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JUNE 2021

Montenegro Citizens Protest against NATO Membership

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Today, the New Serbian Democracy party summoned the rest of the Montenegrin opposition in the parliament – SNP CG, Demos, Democratic party of Montenegro, Pljevlja Movement, as well as non-government organisations – “Mreža”, “No to NATO”, “Neutrality Movement”, “Freedom to the people Movement” and people’s organisation “Action – Recreation”, to participate in a protest against Montenegro’s membership in NATO.
Montenegro Citizens Protest against NATO Membership
Originally appeared at IN4S, translated by Zdravko exclusively for SouthFront
The New Serbian Democracy Party will organize this gathering together with its coalition partners – Democratic Front, People’s Party, Worker’s Party, Party of Retired and Disabled and Democratic Party of Unity. All of these parties are against future membership of Montenegro in NATO.
Today’s message:
After the invitation which NATO issued to Montenegro, we believe that it’s the duty of all political subjects, non-government organisations and movements to help all citizens who are against this to express their opinion on the matter. This need to express is especially undermined by the dictatorial regime which has been suffocating the voice of the people in a vulgar one-sided manner for years.
So we summon you to participate in a protest gathering against NATO membership,because people, on behalf of your merits and statements issued earlier have recognized your organisations as a relevant fighter for its stance.
We want for this important act of expression of people’s discontent to be organised together, equally and appreciating all the specifics of the participating organizations.
In this spirit, we ask of you to prepare for this event by sending an answer to our initiative or at least eventually participate in the protest, we suggest that the gathering to be organised in Podgorica on 12th of December 2015.

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