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JUNE 2023

Month Of Celebration Unearths Civilian Woes In Syria’s North

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Any sort of holiday or otherwise partial cessation of hostilities in the Middle East, and namely Syria, provides civilians with a rare chance of focusing on other issues.

In the north and toward the central regions of Syria people took to the streets after a hike in fuel prices, attributed to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Two people were reportedly killed when SDF members opened fire on a protest, trying to disperse it.

Along with the protests in Hasaka, demonstrations happened in Deir Ezzor, Amuda, Rmelan, Al-Maabadah, Qamishli and Dayrik districts. They were all against the increases in the prices for energy resources such as natural gas, diesel oil and gasoline.

Two civilians were killed when the SDF stormed into As-Sawa village in Deir Ezzor western countryside.

Just two days earlier, SDF members stormed into a number of villages in al-Shaddadi area in Hasaka southern countryside and kidnapped many of the villagers, Syrian state media reported.

In total, the US-backed Kurdish group kidnapped 25 civilians and took them to one of the places which was turned into a prison within the city center.

The SDF cut off fuel provisions to President Bashar Al-Assad’s government nearly a month before, citing accumulating debt.

In nearby Aleppo, tensions between the Kurdish factions and the Turkish forces, and Turkish-backed militants continue.

Two members of the factions that Ankara backs were killed in an explosion in the vicinity of one of their armed headquarters in Rajo district in Afrin city.

The Damascus government blames Turkey and the militants it backs for stealing electricity, wheat and oil from northern Syria, while Ankara in its turn blames the SDF for that.

Meanwhile, both Ankara and Washington are actually smuggling resources away from northern Syria, causing their lack and the hikes in prices.

Civilian suffering is something that currently is taking place in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

A convoy of international aid trucks that started rolling into Gaza through Karem Abu Salem was stopped.

Israel briefly opened the crossing, then, closed it again, because alleged Hamas shelling lightly injured a soldier of the Israel Defense Forces. This warranted the stopping of any and all humanitarian aid.

At least 218 Palestinians, including 63 children, have been killed in Gaza since the attacks began. About 1,500 Palestinians have been wounded. Twelve people in Israel have died, including two children, while at least 300 have been wounded.

The situation in Gaza appears to be nowhere near resolved, with none of the collective West willing to undertake any tangible action or even sternly demand an end to violence. All that’s present are light calls for a ceasefire that fall on deaf ears.

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jens holm

LrClaptain semes to have got a new microskope.

jens holm

Even biased some its a gpood line up.

SDF and USA are not smugling. They sell, what they actually produce. Its also tempting to add, that because Assads dont pay the lack of SDF finacing is no good.

But blaming each other is fine. All are responsible for that quagmire and some mpore then others. Not a single proposal for any change is made.

So thats how it is. They all are like dogs eating their own tail long time ago and now they try to eat their own behinds as well.

Fred Dozer

Who is the INVADER ? Your joking right ? “They sell, what they actually produce’ cannot produce what you steal, in the USA. That would get you life in prison, especially if it was stolen from the US Mob Bosses.

Hamas HQ at the Vatican

Is there any evidence that Israel suffered more casualties than the reported “11”? It seems a bit odd, since the rockets have kept firing for the past week, yet the 11 casualties were all on the first two days.

Is Israel doing some sort of magic, where all rocket deaths only happen on the first 2 days of an escalation?

Hamas HQ at the Vatican

First of all, it’s not just Hamas. It’s all Palestinian groups, including the PIJ and PFLP and other socialist groups. I love how Israelis paint all Palestinians as Hamas. Gaza has enough rockets for 6 months or more. Israeli campaigns are meant to be very short. It’s extremely likely “Israel” will be giving up soon.

The more “Israel” bombs Gaza, the more the media and the West talk about Palestine too. Israel has completely lost control of the narrative, and is turning public opinion heavily against itself. There is no going back from this. “Israel” shot itself in the foot. All the atrocities of Israel are well documented in HD, and are in the spotlight. It’s not 2014 anymore, when no one had a smart phone and mostly watched mainstream news.

It’s time for Israel to admit defeat, and to withdraw from the West Bank and Golan Heights. Otherwise, “Israel” will lose even more land and support in the future. Now, would be a good time for Israel to make real peace with its neighbors, otherwise it will lose even more credibility and even land.

Last edited 2 years ago by Hamas HQ at the Vatican
Fred Dozer

Who is the INVADER ?

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