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Montenegro: Mandic and Radunovic Released to Defend themselves from Freedom

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Montenegro: Mandic and Radunovic Released to Defend themselves from Freedom

A woman passes by main opposition Democratic Front election poster. Photo: http://www.dw.com/

Originally appeared at Politika.rs, translated by Nenad Jovanović exclusively for SouthFront

ODGORICA – Lawmakers of the opposition Democratic Front Andrija Mandic and Slaven Radunovic , after a hearing in the Soupreme State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica, were released tonight to freedom, reported the portal CDM.

“Mandic and Radunovic gave statement, to the state prosecutor, made ​​in the presence of defense lawyers that they themselves have hired . Since it is estimated that there are no legal grounds for detention, the suspect, after a hearing, are released in the further course of the proceedings pending trial,” -a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office.

State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica assessed earlier today that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the deputies Mandic and Radunovic , during last night’s protests, committed the offense, by calling for violent change of constitutional order, and encouraging the protesters to forcibly enter the Parliament of Montenegro, stated the office of the Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic, and it accordingly issued an order to the Police Administration to file criminal charges against the two men.

The Prosecution has stated that, after reviewing the police reports on the actions, and after viewing available video material, it was concluded that there is no doubt that Mandic and Radunovic committed the alleged offenses.

Therefore, the State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica, according to their legal authority, issued an order to the Police Directorate against Mandic and Radunovic, filed criminal charges, and brought them to the state prosecutor for questioning and further action.

Last night, in Podgorica, riots erupted in the protest organized by the Democratic Front (DF) in front of the Parliament. When the demonstrators tried to enter the parliament building, there was a scuffle and then clashes with the police.

Riots broke out in several parts of the city; police used tear gas and stun grenades at the demonstrators.

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