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Montenegro Parliament Creates an anti-NATO Coalition

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Montenegro Parliament Creates an anti-NATO Coalition

This article originally appeared at IN4S, translated by Slavko Kovačević

The Workers Party and Democratic Party of Unity indicated they are ready to be part of an anti-NATO coalition, while Democratic Montenegro informed us they won’t comment on the proposals of Democratic Front.

On the question of “Dan” whether there is a place for Demos in an anti-NATO coalition, the president of that party, Miodrag Lekić, refused to give any statement. No statement was given from the Socialist Peoples Party.

Forming an anti-NATO coalition is the initiative of the leader of the Democratic Peoples Party and a member of Presidency of DF, Milan Knežević. Knežević himself explained that this coalition would consist of DPP, New Serbian Democracy, Democratic Montenegro, Socialist Peoples Party, Workers Party and Democratic Party of Unity. He also suggested that Demos should join too.

President of the Workers Party Janko Vučinić said for “Dan” that the stance of his party is known – Montenegro has no place in NATO. He also said the Workers Party is ready to cooperate with anyone who shares this stance, so they can fight for a chance for citizens to decide the future of Montenegro through democratic elections.

On the other hand, president of the Democratic Montenegro party, Aleksa Bečić, claims his party stopped commenting on proposals from the Democratic Front a long time ago.

“Our program ‘victories, not divisions’ held in 30 chapters on more than 100 pages is completely clear and it represents the future of Montenegro” said Bečić.

The question of an anti-NATO coalition became a breaking story just before discussion in parliament about the resolution of membership in NATO. It was announced that Committee on International Relations will discuss this resolution today.

The spokesman for the Democratic Peoples Party, Milun Zogović, claims the idea of forming an anti-NATO coalition was originally the idea of DPP and their president Milan Knežević.

“We are always ready to publicly and clearly explain the foundation and validity of our stances. DPP, unlike the regime’s analysts, has no secret bosses and mentors whose interests are being protected. We are only responsible to Montenegrin citizens who have shown us trust and whose interests we protect and whose interests we will responsibly protect in the future whether the regime and its spokesmen like it or not,” Zogović said.

The Government of Montenegro is afraid it does not have enough support from the citizens to win an election considering membership in NATO, so they are trying to push it through parliament where they’ve had a majority for the last 25 years. The opposition, which consisted of only 3 serious parties just 2 years ago is now enormous, with a lot of parties who can’t even reach census. This has made the government in power even more powerful as opposition leaders can’t find a common language and common goals to bring down the totalitarian powers which have been ruling since 1989 and the AB revolution.

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