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JUNE 2021

Montenegro’s entry into NATO is a blow to Russia

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Montenegro's entry into NATO is a blow to Russia

This article originally appeared at Politika translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront

Moscow – Montenegro’s entry into NATO could be decided in early December, and it will be a blow to European security and relations between Russia and the Alliance, said the Director of all-European cooperation between the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrey Kelin.

Kelin’s said for Interfax that “now is difficult to predict” what decision will be taken at the meeting of foreign ministers of NATO on 1st and 2nd December.

If NATO decides to invite Montenegro, it will be another blow on European security. It is also the blow for relationship between Russia and NATO. This will be another blow that will further aggravate relations, and the chances of their improvement will be even less,” he said.
Kelin said he do not understands how will the admission of Montenegro contribute to the security of NATO member countries.
“It is not clear why is this happening. Army of Montenegro, as I recall, has about 2,000 troops. I don’t see how can Montenegro contribute to security of the Alliance,” the Russian diplomat said.
Asked by Interfax whether Moscow is working on alerting Montenegro on the possible consequences, he replied that the “appropriate job is being done.”

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It can.
Montenegrin inclusion into NATO structure would leave Serbia without the last remaining ‘life line’ of supply in the case of another NATO aggression. Then NATO can complete the business of complete destruction of Serbia since the expected all out attack on Russia is inconceivable with free Serbia in the NATO rear.

Rocky Racoon

Just another NATO missile base.

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