or trying to survive? What will you do when Turkey finally normalizes ties with Assad? Turkey can help with reconstruction. Russia’s oil through Turkey will eliminate the need for Iranian oil. Assad may well be re-integrated into the international community (if he shares power with the opposition). Iran will be in deep shit, especially if people like Trump come to power.

Your militias have killed more Sunni Muslims than the U.S. and Israle did in the past decade. May Allah bring an end to the terror regime in Tehran.

William White

I’d take Iran before Israhell any day.

Stinging Metal

Why Israelis though? Aren’t Zionists supposed to protect their own?

The Objective

It doesn’t obscure the fact that the Mullahs are starring at an end to their regime. As soon as the Syrian war ends (with Iran forced to leave), Hezbollah will be extremely vulnerable. The U.S. probably already has many ISIS fighters trained and prepared for a Lebanese civil war that destroys Hezbollah. After Hezbollah, the PMU in Iraq will receive the same treatment (Iraqi forces are being prepared for this). With Hezbollah and the PMU gone, Iran’s arms have been amputated. No Hezbollah, No PMU, No Fatemiyyoon. Only Houthis will remain, and with the U.A.E. and Saudi buying TB2 drones, the Yemen war may also go badly for Iran.

They key that will unlock this can of worms for Iran is “ending the Syrian war”.

Gece ansizin

You are in nightmare. Wake up. Ezrael is so poor and little for IRAN.

The Objective

Your end is near Mullah cowards. Obviously, the war against the Iranian regime is in full swing. It’s very very clear that the U.S. wants to cut off Hezbollah by completely eliminating any Iranian presence in Syria. Even worse for Iran, Russia wants the Iranians and Turkey to leave so they can reinstate Assad’s rule – most likely with greater particiapation of the opposition. Russia’s had enough of the Syrian war and wants to end it. Turkey is cooperating so far and there aren’t many problems between Putin and Erdogan regarding Syria. I’m confident they must be negotiating the post war government of Syria (which will include the opposition). That’s why Iran wasn’t part of the officials discussing it. Iran doesn’t like an end to the Syrian war because it takes the pressure off Iran a bit and keeps Hezbollah connected to Iraq and Iran. Assad made a big mistake allowing Iran to transport weapons through his territory. This is one of the main reasons why the U.S. targetted Syria.

Damien C

Why does South Front give so much respect and column inches to British Intelligence mouthpiece (SOHR)


~Intelligence is a joke.

The Objective

“Why does South Front give so much respect and column inches to British Intelligence mouthpiece (SOHR)”

Because SF wants Iran out of Syria. Because SF wants the world to know that Iranians are cowards who don’t strike back at an enemy causing death and destruction to them.


With the fear they have, Americans and vassals hit haphazardly, chicken coops, food trucks and, they call them big targets.

The Objective

Fear is Iran’s current disease. You are angry that SF publishes such events. You prefer secrecy to conceal your cowardice. With your big fat mouths, you made a lot of noise about how you will end America’s and Israel’s oppression of Muslim. Many people were deceived (including me) and thought that you guys are for real. Little did we know that you will cause more death, destruction, and suppression of the Sunnis than American and Israel in the past decade. Little did we know that you NEVER EVER intended to fight Israel or the U.S. Because you are cowards who can never face such threats to Muslims. You prefer to create parralel governments and failed states within the countries you claim to want to save from America’s oppression. But all you were after was to decieve the Muslim world into supporting you so you can spread Shiism. But when things began to get kinetic and bloody, your cowardice was exposed to the Muslim world.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective
Gece ansizin

You are from telaviv? Wakeup.


kikerael and iran should fight in iraq only.


The Objective

No, you are wrong. They should fight in Iran and Israel – not in Lebanon, Iraq, or Syria. Those who want to fight America should do so alone or at least seek the consent of countries they want help from. Hijacking weak countries and using them as a battleground with America is a bigger evil than the U.S. oppression. At least, the oppressed had food to eat, water to drink, and enjoy some degree of peace and stability.

Any country that lets Iran infest it with militias or use it for arms shipments is inviting disaster from a U.S./Israeli attack. They are cowards and they aren’t the guys who’ll fight America or Israel.

Iran, if you can no longer endure America’s and Israel’s attacks, make peace with them even if it means to surrender. At least your young soldiers will stop dying in Syria and your people may get over the crushing sanctions.

The Objective

We also hear reports of Iran having issues with Assad. The fuel crisis in Assad’s region of Syria can be solved by Iran, but the Iranian government is demanding that Assad pay upfront before receiving any shipments. Iran doesn’t want to leave Syria because that would cut off Hezbollah and pave the way for a war against the terror group. If Assad and Turkey normalize, the U.S. will pressure Russia to ask Iran to leave (both want Iran out of Syria). If Iran refuses Russia’s request, expect a more ferocious bombing campaing and ground war against Iranian forces in Syria that will uproot them. Russia won’t interfere. I’m pretty certain the U.S. will allow Assad to continue ruling Syria provided he ends weapons shipments to Lebanon via Syria. In other words, he must severe the Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon link. If this happens, Assad is back to power in Syria.

Muhammed Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

There must be something wrong somewhere with so few Islamists killed.

When India and Pakistan last went to war, 25 – 30 thousand were killed every day.

There were many who believed that illiteracy was now in the process of being eradicated.


The Foreign Minister is the first user of a nuclear bomb in the world and the prime minister of the fake and usurping Zionist regime who has The arsenal is dangerous and out of nuclear control, they stand together and warn against the danger of nuclearization of Iran (a member and adherent of “NPT”)!”

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