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MAY 2021

Montenegrin Ministry of Internal Affairs banned Serbian Orthodox priests from entering church at Ivanova korita

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Montenegrin Ministry of Internal Affairs banned Serbian Orthodox priests from entering church at Ivanova korita

This article originally appeared at IN4S.net, translated from Serbian by Slavko Kovačević exclusively for SouthFront

Montenegrin MIA did not allow priests and believers from Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral to celebrate great Christian holiday Transfiguration of Jesus in a church at Ivanova Korita.

Police enforcers, with the excuse of protecting public order and peace, did not allow the only rightful proprietors of the church at Ivanova korita, who is metoch of Cetinje monastery, to enter this church and with the centuries old tradition celebrate church slava – holiday of Transfiguration of Jesus.

Priests and believers returned from Ivanova korita to Cetinje and in Cetinje monastery celebrated this holiday.
Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral announced that it will seek legal protection from this kind of harassment by the Montenegrin MIA.

At the same time, Metropolitanate warns citizens of Montenegro that Ministry of Internal Affairs endangers what is allegedly defending – public peace and constitutional and legal order, and by doing so shakes the foundations of the country itselfs.

Montenegrin situation is very similar to Ukrainian situation. Until the communists arrival, 95% of citizens were Serbs, but the constitution was changed and people were encouraged to declare as Montenegrins (this plan was executed in all ex-Yugoslav states in order to weaken Serbs with the slogan “a weaker Serbia, stronger Yugoslavia”). After the fall of Yugoslavia, Serbs managed to reclaim what they have lost and became majority in Montenegro once again. Government, with the help of West, encouraged the Montenegrin nationality in order to divide people on 3 groups, as Serbs, Montenegrins and Muslims. By doing so, they ensured Muslim votes (so Serbs can never get to power) and enflamed Serbo-Montenegrin hate to make sure Montenegrins stay with Muslims. This was all followed by creation of false Montenegrin language (which is 100% same as Serbian), creation of Montenegrin church which is led by ex-Serbian priest, and full recognition of Montenegrin nation which has no historical grounds as Montenegrins were always part of Serbian Slavic tribe.

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